March 23, 2015

by Paul Fassa, Natural health Journalist

( It’s a rare episode that someone who is declared incurable by mainstream medicine realizes it won’t work out sticking with the medical system that calls curing quackery while piling on medical interventions that harm more than heal. Most of these wonderful turn-around episodes concern terminal cancer.  But this article features two people who overcame MS without drugs. Such episodes of multiple-sclerosis (MS) victims, one is an MD, who went into mainstream medicine’s forbidden territory to get great progress from what is termed incurable, but can be treated with toxic drugs forever until death relieves the suffering.

A 35 year old mother of four children, Aurora Colello, suddenly went blind in her right eye after experiencing some pain in the area for days. A doctor told her she had optic neuritis, and inflammation of the optic nerve. He ordered an MRI, which showed she had 10 lesions in her brain, the largest affecting her optic nerve. That meant she had multiple sclerosis.

She was told she’d never recover her sight in that eye, and would wind up in a wheelchair within five years. Aurora panicked and went into deep despair thinking her ability to raise her kids and her personal life were over. But her husband managed to encourage her to fight the disease and pray to God for a solution.

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