The Blue Man: Rebutting The Lies of Mainstream Media

by Ben Taylor (Silver Bulletin) The major media from Fox to CNN to ABC are again running what amounts to a propaganda blitzkrieg against colloidal silver with stories about a man, Paul Karason of Madera California, who developed a cosmetic condition called Argyria, from using large quantities of homemade colloidal silver. As usual, they have to dredge up “old news”; as with this case from fourteen years ago. Seldom do they ever give any substantial background to such stories, leaving in the minds of their viewers and listeners images of people turning blue from using almost any amount or any kind of colloidal silver. Beyond the intent of mainstream media to discredit the use of silver, this story is not… Read More →

Influence Peddling and Government Corruption

Anyone watching the CBS News program,"60 Minutes" had to be thoroughly disgusted, but should not have been surprised, by the corruption depicted in the hallowed halls of Congress. The passing of the "Big Pharmaceutical Windfall Profits Act", -woops, a slip of the keyboard, actually the grossly mislabeled "Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act" of 2003 shows us the criminal influence that Pharmaceutical companies have with supposed "public servants"/law makers. Who even remembers or knows any details about this bill? One reason is our esteemed public servants deliberately kept it and its unsavory details under the public radar except for how great it would be for Americans in need. Congress passed this bill in the dead of night, at 3… Read More →