January 12, 2017; by Paul Fassa; (UtopiaSilver.com) It’s an accepted fact that good plumbing and waste removal has done a lot to reduce microbial pathogenic diseases. It’s deceptive to claim reductions in polio, small pox, and other diseases came about from vaccines. They were on the way out before those vaccines were introduced thanks to those hygienic improvements. But more importantly is how to protect yourself from toxic water.



Better nourishment, hygiene, and plumbing for water in and human waste matter out put us and other industrialized nations beyond the problems of third world countries that lacked these conveniences. But in that process came other hazards – toxic chemicals.

These chemical pollutants are beyond pathogenic microbial contaminant purification. Chlorine, which can be a contaminant itself, is useless with chemical toxins. Some progressive Western European and USA water systems use ozone to oxygenate and destroy microbial pathogens instead of adding another toxin.

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