November 21, 2016

( GcMAF is an essential human protein our bodies make that removes a number of diseases including cancer.


All 5 billion healthy humans make this protein on their own. If healthy, we make around 10,000 cancer cells a day. But your GcMAF, which has six attacks on cancer, destroys them every day. In all, this protein has 20 beneficial attacks on disease.

If you have a severe shock, such as losing your house or become weak, perhaps by catching pneumonia, that may give a cancerous disease the chance to send out an enzyme to prevent your body making its own. If so, that stops the 20 known effects of it in the body including its six attacks on cancer; without GcMAF, your immune system also collapses, and the disease or cancer becomes chronic. (Immunocentre)

In this video David Noakes speaks at one of Clive de Carle’s weekend workshops in 2014.

Dr. Henning Saupe discusses the research and trials of granulocyte macrophage-activating factor.

Dr. Saupe from the Arcadia clinic, for example, produces GcMAF in his own lab and administers it in combination with 10 other treatments. He first checks Nagalase levels and many other factors and only if all parameters are right adds this treatment to the program. His success rate is very good.

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