by Katherine Carroll, NTP

(GreenMedInfo) The National Health Federation (NHF) is providing the wake-up call for the World right now. Like the founders of America, were the early voices not raised persistently and aggressively compelling others of like-minded spirit to action there would be no America. NHF is waging war on the front lines to protect the terrain of the human soil, the modern battle-ground, and the terrain that influences the sanctity of our bodies and our children’s bodies.

In the past people said the pen was mightier than the sword. In the future, it will be the chip that is mightier than the sword. The economy, not weaponry, is the new criterion for a superpower…In the future, it is clear that a superpower can maintain its status only through economic might (versus weaponry as in the past), and that in turns stems from science and technology.” Machio Kaku, “Physics of the Future”.

Kaku alludes to a new warfare in his fine book, “Physics of the Future”; truly the last terrain to conquer will be through science and technology. Historically, warfare has captured land and resources. The new warfare seeks to conquer the territory of the human soil. As with Lawrence of Arabia, who revolutionized modern warfare by moving away from an annihilation approach but left a ragged, demoralized band of soldiers in his wake that would never achieve the hero’s welcome, so the UN, operating through Codex Alimentarius on the global theater of war, knowingly or unknowingly, seeks to infiltrate and attack the sanctity of the human being with contaminants, additives, toxins, and to incapacitate or destroy us from within. The last great battle is for the terrain of the human spirit, not a tract of land, although Agenda 21 is one means to the end.

Maybe it is the fluoride in the water making us passive. Maybe it’s the voting system in the States we all know is rigged – our vote counts? We all know our food choices are a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils in many cases: “This contaminant will kill me and that additive may disable me more slowly…” Nothing is pure anymore. If it isn’t sullied by the soil, it is polluted by the atmosphere. So we settle. Mentally, we give up with a passivity that disappoints us and we decide it’s a losing battle. Something intangible inside us began to die a long time ago and we give up, “a little here, a little there” until “They’ve” won.

But we have more power than we think in the global arena. How can that possibly be when State-side we are subject to the fixed polls and wondering if our vote really counts? At Codex Alimentarius where guidelines and standards are set for the World, it counts. If you use the powerful weapon of Voice, if you are aware, if you help other Country delegates to understand the truth that takes back the territory of health in the World versus simply fostering increased World trade, harmonization, and padding the industry’s bottom financial line, you can win this battle.

How NHF came to have a coveted seat at Codex is really part miracle and part dogged tenacity; but, hey, the Red Sea parted once and it has happened again. Through the Voice of reason, combined with insistence and aggressively fighting for the truth and light, it is possible to carry not only a nation but a World into a land where we have a fighting chance to thrive and grow again.

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