December 6, 2016

by Ben Taylor

( We’re running an article in the NewsLetter from entitled “Why Whole Foods are Always Better Than Nutritional Supplements”in the interest of providing another perspective on the topic of enhancing nutrition through supplements. First of all, the title is unequivocally wrong in using the word “always”. Although we wholeheartedly agree with the concept that the best nutrition is by way of whole foods, this article fails to cover a number of extenuating factors concerning the use of nutritional supplements (minerals, vitamins, and herbs). I won’t get into detailed explanations and footnotes about these factors, I’ll simply present my opinions and you can do the research and read the documentation which has been done for hundreds of years and is readily available to all on the Internet.


(1) Essential Trace Minerals: Most of today’s mass crop food producing soils are nearly devoid of essential trace minerals from decades of mineral depletion without these trace minerals being added back to the soil. Generally only potassium, nitrogen, and phosphates are replenished to the soil. These three minerals make for beautiful plants and produce, but have minimal nutrition. You can often tell when fruits and vegetables are lacking in essential trace minerals because they generally are not only lacking in nutrition, but also in taste and flavor.  Ironically, the problem could be corrected by adding such things as volcanic material back to the soil, but of course that would increase production costs and the Big Ag Industry are not going to spend the extra money;

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