October 8, 2015

(NaturalSociety.com) For meat eats, beef is out and bison is in as consumers look for a healthier alternative to what they normally stick between a hamburger bun.

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Bison is grass-fed and is leaner than beef while still providing an awesome taste. The meat also has lower cholesterol and fewer calories than beef. The former niche item is becoming more popular – and more expensive – in restaurants and grocery chains around the nation, including Whole Foods Market, The Kroger Co., and Costco Wholesale Corp. The demand for bison is part of American’s move toward organic foods and away from rather disgusting factory-farming methods that account for most of the protein eaten in the U.S. [1]

“The consumer today doesn’t trust the food industry,” said Roger Gerber, chief executive officer of Blackwing Quality Meats, a U.S. distributor of bison meat. “They can feel comfortable to know it doesn’t have hormones, it doesn’t have antibiotics.”

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