Is Sunscreen Causing Skin Cancer?


February 20, 2017 ( According to Collective Evolution, it’s not the sun that causes skin cancer. No, they say – sunscreen does. Of course, as usual, it’s not quite that simple. Guich Koock (actor and spokesman) Audio:  The Rising Cost of Healthcare Here’s what we know from science: Sunburns lead to mutations and cell death in skin cells, increasing the likelihood of skin cancer. Toxins can lead to mutations and cell death in skin cells, in creasing the likelihood of skin cancer. Some sunscreens contain toxins. Confusing points 2 & 3 to say that point 1 isn’t true is what we call a logical fallacy. (Conversely, in this case you can also call it common sense.) Strangely, enough, though, this… Read More →

Dead Bees Wash Up On Florida Beach

Dead Bees

February 20, 2017 ( South Florida beach goers might not have expected to be stung by a bee in the surf, however, that’s exactly what’s been happening. In a rare occurrence, thousands of dead and dying bees have been washing up onto a popular beach in Naples, FL. Martha Duff, a Naples, FL resident told NBC Miami, “I’ve been stung a couple of times and at first, I didn’t know what it was and then I realized and then I had an allergic reaction.” Residents are confused and concerned asking questions like those posed by Duff: “Why are there bees? Where are they coming from? And why are they in a very specific area of the beach?” Some visitors to… Read More →

Try Nature’s Flu Shot

Natural Flu Shots

February 20, 2017 ( There is no question that the cold virus is more stable in cold temperature, so it survives and lingers airborne much longer due to the dry, cold conditions. There is a difference between symptoms related to the cold virus and flu virus, but possibly the number one reason the human body is susceptible to the cold virus in the winter is its virulence. Guich Koock (actor and spokesman) Audio:  The Rising Cost of Healthcare Cold, low humidity air dries out the nasal passages and makes virus transmission more likely. Researchers have found that in winter, even the flu virus wears a coat, and it’s a coat that helps the virus spread through the air. The symptoms… Read More →

Nutrients That Block Cancer

anti cancer nutrients

February 20, 2017 ( Diet plays a major role in both the prevention of cancer and the contributing factors of cancer growth and cancer metastasis. In fact, 75%-85% of cancers diagnosed in one study in the United States showed that unhealthy lifestyle factors were the primary causes of these diagnosis and may have been prevented with improved dietary changes. Researchers believe that 30% of deaths associated with cancer today can be prevented from diet alone. Guich Koock (actor and spokesman) Audio:  The Rising Cost of Healthcare Evidence links plant-based foods with some of the best known chemoprotective (cancer-preventing) properties. The phytochemicals they contain interfere with cellular communication that triggers inflammation and stimulates the progression of cancer in the body. 8… Read More →

Infuse Lavender into Your Life

Lavender Fields

by Briana McDonald; Feb. 15, 2017; ( Lavender is one of the most widely used, versatile herbs on the planet. Its fragrant blooms have been used in a variety of ways over the past several thousand years to calm the spirit, relax the muscles, and to provide relief from a variety of issues. When you begin to infuse lavender into your life, you will deeply appreciate this beautiful plant and all of its healing attributes even more.  Lavender for Pregnancy and Post Partum Not every woman has the glowing, radiate pregnancy that you so often hear of. Some women face a variety of ailments such as gas, indigestion, cramps, exhaustion, not to mention the stretch marks and scaring that occur… Read More →

Running Combats Depression and Anxiety


( When it comes to mental health, there are probably some days in which you are not feeling your best. No matter how hard you try, perhaps you cannot seem to shake off the blues. It can be especially rough during the long, cold winter months, since there is less sunlight and less incentive to go outside for a walk or a run. Sponsor Links: FREE COLLOIDAL SILVER] However, it is highly encouraged that you continue to make yourself go out for runs, since there are many benefits to doing so, including physical and mental health. That is why in this article, we will give you a list of good reasons as to how running helps people fight against depression… Read More →

Naturally Prevent Radiation Burn

Radiation burns

February 16, 2017 (The Radiodermatitis, also known as radiation dermatitis or radiation burn, is something many cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy treatments will experience. According to the American Society for Radiation Oncology, nearly 75% of oncology patients are recommended to receive radiation therapy as part of curative or palliative care. Of those cancer patients who undergo radiation, 95% will experience some degree of radiation burn. Up to 87% of cancer patients will experience moderate to severe radiodermatitis during their treatments, or after radiotherapy treatments cease. Sponsor Links: FREE COLLOIDAL SILVER] Fortunately, there are some key things you can do to minimize the damage from radiation therapy. This article will share with you four of the best and most healing substances… Read More →

Don’t Ignore Microwave and Cell Phone Radiation

Cell Phone Radiation

February 16, 2017 ( The microwave industry is pushing ahead full-bore for higher and more damaging microwave uses and implementation with resulting exposures capable of adversely affecting human health and the biosphere. No one in the microwave industry is including in their propaganda information deliberately given to and erroneously saturating regulating agencies such as the U.S. Federal Communication Commission and individual states public utility commissions/boards, important adverse health effects called non-thermal wave health effects. Sponsor Links: FREE COLLOIDAL SILVER] The following information was emailed to me by a networking EMF researcher: The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is now accepting Comments on their planned deployment of millions of 5G Microwave Cell Towers throughout our neighborhoods. You can go here to read… Read More →

Big Brother Could Be Spying on Your Prescriptions

Big Brother

February 16, 2017 ( Prescription meds are a way that the Big Brother state can maintain control over your medical supplies and monitor you as an individual. Sponsor Links: FREE COLLOIDAL SILVER] In mid-January, an article came out entitled “Feds force Doctors and Pharmacists to Spy on 60% of Americans,” and deals with the PMP, the Prescription Monitoring Program, and 48 states have adopted it. The federal government keeps track of all your sensitive information (birth date, address, etc., and demographics on you) in the “interests of combating drug abuse.” That reason is nothing more than a front to be able to monitor you and using the prescriptions as a “back door.” It is the usual government mantra: “For the… Read More →

Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Continues

Fikushima Meltdown

Written By: Dr Helen Caldicott ( Dr Helen Caldicott, explains recent robot photos taken of Fukushima’s Daiichi nuclear reactors: radiation levels have not peaked, but have continued to spill toxic waste into the Pacific Ocean — but it’s only now the damage has been photographed.  HELEN CALDICOTT: The Fukushima nuclear meltdown continues unabated RECENT reporting of a huge radiation measurement at Unit 2 in the Fukushima Daichi reactor complex does not signify that there is a peak in radiation in the reactor building. All that it indicates is that, for the first time, the Japanese have been able to measure the intense radiation given off by the molten fuel, as each previous attempt has led to failure because the radiation is so intense the robotic parts were functionally destroyed. The radiation… Read More →