June 11, 2015

(GreenMedInfo.com) It’s happening. Instead of fighting with nature, humans are becoming connected with the web of life.

What was once considered sterile has been found teeming with life. This is the microbiome; inner outer space. And we are finally understanding its importance to health of all things.

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The microbiome is at the base of the pyramid of life. Scientists are acknowledging it with every new paper published. New books and articles are revealing its importance to the public at large.

This includes vaccine scientists who acknowledge vaccine response hinges on the microbiome. They know vaccines can’t work when confronted with intestines containing an imbalanced microbiome. A stark example is the sanitation-challenged developing world where there are no toilets and people defecate in fields. This open defecation leads to imbalanced flora and a compromised immune system where vaccines fail. Vaccines don’t stand a chance of working under such circumstances because microbes dictate our immune response.

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