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statin drugs
24 April 2014

Statin Drugs Harm More People than They Help…

by Tony Isaacs (Health Secrets) We are told by the medical profession that drugs are prescribed based on a professional estimation of risk versus benefit…

24 April 2014

Aspartame Falsely Remarketed as a Natural Sweetener

by Ethan Huff (Health Secrets) In response to growing awareness about the danger…

24 April 2014

Vaginal Birth After C Section is Safer Option

by Caroline Petvin (Health Secrets) Most women who give birth by Cesarean sectio…

HPV vaccine
24 April 2014

HPV Vaccine Linked to Nervous System Disorder…

by Celeste McGovern (GreenMedInfo) A disturbing trend in the medical literature …

vanilla ice creak
24 April 2014

1st Food Created with Synthetic Biology to Appear This Year

by Barbara Minton (Health Secrets) Like real vanilla ice cream? If so, get your …

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