May 18, 2015

( Are you wondering why we are living longer but ever sicker lives? Mainstream medicine advocates and apologists are quick to tout how much average life expectancy has increased over the past several decades and quick to give mainstream medicine much of the credit. However, what those same mainstream medicine proponents have a hard time explaining is why, despite the increasing use of mainstream medicines, we are also seeing an increase in chronic illness across all age groups. Here is the simple answer:

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Life expectancy has increased dramatically over the past century or so due primarily to better sanitation, better potable water, better access to primary medical care (mainly trauma care) and, until recent decades, better nutrition. As one example – as late as the 1950s’s and even into the 1960’s a large portion of the country still had outdoor toilets and quite a few did not have indoor plumbing or hot water heaters. Go back another half century or so and childbirth as well as childhood was tough. It wasn’t until late in the 1800’s that doctors realized the value of sterilizing instruments and washing their hands between patients.

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