March 20, 2015

by Paul Fassa, Natural Health Journalist

( This uncompromised biologist rejects GMOs and counters hunger with a better way. Colin Tudge is a biologist, co-founder of The Campaign for Real Farming website, and lecturer. His books include Good Food for Everyone Forever and Why Genes are Not Selfish and People are Nice.

In his introductory paper, “Power, Lies, And Agrarian Resistance” for The Oxford Real Farming Conference in England, Colin cites three major lies that constitute the house of cards foundation of not only GMOs, but all of current industrial farming.

He compares those lies to the hidden truths of what works better than Big Ag and offers them as real solutions to our looming agriculture, food distribution, and soil sustainability crisis.

Lie Number One: We Must Produce More Food

The world already produces more food than necessary. It’s the distribution of food, controlled by a few monolith Big Ag corporations and grain traders, that creates a situation where one billion in third world or developing countries are undernourished while another billion are afflicted with obesity, diabetes, and the gamut of chronic health disorders that plague industrialized nations from eating so much corporate processed foods and monoculture factory farm chemically tainted foods

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