January 11, 2016

by Briana McDonald
Natural Health Writer

(UtopiaSilver.com) Let’s face it; we live in a fallen world. A world full of pollutions, toxic metals in the air, water and food supply-it’s no wonder the majority of us is almost sick, sick or darn near dead. So what can we do about it? How do we take back our God given right to optimal health and well being? I don’t have all the answers, I know as a whole it will take a unified effort against the tyrants that created this mess, but at the individual level this is one thing I have found we can do to help us stay healthy and cancer free. In this article I will explain how to create a cancer free environment with Zeolite.

So what is Zeolite and what makes it so great? Zeolite is a unique mineral that has been proven to absorb the toxins, free radicals, and metals from your body, as well as boost the immune system. It has proved to balance the body’s pH and create an environment in which foreign cells cannot grow. The particles of Zeolite are so fine that they can pass in between the body’s cells.

“Zeolite buffers the system towards slight alkalinity by establishing pH levels of 7.35 to 7.45, which is the optimum pH for the body. The body’s pH level influences both immunity and brain function. An acid blood pH (7.34 or lower) creates a precondition for cancer. In an acidic environment, brain cell function can also be impaired, causing depression, anxiety, stupor, paranoia, delusions or hallucinations.”

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