March 7, 2016

by Briana McDonald
Natural Health Writer


( There is a shift taking place within our culture when it comes to what we define as “wealth”. More people are switching to “organic diets” in an attempt to reclaim their health and vitality. I can’t help but notice how often I hear the word “organic” and “all natural” or my favorite “gluten free”. We are taking more interest in what’s best for our health and well being now more than we ever have and I believe that there is a deep seeded urgency within the majority of American’s hearts of feeling the need to “get back to nature.” The grocery aisles are flooded with creative advertising and catchy commercials to draw the health-conscious consumer to a product that seems to be organic, but often times are not. So what does “all natural” and “organic” really mean? And how do we sift through the smoke and mirrors and find what’s truly for our benefit? I realized it was time to get the dirt on organic.


First off, let’s look at what “organic” really means.

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