February 19, 2016

by Briana McDonald
Natural Health Writer

(UtopiaSilver.com) Working the Order Desk at Utopia Silver supplements I get asked a lot of questions about using Colloidal Silver. Everything from “Can I use it as a mouthwash?” to “Can I give it to my cat?” and the notorious, almost asked daily, “Will this make me turn blue?” So I decided to write this short, sweet, and simplified version of our Layman’s guide. If you feel the need to explore this topic further, please follow this link. https://www.utopiasilver.com/laymansguide/ Otherwise, enjoy my rendition of Colloidal Silver Use For Dummies.


First and foremost, no, you will not turn blue. The rare condition known as Argyria only occurs when Silver is stored in the tissues under the skin. Not just any silver, but silver proteins, mild silver protein, strong silver protein, silver chloride, and silver iodide. None of the previously stated is something we manufacture or sell. Our solution is only the mineral Silver and distilled water. It will go into your blood stream and tackle anything from the common cold to Ebola but it will not, I repeat not, store in the tissue under your skin.

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