Q: Utopia, Will colloidal silver cure my Herpes? K. X. in New Jersey A: Hi K, I can’t guarantee a cure for anything, but if the Herpes, Shingles, and Cold Sore Protocol is followed it will generally either put it in remission or significantly extend the time between outbreaks. Everyone and their bodies are different, so there is only one way to find out. To increase the odds of success, I would certainly get on a low junk food diet, with plenty of fruits and vegetables, but stay away from too much coffee and chocolate. Good Luck. Ben in Utopia

Numb Leg


Q:Dear Sir,My sister in law who is 71 years old has a problem with her right side of the body it started a few months ago and  now she can only drag her leg she had all kinds of test done and they can't find the cause. I thought maybe silver could help! Which silver should she take? She is in good health and can't understand where this is coming from. Hope you can help. Thank you,Lorraine in Missouri A: Hi Lorraine, Generally mainstream medicine is very good at diagnoses, so it’s surprising they don’t have some idea about the cause. It’s the cures they usually get lost with. Silver may help if the issue is caused by a virus… Read More →

Prescription Drugs


Q:Hi,I am taking several doctor prescribed meds. One for depression, one for sleep, one for reflex disease, 3 for pain that I have in my leg from a full leg DVT after a car accident 10 years ago. The DVT took almost a year to resolve itself and left behind some permanent damage in my leg. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I take almost 20 pills, most of which don't work and make me tired and constipated. I vomit at least twice a week and I feel like crap. I am only 56 years old and don't want to feel like this for the rest of my life. and My cousin swears by these products…. Read More →



Q:Hi,I have had herpes for 5 years, so what is the package for me, the time requirements and the dosage with your best product. The item "advanced colloidal silver" what's the ingredients does it contains "milk" ? I'm lactose intolerance so well it bother me if it contains milk? ThanksRon in Illinois A: Hi Ron, Since Shingles and Herpes travel the nerves rather than the bloodstream, it is incredibly difficult to heal and there is seldom one product that is 100% effective as a stand alone healing method. This Herpes, Shingles, and Cold Sore Protocol has the potential for working better than any other protocol we know about. The reports are very good for putting this virus into long-term remission… Read More →

Blastomycosis Treatment In Dogs


Q:Hi, UtopiaSilver,Can I treat my dog with colloidal silver? If yes, what is the dosage? My dog weghts 75Lbs. Do you know anything about using colloidal silver for Blastomycosis treatment in dogs? Thank you,Irina A: Hi Irvina, …My apology for the delayed response. Silver can be effectively used to deal with fungal infections in dogs such as Blastomycosis. You may want to order a dosing syringe (no needle). I would use 5-10 ml per day on an empty stomach, as well as putting it on topically. Just place the syringe between the dogs teeth near the back of the mouth and inject. Syringe You are appreciated in Utopia. Ben Taylor Utopia Silver Supplements 830 966-2315 www.utopiasilver.com

Colloidal Silver Orally


Q:Dear utopia Silver,My daughter, a PhD neuron-psychologist says that colloidal silver taken orally never leaves the body and is very dangerous.  What is your answer to this concern?   Thanks!  Lynn A:Hi Lynn,First of all, congratulations to your daughter for all her hard work and perseverance in obtaining a PhD. My daughter has just obtained her Masters, so I know the dedication and diligence (and money) required. I would only hope that she will not park her mind at the door of higher education, but will open her mind to the healing possibilities outside of her mainstream education.  Mainstream medicine and most medical schools have for a very long time been compromised by drug industry money. The pharmaceutical industry is… Read More →

Fungal Infection

Q:Hello,Can you direct me to the appropriate silver product (ionic or colloidal) to help heal a stubborn fungal infection on my skin and scalp? How does Utopia Silver compare with other silver products (e.g. ____ Silver in particular) in efficacy? Can you also recommend the frequency, duration, and amount to use in order to experience results? I appreciate your help. Thank you,Mel in Tennessee A:Hi Mel,Both will work externally/topically. If it is a deeper tissue infection, you might also want to combine the Silver with DMSO (maybe 75% silver & 25% DMSO) to enhance penetration. (Note: Combining the silver and DMSO will create a mild rise in temperature, but it cool shortly, so don’t be alarmed.) I would also consider… Read More →

Chronic Viral Infection

Q:Hi, I wonder if you could offer some advice please? I just ordered some of your Advanced Colloidal Silver with the intention of using it to treat a chronic viral infection, and will be using it in conjunction with effective probiotics (and a range of other natural supplements), but I am having difficulty finding out what an effective short term therapeutic dosage would be. I appreciate there are official guidelines etc, but, hypothetically speaking, if you happened to be a 130 pound 29 year old woman and were attempting to treat yourself for a chronic viral condition, how much would you use and how would you ingest it? Thanks very much!  Brendan A:Hi Brendan,Since everyone and every situation is different,… Read More →

Male Yeast Infection

Q:Utopia,I am an uncircumcised married man in my 70s and have a chronic case of yeast and wonder if the infection has become systemic? If this is correct can it be detected in the blood? If it can be and if it is systemic is there an antibiotic that would correct the problem? Thanks, Don A:Hi Don,Although being circumcised is not a guarantee against such infections, not being circumcised may allow for a higher chance of bacterial and yeast infections unless very good hygiene is practiced. Candida albicans/yeast infections can be detected in the blood with a visual analysis under a microscope. It only takes a drop of blood on a glass sample slide to do this. A systemic infection… Read More →

Gold Concentration

Q:Utopia Silver,How do we know a product is contaminant free? What is the concentration of Colloidal Gold? Thank you.John in California A:Hi John,That’s a very good question, and really hinges on what we define as “contaminants”. After reading your question, I was pondering that question about the food we eat, the supplements we take, the air we breathe, etc. “Contamination” in ‘foods products’ would most commonly be of a bacterial nature, although could include molds, fungus, and even viruses. But “contamination” actually goes far beyond that. Now-a-days, it would have to include chemicals, drugs, non-natural preservatives, and genetically altered components. Supposedly our government is involved in this question concerning many things; air, drugs, and some foods. Sadly they fail miserably… Read More →