Avoid Surgery With Natural Skin Cancer Remedies


February 24 , 2017, by Paul Fassa (UtopiaSilver.com) When it comes to skin cancer, Big Pharma offers only topical chemo creams and surgery. The chemo creams usually don’t work but often do cause ugly, painful side effects. Removing skin cancer tumors surgically usually results with tumors resurfacing sooner or later. And surgeries often leave ugly scars, but sometimes you can avoid surgery with natural skin cancer remedies. However, there are inexpensive, effective, safe cures for curing skin cancer that are banned or ignored and marginalized by mainstream medicine and not publicized by the mainstream media. Then there are escharotic salves, which can be a bit dicey because they are caustic. But they are effective. One of the components, blood root,… Read More →

Is Sunscreen Causing Skin Cancer?


February 20, 2017 (OrganicAndHealthy.org) According to Collective Evolution, it’s not the sun that causes skin cancer. No, they say – sunscreen does. Of course, as usual, it’s not quite that simple. Guich Koock (actor and spokesman) Audio:  The Rising Cost of Healthcare Here’s what we know from science: Sunburns lead to mutations and cell death in skin cells, increasing the likelihood of skin cancer. Toxins can lead to mutations and cell death in skin cells, in creasing the likelihood of skin cancer. Some sunscreens contain toxins. Confusing points 2 & 3 to say that point 1 isn’t true is what we call a logical fallacy. (Conversely, in this case you can also call it common sense.) Strangely, enough, though, this… Read More →