Can Colloidal Gold Help Kill Destructive Cells?


by Paul Fassa, November 3, 2016 ( Colloidal gold is a relatively unknown compound compared to colloidal silver. Colloidal gold has been studied and used for several maladies that are not caused by pathogenic microbes of bacterial, viral, and fungal natures. You should know colloidal silver is superior to pharmaceutical attempts at quelling those microbes and a lot safer. But currently we are suffering more the ill effects of inflammation as the basis of non-infectious disease from environmental toxins and insufficient nutrition despite the plethora of food available to us. Our food producing soils have been depleted of essential minerals, producing crops lower nutritionally than what graced our ancestors tables and are mostly contaminated with toxic herbicides and pesticides.Dr. Max… Read More →

Colloidal Gold Improves Cognition, Arthritis and Cancer


January 14, 2016 ( Most people are not as familiar with colloidal gold as they are with its pathogen destroying sister, colloidal silver. However colloidal gold, which is tasteless and non-toxic, has some amazing benefits for a wide variety of health applications, and a long history of use – often in combination with colloidal silver. [Sponsor Links: COLLOIDAL GOLD SALE] Colloidal gold enhances mental ability, focus and mood Perhaps the most amazing health benefits offered by this product are enhancements in mental function. Many users find a noticeable improvement in mental focus and in mood. Historical uses as well as scientific studies indicate that there are good reasons for such improvements. Historically, gold has been used to treat unstable mental… Read More →