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10 Reasons Why The Health Care Bill Must Be Killed

1.       It still covers abortion. This is an affront to millions of Americans who believe that abortion is murder.

2.       It still mandates that everyone purchase health insurance. This is anti-American. Small businesses will be required to pay up to 72% of an employee’s health care coverage or face an 8% tax penalty. Individuals will be fined up to $250,000 or jailed for refusing to buy insurance. Millions of Americans will not go along with this program and thus it will criminalize innocent Americans. If abortion is still covered many Christians will refuse to buy insurance which supports killing babies. This is a nightmare scenario waiting to unfold. It will also destroy small businesses and will do nothing to stimulate the economy.

3.       It still leaves people uninsured. Estimates project that even under the best circumstances at least 24 million Americans will be left uncovered. Remaking and reshaping 1/6 of our economy is supposedly being done to leave no one uninsured. There must be a deeper political agenda to ramming this legislation through since it will not achieve what the American people are told it will accomplish.

4.       It still mandates a National ID and microchip implant. At least 23 Billion dollars was approved back in the spring for information technology in the stimulus bill that was specifically designed to be used for health care. Companies like VeriChip and Applied Digital Solutions which specialize in RFID chips and microchip implants were just a few of the companies who received these funds. The framework for a National ID has already been passed and the mandate for everyone in the country to be part of a national healthcare database is still in this Bill. No one in America will be allowed treatment in the future unless they are carrying a new medical ID card with an RFID chip in it or have a microchip implant in their body. The biblical overtones to this are significant. Why hasn't more light been shed on this aspect of health care reform?

5.       It still covers illegal immigrants. Allowing millions of immigrants who entered this country illegally to have access to health care will open the floodgates for millions of others to flock into this country. California and other States are sinking into bankruptcy because of this problem and this health care reform bill will further destroy this nation. No one fully grasps the consequences of what covering illegals will do to this nation.

6.       It still has end of life counseling. The President and those pushing for this bill can try and deny this reality but the truth is this bill intends to deny the elderly coverage and help usher in their death should they be in a bad state of health. Tom Daschle made the following quote in the book “Critical: What We Can Do about the Health-Care Crisis” — “. . . The elderly have a responsibility to die, knowing that they are not going to survive their chronic illnesses, so that society can save money and pump funds into care for the younger, more worthy recipients.”  —

7.       It still lacks bipartisan support. This is the most important piece of legislation in American history since our nation’s founding. Something of this magnitude should have broad bi-partisan support and the support of the American people. There are ZERO Republicans in the Senate and only 1 in the House that supports this bill in its present form. On top of that well over 60% of the American people don’t want this bill. Congress is supposed to represent the people, not the other way around. Despite all the town hall protests most have decided they don’t care what the people think.

8.       It still leads to rationed care. There is no way around the fact that this bill will lead to rationed care, long lines, and long waits. There is no possible way that millions of new patients can be put into the current system without causing a back-log. Many doctors practicing medicine will simply retire or call it quits under this new system because they won’t want to be a part of a federally controlled, federally regulated, federally mandated system. This fact alone will cause delays and rationed care because there will be an immediate shortage of doctors. Socialized medicine is a failure in every country. Why should we follow a failed system in this great country?

9.       The true cost of the bill is grossly underestimated. There is not one government program anyone can point to that is being run the way it was originally intended to operate. Social Security and Medicare are just two examples. The government always underestimates costs so they can get bills passed. The real cost of this bill is going to far exceed anything being forecast and will most definitely destroy what is left of our failing economy.

10.   It establishes a medical dictatorship and tramples on Alternative Medicine. Millions of Americans are avid believers and followers of a Naturopathic, organic, whole food lifestyle and don’t use or trust mainstream medical treatments for disease. This bill grants monopoly power to pharmaceutical companies and crushes alternative health care. No non-medical, AMA approved, doctor recommended treatments that fall under the category of alternative medicine will be covered and the system is being set up to drive out all competition. Most alternative medicine and natural health is slated to be outlawed or severely restricted in the future.
These are just a fraction of concerns that many Americans have. If this 2000+ page monstrosity were thoroughly examined the American people would be horrified. The full impact of this bill will be catastrophically destructive to this country. Just because there is a push to make history with this bill doesn’t mean it should be passed. Until there is bi-partisan support in Washington and broad support from the American people this bill should be killed, period, end of story!

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