Ebola Protection Protocol; Panic Not Necessary


Article & Commentary by Ben Taylor Protocol created by Dr. Ken O’Neal, MD, ND There is some reason to think that this whole Ebola scare may be another false flag ploy to scare people into accepting draconian mainstream medical solutions and eventually a new drug or vaccination that will simply fill the bank accounts of the Pharma-Industrial Mafia. In any case, we believe it is happening by design, not simply by natural occurrence. This protocol is intended to give the people who don’t automatically buy the lies of this mafia drug cartel an option that is real and viable based on real science rather than the quackery and tyranny of government and its drug company manipulators. Protecting yourself against the… Read More →

Eggs Whites, Colloidal Silver and Burns

egg whites

by Ben Taylor This anecdotal story with a remedy and recipe for burns using egg whites was sent to me by a friend, but I’m not sure of the source. I had heard of it when I was a child and thought it might be helpful in an emergency situation. [SilverBulletin Sponsor Links: Colloidal Silver] This was the email sent to me: “I wish when my nephew was badly burned someone had known this. A young man sprinkling his lawn and bushes with pesticides wanted to check the contents of the barrel to see how much pesticide remained in it. He raised the cover and lit his lighter; the vapors ignited and engulfed him He jumped from his truck, screaming…. Read More →



“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” — Thomas Jefferson by Ben Taylor (Silver Bulletin) How to best care for our health, whether by means of nutrition (supplements and diet) or with mainstream “medicine” is a Natural Right. Such Rights are secured by Organic and Common Law for every individual American. The healthcare war that is being waged today between the government, their puppet masters in the “pharma-industrial complex” and the People is not new to western culture. The use of courts by an elite organized group to enforce their monopolistic claims… Read More →

Colloidal Silver Misinformation Within the Industry


by Ben Taylor There is much misinformation and sometimes even intentional disinformation within the “colloidal silver” industry. Much of it is based on falsely making it appear that a particular manufacturer or producer has a ‘silver’ product to which no one else has access. In very few cases, there may be some element of truth, but most of what is sold as “colloidal silver” is not actually colloidal silver. It is often either ionic silver or chemically made silver in a gelatin water base. These two make up the vast majority of so-called “colloidal silver” product sales. [Sponsor link: A Layman’s Guide to Using Colloidal Silver] “Colloid” in chemistry is defined as a system in which finely divided silver particles… Read More →

The Story of the Butcher of Little Helenor Bye


Editors Note: Although unbelievable to most, this story of 12 year old Helenor Bye is one that I believe is repeated daily over and over and over by hospitals around the world. I personally know of a recent case in the area where I live. I have a close friend who himself is an MD and his wife who experienced this same kind of butchery with their son who had been in a serious automobile accident. Their story has some of the same elements of lies and deceit as did Helenor’s story. His organs were being stolen by this central Texas hospital, while at the same time the parents were being told he was still in intensive care and alive…. Read More →

Giving Sufficient Notice of Healthcare Rights

by Ben Taylor Everyone and every parent has the God-given Right to decide how best to care for their own health and that of their children. No government, no public official, and no healthcare “professional” has any authority to force us or our children to be the recipients of potentially dangerous drugs whether in the form of vaccines or a pill. The right to choose how to care for our and our families health is a right as basic as speech, religion or bearing arms. It should never be relinquished under any circumstances. Vaccine Protocol Information, both anecdotal and scientifically researched, is exploding demonstrating the dangers of taking any vaccine or drug, except in the case of an immediate emergency…. Read More →

Constitutional Convention: A Constitutional Trap?

by Ben Taylor This morning I received an email from a friend with an article toting the need for a Constitutional Convention to pass a 28th Amendment (read that article below). Such an amendment sounds great, but let’s not be foolish. A Constitutional Convention could be a trap! An Amendment process can be accomplished other ways; rather than by potentially opening up the Constitution to wholesale change. Does anyone think that we have any Jeffersons, Madisons or Adams around? I don’t see any. Who do you trust in government now to either take part or appoint someone to take part is such a convention? Both political parties have become so corrupted (that is why we have the problems we now… Read More →

Cabal of Gangsters

by Ben TaylorThe Pharma-Industrial Complex and their cohorts in the so-called media are at it again. In their latest propaganda campaign to scare the American people away from natural remedies and toward patented drugs, the so-called consumer magazine, Consumer Reports, has published an obviously biased and unscientific hatchet job on twelve supplements that they call “the dirty dozen”. They claim to be independent experts, but I seriously doubt that is the truth. I see absolutely nothing scientific about their methods and their analysis of these supplements. There is one glaring omission in their report; they failed to cite any deaths caused by these supplements and their claims of any health damage are suspect at best. Is it is also noticeable… Read More →

International Treaties and the Supremacy Clause

by: Ben Taylor I have received an email (bottom of page below my commentary) several times now stating that it has been ”100% verified” that Obama has legally found a way around the 2nd Amendment, which would by implication mean the whole Constitution and Declaration of Independence for that matter. I do not accept that premise. No one in government has any authority to terminate Constitutionally secured rights under any circumstance whatsoever. Can it really be that we have no God-given unalienable Rights …or is it so only if we’re foolish enough to accept such seditious balderdash? I’m no scholar, but there seems to me to be some fundamentally flawed thinking going on here and we had better not buy… Read More →

Government Healthcare Takeover

by: Ben Taylor Silver Bulletin Readers, Please read the following letter written this past summer to Senator Bayh of Indiana by Dr. Stephen E. Fraser. The so-called Health Care legislation really has nothing to do with caring for anyone’s health. It is simply another federal government excuse to control every aspect of our lives and will expose our private affairs to even greater government intrusion. Make no mistake about it, this coupled with the international Codex Alimentarius treaty, is simply another part of the world federalism movement to wrap the lives of all Americans within a global government structure. Another primary purpose is to force everyone into ‘mainstream’ medicine whether we believe it is best for us and our families… Read More →