May 18, 2015

by Paul Fassa, Natural Health Journalist

( Ed McCabe aka Mr. Oxygen, author of Flood Your Body With Oxygen, explained in a radio interview that the order of nutritional importance is: Oxygen; water; enzymes; minerals; and vitamins. Most are surprised that minerals are more important than vitamins. But what the heck are those enzymes doing above both of them? A little known truth is, enzymes not only aid digestion but also prevent cancer.

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Enzymes are the body’s catalysts for digesting nutrients and metabolizing within cells. You might vaguely remember from some distant chemistry class how catalysts were explained. They initiate and promote a chemical process but don’t become part of what that process produces.

Without enzymes and their little helpers, co-enzymes, digestion and cellular metabolism don’t happen regardless of how many minerals and vitamins are consumed with or without food.

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