Iodine Test

Q:Hello Ben, The Iodine went away completely about 18 hours after I put it on my stomach. So I guess that is not to bad right? Also, what disease might be causing my chest cramps if my heart is OK? Thank You,J. in Minnesota A:Hi J., That is very good on the Iodine; for most it disappears within 2-6 hours; 18 hours suggests that you have a near optimal iodine level in your body. In this case, monitor it closely with a frequent patch of iodine (½ to silver dollar size area) and back off the iodine if you reach the 24 hour retention. Coeliac disease is one that our Naturopath consultant says can cause chest pains. Just be certain… Read More →

CS for Hair Growth?

Q:Utopia,Has anyone ever used CS for hair growth?  My hair has periods when it falls out, and I just wondered if CS could help. Carol in North CarolinaA: Hi Carol, I have heard that claim made, but I’m not personally convinced. I do know what your problem may be. Unlike men, most women who loose hair have a thyroid issue. This can usually be corrected by rebuilding the thyroid gland with Iodine and a product like Thytrophin. Ben in Utopia.

Silver Unsafe?

Q:Hi Utopia, Dr. Andrew Weil's website says it's [colloidal silver]not safe: Colloidal Silver: Is It Safe? Widely promoted as a cure-all for everything from ear infections and shingles to AIDS, colloidal silver is a solution of silver particles suspended in liquid. Promoters claim that colloidal silver is an alternative to antibiotics and can extend life and remedy mineral deficiencies that lead to a weakened immune system. 3 reasons to be wary. Twana D. A:Hi Twana, Dr. Weil, a medical doctor has some good info at times, …BUT in this case is simply mouthing what most mainstream MDs masquerading as quasi alternative practitioners would say. Nothing surprising. The bottom line is this, how long do we continue to trust mainstream medicine… Read More →

Opana Er

Q: Hey Ben, I am definitely "sold" on the benefits of Colloidal Silver and am ready to purchase; however, I just have two specific questions that I would like to ask first.  1) I have Hypo-Pituitary Adrenal Insufficiency and am on Prednisone (corticosteroid) as a cortisol-replacement therapy.  In addition, due to a successful diagnosis taking over two years I suffered extreme nerve damage in my abdomen region and suffer from chronic pain which is managed by taking Opana Er.  I am hoping that the therapeutic benefits of the colloidal silver will help, but my specific question is whether it is safe to take the colloidal silver with the Opana Er.  The Opana Er time-release mechanism is rather sensitive, so I… Read More →

Toenail Fungus

Q:Dear Utopia,Can Colloidal Silver be used for treating early stage toenail fungus? Leean in CaliforniaA:Hi Leean,It can be effective on early stage toenail fungus, but may require soaking rather than just spraying on. Silver kills fungus on contact, …BUT it is very difficult to bring the silver in contact with the fungus. This is the overriding issue with any toenail fungus treatment. It can also be beneficial to do a Magnesium oil foot soak also prior to the silver soak. Prevention may be more effective by keeping the fungus out of your shoes. Simply spray the inside of your shoes with either Advanced or Ionic Silver every couple of days and let it dry. Ben in Utopia

Rose Laurel

Q:Utopia, Have you heard of any instances where someone taking the oleander capsules have experienced heart rhythm issues? I'm diagnosed w/ cancer and have an irregular heartbeat. I've tried several natural and alternative approaches w/o much success so i'm very interested in the oleander caps. Is there a suggested protocol that comes w/a purchase? Thanks,Brent in Tennessee A: Hi Brent, Go to Natural Cellular Immune Booster Protocol , which is recommended if doing any kind of therapeutic healing. That protocol is by an MD/ND who does consultation for us. It is always recommended to do a Liver Cleanse and to take the Membrane Complex prior to doing any IP-6 or Rose Laurel (oleander) since IP-6 can accelerate the body’s use… Read More →

Multiple Sclerosis

Q:Hello Utopia,I was reading your testimonials and the one regarding Multiple Sclerosis.  The person stated that they drank 16 ounces per day for a certain period of time.  I have been ordering your colloidal silver for some time but take the recommended dose.  I have MS and wonder if it's safe to ingest that amount daily.  Is it? Any response is appreciated. Bonnie California A: Hi Bonnie, 16 ounces per day is a lot, I certainly wouldn’t consume that much for very long, but I have on occasion for 2-3 days consumed 3-6 ounces per day when I was catching a cold or virus. With heavy therapeutic use I would start off with ½ – 1 oz. for a few… Read More →


Q:Utopia,I have to ask you about taking Silver & Gold at the same time. Is it OK? What is the recommended dose for Silver if taken daily, and what about the Gold? I have terrible pain in my knees and my right wrist and the doctor has ordered xrays and blood work to check for rheumatoid arthritis. She put me on Celebrex which makes me nervous because of the side effects….death is possible when taking it. Any suggestions? Nancy in Wisconsin A:Hi Nancy,Yes, we even sell a mixture of the two called Life Solutions. Since everyone and every situation is different, it isn't possible to say how much to use, but here is an article that may give some input…. Read More →


Q: Ben,What is the single best herpes product?Gary in Australia A: Hi Gary, The herpes virus manifests  itself in many different ways. It is responsible for cold sores, chickenpox, shingles, various autoimmune disorders, possibly multiple sclerosis, roseola, lymphatic system infections, and genital herpes. Predictably, a microbe that manifest itself in so many varied ways is not that easy to get rid of with one magic bullet. The Herpes virus, unlike most viruses which travel in the bloodstream, travels along nerves and hibernates in the nerves at the base of the spine and joint of the jaw and probably other equally hard to reach places. This is one reason that outbreaks can occur after long dormant periods and makes it very… Read More →

Iodine Test

Q:Utopia Silver,Took the iodine test; it absorbed in 6 hours. Repeated it twice, in different locations…same results. Purchased potassium Iodide tabs, it says to take 1 a day.  Is this enough?  Once my levels are normalized what positive effects would this most likely have?Jacki in Minnesota A: Hi Jacki, I would take as directed for a week or so and only then consider a more therapeutic amount. Be aware that you can get too much iodine, but it will be evidenced by one or more of the following: metallic taste, mouth sores, swollen salivary glands, diarrhea, and in more severe cases, vomiting. As for the benefits of iodine, they are many as it is an essential trace mineral. Iodine helps… Read More →