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cell phones bad
21 July 2014

Cell Phones Linked to Erectile Dysfunction

by Tony Isaacs (The Best Years in Life) As reported recently in the Environmental Health Trust’s newsletter, cell phones have now been linked to erectile dysfunction (ED)…

polio vaccine
21 July 2014

What’s Behind the California Polio-like Outbreak?

by Tony Isaacs (Health Secrets) According to reports, there are now about 25 or …

polio death
21 July 2014

Polio Vaccine Lies and Propaganda: Death and Paralysis

by Paul Fassa (NaturalSociety) Recent mass oral polio vaccinations (OPVs) among …

21 July 2014

CDC Reassigns Lab Director Behind Anthrax Scare

by Christina Sarich (NaturalSociety) Two scientists from the U.S…

21 July 2014

Drugs That Destroy Heart Benefits of Fish Oil

by Sayer Ji (GreenMedInfo) Millions take these blockbuster drugs for ‘hear…

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