Four Horsemen of the Health Apocalypse

Health Apocolypse

February 2, 2016 ( A dark plague of bad health has crept across the land, operating largely in shadow for generations and set upon us by an evil master whose footsteps have fouled the earth for as long as man has walked upon it. Led by four evil horsemen who have been corrupted and enslaved by the master, the plague has cast its shadowy tentacles from sea to sea through towns and cities large and small, sparing no one. Almost no location has proven remote enough to escape its reach and it has visited death, illness and suffering on young and old alike. [Sponsor Links: COLLOIDAL SILVER SALE] The master of bad health is Greed. The Four Horsemen who have… Read More →

Could Vaccinations Be Behind the California Polio-like Outbreak?


by Tony Isaacs (The Best Years in Life) According to reports, there are now about 25 or more cases, and counting, of a new “polio-like” outbreak in California children. Disease control officials have yet to determine the cause of the outbreak and they are looking for a new virus. Perhaps one direction they should take a look at is polio and other childhood vaccinations. [Sponsor link: Vaccine and Detoxification Healing Protocol] Initial reports have indicated that the children being affected by the new disease have all been vaccinated against polio. The scenario of children vaccinated against polio and other illnesses coming down with a “polio-like” illness is all too familiar. Look for example at what happened in India when widespread… Read More →

Multivitamins & Calcium Slash Breast Cancer Risk


by Tony Isaacs (Health Secrets) Want to decrease your breast cancer risk? Women who take multivitamins and calcium drastically reduce their breast cancer risk, according to recent study results presented at the American Association for Cancer Research’s annual meeting. The study, conducted at the Ponce School of Medicine in Puerto Rico, found that women who routinely took multivitamins reduced their breast cancer risk by almost 30 percent. Women who took nutritional supplements and calcium fared even better – reducing their risk by 40 plus percent. [Sponsor link: Unnatural Cell Growth Healing Protocol] Lead author Jaime Matta PhD and his colleagues found nutrient supplementation was linked to positive results when taken over an extended period. “It is not an immediate effect,”… Read More →

Natural Insect Repellent and Remedies

Tea Tree Oil 2

by Tony Isaacs (Health Secrets) Summer brings an ever increasing abundance of sunshine and a desire to be outdoors. It also brings plenty of bugs – and some of them come with a bite or a sting. The good news? Itt is easy to create natural insect repellent and natural remedies for bites and stings. [Sponsor link: Colloidal Silver, Calcium Bentonite Clay] First however, a bit of caution is in order: make sure that the person bitten or stung does not have abnormal swelling or otherwise show signs of a serious allergic reaction. If they do, call 9-1-1, because some people can die from bites or stings if they are not treated immediately. Otherwise, these natural remedies for bites and… Read More →

Life Enzymes & Fast Comsumption, Keys to Healthy Juicing


by Tony Isaacs (The Best Years in Life) Juicing fresh vegetables and fruits can be one of the healthiest things you can do. When done properly, it can even help conquer serious illness such as cancer. However, unless you consume your juice quickly you may be wasting much of your money as well as most of the most important benefits juicing might provide. When it comes to juicing for health benefits, including fighting cancer, it cannot be stressed enough that enzymes are the key and that the juice must be consumed very quickly before the enzymes die off. [Sponsor link: Unnatural Cell Growth Healing Protocol] Enzymes and Other Living Phytonutrients Die Quickly Once They are Juiced There is a very… Read More →

Healthy Benefits of Beets and Beetroot Juice


by Tony Isaacs (The Best Years in Life) When some people think about beets, they turn up their noses and think “yuck!” However, health-conscious people who aren’t fond of beets would be wise to expand their palette and discover ways to utilize and enjoy beets on a regular basis because the oft-maligned beet is one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet. [Sponsor link: Enzyme Complex] Beets are rich in betaine, which stimulates liver cell function and helps keep the bile ducts healthy and flowing so that the body can properly eliminate toxins. Beets also protect against heart disease because another benefit of betaine is its ability to reduce homocysteine levels. Homocysteine is the toxic amino acid that increases risk… Read More →

Tea Tree Oil, Nature’s Topical Antibiotic

tea tree oil

by Luella May (Health Secrets) Looking for a topical antibiotic that is natural? Among the many natural ways to treat topical infection, tea tree oil is one of the very best. Tea tree oil is an essential oil taken from the leaves of the melaleuca alternifolia, a plant native to Australia and New South Wales. Tea tree oil has a wide variety of uses and strong antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Tea tree oil’s topical antibioticl properties are so effective that it actively attacks and eliminates staff infections, including MRSA. [Sponsor link: Colloidal Silver, Texas Juniper Essential Oil] Essential oils are liquids distilled by steam or water from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots or other elements of a… Read More →

Natural Treatments for Poison Ivy and Poison Oak

poison ivy

by Tony Isaacs, Natural Health Journalist (Health Secrets) Summer is almost here and the life force can be felt everywhere. Besides the human-friendly flora bursting upon our landscape, there are also some plants that are less than pleasant if we happen to stumble into them. Two of the most bothersome are poison ivy and poison oak. [Sponsor link: Calcium Bentonite Clay, Colloidal Silver] Should you have the misfortune of brushing against poison ivy or poison oak, the good news is that you can stop the itching, spreading and blistering with these highly effective natural remedies that can be made from what you have at home: * Stop the itch of a poison ivy rash and prevent it from spreading with… Read More →

Brain Cancer Success with Dr. Swanepoel’s Anti-Cancer Protocol

brain cancer

by Tony Isaacs (Health Secrets) On April 27, 2014, Dr. Marc Swanepoel received this wonderful success report from someone whose sister has beaten brain cancer using oleander and other items suggested by Dr. Swanepoel. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Dr. Swanepoel, he is the naturopathic PhD who developed the Sutherlandia OPC oleander-based line of supplements. [Sponsor link: Unnatural Cell Growth Healing Protocol] Dear Dr. Swanepoel: I had to write to tell you that this past year when I contacted you in regard to my sister having brain cancer, you recommended certain protocols for her plus certain of your pills. Since that time, it has been nothing short of a miracle, and my sister’s tumors in her brain… Read More →

Why It’s Getting Harder to Beat Cancer


by Tony Isaacs (Health Secrets) In recent years, statistical cancer death rates have been showing decreases for some cancers in some parts of the world, which has led some people to optimistically report that cancer is getting easier to beat. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It’s getting harder to beat cancer because of three primary culprits: 1) Our world is becoming increasingly toxic 2) We are beset by existing and increasing radiation, 3) Our food is becoming increasingly less nutritious. [Sponsor link: Unnatural Cell Growth Healing Protocol] As noted in Hiding the Truth about Losing the War on Cancer, statistics can be manipulated and often have been by those with vested interests in maintaining the illusion that we… Read More →