February 13, 2017

(TheTruthAboutCancer.com) Everything from the polluted air we breathe to the additives in the foods we eat can introduce a plethora of toxins into our bodies. And, sometimes our immune systems can become overwhelmed. That is when toxins cling to the opportunity to settle into our bodies. Thankfully, there are things we can do to enhance our natural detoxification system, and there are even strategies (such as essential oils for detox) that we can implement to keep our immune system working efficiently!



The Importance of Detoxification

Research shows that the human body can easily process and eliminate a normal level of toxic exposure. But the real question is, what’s normal? We put so much junk into our bodies these days, intentionally and unintentionally, that even the healthiest people can be overwhelmed.

Toxins in all shapes and sizes are attacking our bodies on a daily basis. Defined as a foreign substance that leads to disease, they are nearly impossible to avoid. Fortunately, our immune systems are war machines when it comes to battling the toxins that plague our bodies.

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