Experience the Benefits of Utopia Silver Skin Care Bars

(Product Review By Natural News)by Aria Milan (NaturalNews) The allure of gold and silver has held humanity's captivation throughout history. The true reason behind this appeal, beyond the symbol of wealth, is not known but there have been many postulations. When one is familiar with the properties of silver, then it's easy to assume that the long held value of this precious metal is beholden to its medical uses and applications. Silver is a potent bacteria fighter and its use in dressing wounds dates back to Ancient Rome, reportedly by Pliny the Elder. Today it is used in hospitals as an anti-septic. If silver is prized for keeping illness away, gold's true value may lie in its ability to augment… Read More →

A Familiar Fiend: Painkiller Addiction


After years of reoccurring kidney stones and regular surgeries, Jared Hess became addicted to painkillers. After a monthlong stay in the hospital and being prescribed the powerful painkiller Oxycontin, Hess continued to use the drug against his doctors’ orders, surreptitiously obtaining pills. Within a year of first being prescribed the painkiller, he found himself in rehab. He was just 19 years old. “I was in college when it first became a real problem. I lost interest in school, stopped going to class, my relationships with friends and family deteriorated,” Hess, now 24, told ABCNEWS.com. “I was doing it every day and by myself. My life revolved around getting the drug and using it,” he said. Hess now works for the… Read More →