Can Colloidal Gold Help Kill Destructive Cells?


by Paul Fassa, November 3, 2016 ( Colloidal gold is a relatively unknown compound compared to colloidal silver. Colloidal gold has been studied and used for several maladies that are not caused by pathogenic microbes of bacterial, viral, and fungal natures. You should know colloidal silver is superior to pharmaceutical attempts at quelling those microbes and a lot safer. But currently we are suffering more the ill effects of inflammation as the basis of non-infectious disease from environmental toxins and insufficient nutrition despite the plethora of food available to us. Our food producing soils have been depleted of essential minerals, producing crops lower nutritionally than what graced our ancestors tables and are mostly contaminated with toxic herbicides and pesticides.Dr. Max… Read More →

Cancer Fighting Foods That Most Don’t Know About


October 17, 2016 by Paul Fassa ( Many of us know the importance of a healthy diet consisting of non-processed organically produced food, whether Paleo or vegan or somewhere in between.  All the chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones used in the standard American diet agriculture are major contributors to our increasingly diseased nation. [Sponsor Links: FREE COLLOIDAL SILVER] That’s why buying organic or locally produced produce is important. At least consult the Ecology Working Group (EWG) produce pesticide level tables online to determine what non-organic produce you can eat with minimal toxicity potential. For example, thick skinned produce from trees, like avocados, are usually less chemically laden. And that happens to be one of the three cancer fighting foods below. What’s… Read More →

Canola Oil’s Little Lies, Don’t Buy the Marketing Deception


Sept. 9, 2016 by Paul Fassa —–( Don’t buy the marketing deception of Canola Oil’s little lies. Just because Whole Foods uses canola oil for their prepared foods doesn’t mean it is actually a healthy oil. Whole Foods is a business cashing in on health trends with little regard for promoting and preserving what’s actually healthy. [Sponsor Links: FREE COLLOIDAL SILVER] Whole Foods showed its true colors when they promoted and supported HR 1599, the recent GMO bill signed into law late July, 2016. Activists dubbed this bill as the “DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act. It’s dressed up like a compromise, but it is a Trojan Horse with loopholes that will help keep Monsanto and the rest… Read More →

Zika The Next Big Health Scare


August 17, 2016 by Tony Isaacs, Natural Health Journalist/Advocate [The Truth About the Zika Virus Health Scare and What You Really Need to Know and Do] ( Welcome to Zika the next big health scare: The Zika Virus (or Zika), a mosquito-borne virus which is being blamed for microcephaly, a condition in which babies are born with abnormally small heads and which can cause brain damage and death. Like previous scares about the swine and avian flu, the measles, the West Nile virus, the cervical cancer/HPV scare and the U.S. Ebola scare, the Zika health scare is completely overblown. In fact, it appears to be a hoax which completely ignores the real causes of microcephaly. [Sponsor Links: FREE COLLOIDAL SILVER]… Read More →

Colloidal Silver is Anti-Cancer

Bullet Exploding

by Paul Fassa ( Mainstream medicine now must admit that the natural mineral in the form of Colloidal Silver is Anti-Cancer. It has been common for mainstream oncology to use a platinum based drug called Cisplatin. It is a platinum based drug used for treating several types of cancer, or more accurately several locations of malignant cancers. [FREE COLLOIDAL SILVER] Cisplatin is considered the penicillin of cancer drugs because it has been around for so long and can be used for a wide variety of cancer types or locations and in conjunction with other more recently developed chemotherapy cancer drugs. The drug is formed from groups of molecules attached to a platinum atom, creating a compound that reacts with DNA… Read More →

Colloidal Silver A Healing Panacea for Pets


July 14, 2016 by Paul Fassa ( With the increase of pet vaccinations and constant promotion of inferior food products, pet health has declined considerably. Around the beginning of this century older dog owners at a dog park our dogs we frequented would wind up noticing then complaining about how many health problems their dogs were having with the usual “it didn’t use to be that way” themes. But is Colloidal Silver a healing panacea for pets? But fret not pet owners. There are solutions to helping your pet stay healthy that you can control. You can avoid allopathic vet visits that usually result in not so safe or effective pharmaceuticals. And you can cut back on those expensive holistic… Read More →

PMS Relief with Magnesium

PMS Magnesium

June 23, 2016 by Briana McDonald ( “That time of the month” is a topic both sexes don’t want to talk about. It’s painful and exhausting for the woman and unfortunately, our male loved ones take the blunt of our emotions as well. PMS symptoms can be so severe in some women that it affects our lives in serious ways such as severe depression, irritability, and intense anxiety. Whenever I start feeling like I’m being overdramatic about a situation, making a mountain out of a molehill, I usually go look at my calendar and sure enough, more times than not, it’s that time of the month again. Here recently it was the worst it’s ever been and I figured out… Read More →

The Importance of Vitamin C

vitamin C

October 26, 2015 Dateline: Utopia, Texas by Briana McDonald, Natural Health Writer ( The importance of Vitamin C in your diet can not be over-emphasized. Not only can it prevent illness and disease but it can also effectively treat anything from the common cold to shingles to Ebola. Pretty impressive right? Due to the fact that Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, meaning that your body does not store it, it is best to get what you need from your food. These foods would be your citrus fruits, broccoli, tomatoes, watermelon, cabbage, bell peppers-the list goes on. You can also supplement for Vitamin C, but note that it is crucial to get it from natural sources as well. [Sponsor Links:… Read More →