Ben,Let me say I'm very impressed with your web site and quick service. I am heartened by your dedication to the causes you espoused so well below[in your Notice:], and hopeful I will find more answers as I go along. Best wishes and hopes for your continued success.Steve Thanks Steve,If we would put God and ‘The Supreme Law of The Land’ as envisioned by our American Founders back in its proper place and hold our politicians to it (orstring them up-whichever they prefer), our Nation would be in much better shape rather than being on the precipice of total collapse. Ben TaylorUtopia Silver Supplements830 Notice: We are not doctors and we suggest that you consult a healthcare professional, preferably… Read More →

CureZone Colloidal Silver Forum

Posted on a CureZone Colloidal Silver Forum. A general question was asked by ‘Steve’ about the best brands of generators and this response was posted by another contributor, Melly. Hi Steve,I think it depends on type of generator one uses. Got two. A Silvergen which registers 6 to 7 ppm when dial is put at 3 o'clock position, is colorless [primarily ionic] and cooks in 2 to 3 hours. The Utopia (Silver Bullet}generator registers at 10 ppm with a champagne color [a combination of ionic and particle silver] and cooks depending on setting of timer. The setting I used was the one done by Utopia and it cooks around 3-4 hours. I've ingested both solutions produced by above machines and… Read More →

Patricia in Michigan

Dear Utopia,Thank-you for your attention and holiday wishes and thank-you for sharing your dreams; ie Utopia Silver. You've made a difference in my life. I wish you the happiest new year possible. I'll be certain to tell all of my associates about you and your wonderful company. Patricia in Michigan

Jill, CureZone Contributor

Dear CureZone Readers,I have a 94 year old lady that I take care of. She is a sweetheart but is definitely fading quite naturally in strength as the months go by. She has a very strong heart and great digestion—a good appetite and no problems in general keeping things "moving along" if you know what I mean. Which is all very important reasons why she has lived so long and is so strong. Also living in a very rural area, I am sure she was probably raised on raw milk and mostly farm fresh products. She does have either asthma and high blood pressure. Recently, one of the other aides, who basically does almost nothing for my little lady when… Read More →

Gary in Texas

Dear Utopia SilverMy son played high school football.  The athletic building was host to MRSA, and several athletes contracted the virus.  My son is one of these unfortunate few. Since graduating a couple of years ago he has had sporadic outbreaks of the MRSA.  It appears as an area of discoloration, redness around the infection, and a large nasty pus pocket.   The doctor treats by lancing the site and squeezing out the infection, then packing the cavity left by the infection with a sterile drain wick.  Of course, lots of antibiotics.….the purpose of this post is to advise that we decided to treat the infection with your Collodial Silver (CS) solution. Before packing the cavity with a cloth wick… Read More →


Ben, I don't know how often you might go to my blog, if ever. But I recently posted about giving a co-worker some Colloidal Silver to use topically on her acne. She had heard me talk about it several times before, and I gave her a small amount to try. She knew I took it orally, but it never entered my mind she would use it orally as well. She and I left the work area one day together to share a break time. We stopped by the jewelry counter so she could show me some titanium rings she had picked out for her wedding next year. While we were looking at them, she then informed me she was highly… Read More →

Mickey in New Jersey

Morning Ben,You are up early. Is a handshake still an honored thing in Texas? I have reviewed some patents that show the hepatitis virus can be destroyed by colloidal silver. For this to be allowed in a patent, proof must be submitted. One patent utilized stints placed in the body and an electrical charge was introduced making colloidal silver in the body. Do you know of a doctor who will administer colloidal silver intravenously? Do you know of anyone in the New Jersey area that will do this procedure? My doctor will not cooperate in spite of my willingness to sign a release. I suffer from Hepatitis C and have records dating back two years showing a constant increase in… Read More →

Lawrence C

Dear Utopia Silver,While on vacation a couple weeks ago, I wore new shoes that caused large, (literally) quarter sized blisters on both of my heels. (not very smart, i know!) They both burst and bled quite a lot. Since i had to wear shoes, I cleaned them daily with CS, and put a dropper full of CS on each bandage. Even WITH the warm, moist environment inside of my shoes, they NEVER GOT INFECTED and healed completely in record time. No redness, no swelling,no pus, no nothing. Perfect healing in record time. every medicine cabinet needs a bottle of utopia CS. Thank you,Lawrence C

Mike H

Dear Utopia Silver,My wife and I have had allergies bad for several years.  My wife has had to take allergy shots all her life. We started taking Utopia (Silver) and she has not had to take an allergy shot and I am not stopped up all the time. We have also gotten several of our friends at church on it also.  They are not having bad headaches or allergies.  I have found this product to be the answer to our allergies. Thanks for your time,Thanks Mike H.

Carl S., OD

Utopia, Thought you might be interested in what the eye care field is doing regarding therapeutics: NEW MATERIALS MAY BECOME MEDICATION-DISPENSING CONTACT LENS FOR GLAUCOMA. Biomedical engineers at the University of California (UC) Davis have devised materials that they're hoping to develop as a contact lens outfitted with pressure sensors and medication stores. When the sensors detect changes in eye pressure that signal the need for medication, the contact lens will dispense the medication itself. The material is made of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) onto which precisely patterned powdered silver is placed. The silver, an antimicrobial agent, becomes the conductive wiring that makes these the lens "smart." When shaped and worn as a contact lens, the PDMS-silver disc is expected to dispense… Read More →