February 16, 2017

(NaturalBlaze.com) The microwave industry is pushing ahead full-bore for higher and more damaging microwave uses and implementation with resulting exposures capable of adversely affecting human health and the biosphere. No one in the microwave industry is including in their propaganda information deliberately given to and erroneously saturating regulating agencies such as the U.S. Federal Communication Commission and individual states public utility commissions/boards, important adverse health effects called non-thermal wave health effects.



The following information was emailed to me by a networking EMF researcher:

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is now accepting Comments on their planned deployment of millions of 5G Microwave Cell Towers throughout our neighborhoods.

You can go here to read their Public Notice for Docket No. 16-421.

Please take a few minutes to submit your comments on their “express comment” form here under the top headline “Proceedings”, enter “16-421”

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