January 12, 2017

(TheTruthAboutCancer.com) When you undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer it often affects your appetite. Let’s face it, if the food tastes like cardboard, or looks like baby food, it likely won’t be very appealing. Or if you constantly feel nauseous, you are unlikely going to want to put anything in your stomach. Even though there are many complications that go along with conventional cancer treatments, it is still vital that you consume sufficient nutrients to help your body recover.


The body is designed to heal itself. However, if it is overwhelmed by poisons, pain, and the inability to smell or taste, food might be the last thing you want. Therefore it’s important that you make a deliberate choice to consume foods that will stimulate your appetite while delivering the biochemical components to rebuild damaged tissues and fight against infection and inflammation. These foods should also contain properties in them that eliminate nausea, stimulate appetite, and heal the gastrointestinal tract.

Ayurveda is an ancient natural medicine system from India. This approach is gaining in popularity in the West and has been useful for building up the body after serious illness. In Ayurveda, it is believed that all the senses need to be stimulated in order to enhance the flavor and benefits of our culinary choices. Each food elicits specific beneficial factors toward the overall health of the individual.

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