May 18, 2015

( The peak season for cantaloupe is almost here, and it will bring a great chance to buy some at a reasonable price. But what is cantaloupe good for? Is it worth buying over other fruit? Below you will learn all about cantaloupe and how numerous studies point to the fruit as a means of naturally boosting health at a reasonable price.

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One study published just last month says that during this time of the year cantaloupe can be had at roadside stands and farmer’s markets for about 36% less than what supermarkets are charging. But no matter where you get it, cantaloupe is one of the super energy foods that can be eaten by everyone, including the very young and the old.

1. Digested Quickly and Easily

This is because cantaloupe, like all the melons, is digested very quickly and easily if there is nothing else in the stomach. Dr. William Hay, the ‘father of food combining,’ says melon should always be eaten alone, on an empty stomach. If you have difficulty digesting cantaloupe, it’s because there is other food in the stomach.

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