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16 April 2015

When Mainstream Medicine is Appropriate

Paul Fassa, Natural Health Journalist There are times when mainstream medicine is appropriate, especially when it comes to handling various forms of trauma and emergencies…

sine flu victoms
16 April 2015

Victims of Swine Flu Vaccine Win Lawsuit

April 16, 2015 (NaturaSociety…

money pills
16 April 2015

Americans Spent $374 Billion on Drugs in 2014

April 16, 2015 (NaturaSociety…

no jab no pay
16 April 2015

Australia Ends Payouts To Citizens Who Refuse Vaccines

April 16, 2015 (NaturalBlaze…

16 April 2015

Listeria Outbreak Gives New Meaning to “Dying for Some Ice Cream”

April 16, 2015 ( The hits with listeria just keep on coming…

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