Health Freedom Victory in Texas


by Tony Isaacs ( “This system operates on fear, you have no fear and that’s a problem for us.” − District court official to Ben Taylor in private chambers.” …In February 2012, a small supplement company and its owner scored a health freedom victory in Texas for health freedom nationwide. This happened when all charges against the Utopia Silver Supplement Company and its owner Ben Taylor were withdrawn (i.e. non-suited) by the prosecution after almost 11 years of a protracted struggle instigated by the FDA. Though not as widely publicized as cases such as the Dr. Burzynski trial, the implications may be even larger. READ MORE–>

Supplements Are Often Better Than Whole Foods


December 6, 2016 by Ben Taylor ( We’re running an article in the NewsLetter from entitled “Why Whole Foods are Always Better Than Nutritional Supplements”in the interest of providing another perspective on the topic of enhancing nutrition through supplements. First of all, the title is unequivocally wrong in using the word “always”. Although we wholeheartedly agree with the concept that the best nutrition is by way of whole foods, this article fails to cover a number of extenuating factors concerning the use of nutritional supplements (minerals, vitamins, and herbs). I won’t get into detailed explanations and footnotes about these factors, I’ll simply present my opinions and you can do the research and read the documentation which has been… Read More →