by Paul Fassa

During the 1960s, a small town Texas dentist discovered a way to cure his terminal pancreatic cancer. He then proceeded to cure others of all kinds of cancers until the Medical Mafia struck him down. His name was William Donald Kelley, DDS, MS.

His procedure involved diet, heavy pancreatic enzyme dosing, and liver detoxing with coffee enemas. Dr. Kelley died in 2005 at the age of 79. He wrote two books, One Answer to Cancer and Curing the Incurable Without Surgery, Chemotherapy, or Radiation cover his therapy.

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Kelley’s Personal Cancer Victory

Dr. Kelley had a thriving orthodontist practice in Midland, Texas. After not paying attention to his own health for a few years, he began losing his energy for working. Doctors told Kelley he was about to die from fast spreading and devastating pancreatic cancer.

His wife, whose spending sprees had allowed his life insurance premium payments to elapse, left him with no money, no life insurance, and four small children.

Kelley’s mother came from Kansas to rescue him. She threw out all the meats, junk food, cookies and candy that Kelley was addicted to. Then she fed him fresh grains, produce, and fruit, mostly raw. In three months, Kelley was up and about and working again.

That gave Kelley some clues about diet and cancer. Kelley read one of Dr. Max Gerson’s books on diet and he changed his diet forever. Dr. Gerson’s therapies had cured many of cancer in Europe and the USA.

But Medical Mafia (FDA, AMA) harassment forced Gerson to move his clinic to Tijuana, Mexico, where his daughter Charlotte Gerson maintains his father’s legacy of curing cancer successfully and safely.

Now Kelley was healthier, but his cancer was still there. So he researched more on his own, especially with the access he had to medical libraries in the Ft. Worth/Dallas area after he had moved his children and practice to nearby Grapevine, Texas.

Kelley discovered a book by John Beard, an early 20th Century Scottish embryologist who made the connection of pancreatic enzymes to cancer cells.

Beard had observed that when the fetus begins producing pancreatic enzymes, the placenta stops its normally rapid cellular growth. He wondered if pancreatic enzymes would affect cancer cells in the same way. He experimented by injecting cancerous animals and humans with pancreatic juices, and he cured them. Yet, nothing came of his successful experiments.

At that time, the medical establishment throughout the UK and western Europe was enamored by Madame Currie’s radiotherapy (radiation) for treating cancer. It was getting notoriety while Beard’s discoveries were being ignored.

Madame Currie eventually died from radiation poisoning, yet dangerously toxic radiation therapy continues as part of the cancer industry’s “standard of care” for various cancers today.

Now Kelley needed to try Beard’s discovery for himself. He went to a nearby pharmacy and bought up as many pancreatic enzyme supplements as he could, and he proceeded to take heavy doses.

He noticed progress on ridding cancer cells, but then he would get sick. When he stopped dosing, he would recover then proceed again. After dosing again with more cancer cells dying off, he would become ill again.

He eventually realized he was having Herxheimer or healing crisis reactions. Whenever dead cancer cells and their toxins were released after the enzymes tore up their cell walls, the cancer cells were left vulnerable to the immune system. But the released toxins were too heavy a load for his liver. This would be true for everyone.

So he incorporated daily liver cleanse coffee enemas, which is also part of the Gerson protocol, to get off the Herxheimer roller coaster while becaming cancer free. Soon, the word spread about Kelley`s miraculous self cure. Cancer patients from all over began flocking to him. His cure rate with all types of cancer was over 50%.

But Kelley was not satisfied. He first realized that many were deficient in enzyme activators produced in the small intestine. So he incorporated activators in some of his enzyme formulas.

Then he discovered that one diet did not fit all with his methods. So he created a metabolic typing system to determine which diet best suits the individual for heavy metabolic proteolytic enzyme dosing. His cure rate went to 93%!

Medical Mafia Clamps Down

Word of mouth created a steady stream of terminal cancer patients visiting Kelley’s small dental office in Grapevine, five miles from the Dallas/Ft. Worth international airport.
Kelley’s dental license was suspended for five years when the AMA found out that he was curing cancer. He was even thrown in jail briefly in 1969, forcing Kelley to practice in Mexico.

After his high profile patient actor Steve McQueen died, national media jumped all over Dr. Kelley. He and others claimed that Steve’s difficult mesothelioma lung cancer from asbestos fiber was cured.

Several insiders assert to this day that the actor’s insistence on a separate cosmetic surgery to remove old dead tumors in Los Angeles had led to his death. Kelley suspected that the blood clotting complication that killed McQueen after that surgery was induced intentionally to help create the ensuing national furor.

Bitter and broken after the national media’s smear campaign, Kelley called it quits after 20 years of curing thousands with cancer. Ironically, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, originally involved with Sloane-Kettering`s effort to investigate or possibly debunk Kelley, wound up praising Kelley’s efforts. Dr. Gonzalez is now practicing Kelley’s protocol in NYC.

Even as a trained MD, Dr. Gonzalez and his partner Dr. Linda Isaacs have run into problems, deliberately staged by vested interests, of obtaining final approval for clinical phase III (human) testing of Dr. Kelley’s protocol of metabolic typing, diet, and mega-dose pancreatic and proteolytic enzyme therapy with coffee enemas for removing the toxic debris.

Dr. Gonzalez explains his struggles and more about his association with Dr. Kelley here.

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