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Can Chromium, Selenium & Silicon Restore Your Health

by Christopher Barr

‘Spaceballs’ is a somewhat obscure film made by the movie making giant Mel Brooks that spoofed the science fiction genre about 20 years ago.  The film took the ‘Star Wars’ standby “May the force be with you” and played it for laughs with “May the Schwartz be with you”.  Allow me to take off on that laugh line and convert it to a life line, “May the Schwarz be with you”.

Dr. Klaus Schwarz, M.D., Ph.D., is a truly obscure figure though a true giant of scientific research that sparked science non-fiction research 50 years ago.  The accomplishments for life from the research of Dr. Schwarz have not been matched in all the years since that time.

Schwarz established the essentiality for life of more nutrients than any man who ever lived.  Selenium and chromium were the first two while silicon was the last of the six minerals established as essential for life through his body of work.

The months of September and October are designated as “Prostate Cancer Awareness Month" and "Breast Cancer Awareness Month”.  The mineral selenium plays a greater role than any other element when it comes to prostate or breast cancer.

The following month is “Diabetes Awareness Month”.  The mineral chromium shines more brightly than any other element when it comes to diabetes.

Also featured in the time frames of these is “Bone and Joint Health Awareness week”.  The mineral silicon has the most prominent role of any element when it comes to both bone and joint health.

May the Schwarz be with you.

Ironic elements of the Schwarz story

The life of this giant with accomplishments that were epic in validity has been sadly, tragically relegated to a short Schwarz story.

First, Dr. Schwarz established selenium as an essential element for life in 1957.  This essentiality was determined in liver studies.  Ironically selenium had previously been accused – and falsely so – of being a toxic element to the liver, and was discarded from consideration by mainstream science at large for many years before.  Sadly some lummoxes of the polluted stream of mainstream science still languish lazily in that erroneous deception.

Selenium soon was noted by scientists too numerous to mention as a cancer preventative.  In yet another twisted irony, prior to the landmark find by Schwarz of the essentiality for selenium in liver studies, this life essential was picked – randomly it seems – to receive blame for non-cancerous liver tumors many years before.

A pesticide study had noted the liver tumors.  Rather than blame the pesticide itself that was full of all kinds of chemicals, the study authors singled out the mineral selenium — without any foundation – that was barely present in the pesticide.  Though the study demonstrated non-cancerous liver tumors, and though there was no direct connection to selenium established, this study is the origin for statements by ignorant scientists that selenium may be linked as a cause for cancer.

Selenium has been studied at great length and no other item has demonstrated greater anti-cancer abilities.

Selenium has also been discovered as essential for thyroid function.  This life enriching mineral is at least as important to thyroid health as the mineral iodine that receives the lion’s share of attention for thyroid health.

This vital element has also been profoundly noted for heart, joint and immune system strength.

The importance of this vitally necessary element selenium remains nearly as unknown as the name of Dr. Klaus Schwarz who established its essentiality though it is so well documented for so many health matters.

Dr. Schwarz established chromium as an essential element for life just two years after establishing selenium as essential.  This essentiality was also determined in liver studies.  Chromium was established as essential specifically for blood sugar metabolism.  Despite the naturally inherent connection to diabetes of this vital nutrient chromium, it is also nearly as ignored as is the man who established its necessity.

Space does not permit discussion for all the other profound uses of this shining star of nutrition that is the mineral chromium.  Only this brief mention is made as to its use against birth defects, for energy production, for healthy eyes, and for heart health.

Lastly, Dr. Schwarz established silicon as an essential element for life.  It is the most important element for bone health and may be of no less vitality for heart and blood vessel health.

Schwarz was establishing extensive silicon studies at his federal government research position to flesh out more fully its uses when his life was cut short in the 1970s.  The government dumped this research upon his death.

Selenium, chromium and silicon are very common deficiencies due to the very common consumption of refined, bleached white flour in the American diet.  This standard American diet (sAd) choice has been reported as 20 per cent of the standard American diet.  The whole grain source material can be an abundant source of these elements but greater than 90 per cent of these vitally essential nutrients are removed during processing into white flour.

No other three elements are more commonly deficient or profoundly important than the mineral elements selenium, chromium and silicon noted as essential by way of the stellar work of Dr. Klaus Schwarz.

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Disease Has An Enemy – It’s Name Is Selenium

Crusador Interviews Christopher Barr

Are you concerned about getting cancer or any other life-threatening disease in your lifetime? Do you have a serious health challenge you’re dealing with but don’t know what to do naturally to help?

Like millions, you probably take a handful of pills or capsules every day hoping to better your chances for survival and live longer. While there are many excellent products and essential nutrients to choose from that can definitely do great things for your health, none holds more promise for prevention and protection than the trace mineral selenium.  According to Barr, “…hands down selenium is unequivocally the most protective of all nutrients.”

In our last issue of CRUSADOR (Issue 36 May/June), we ran one of the best interviews we’ve ever published with Christopher Barr on the trace mineral chromium in a food grown state. In that interview, Barr stated that “the trace mineral chromium is the single most important nutrient discovered to date.” Everyone needs chromium because it is the most important nutrient required for blood sugar metabolism and almost everyone is deficient in it.

In this very educational interview about selenium, you will be just as enlightened and encouraged as you discover what selenium can do for preventing disease and protecting your health.

Crusador:  Tell us about the trace mineral selenium and why it has such an important role in the body?

The element selenium is referred to as trace because the amount needed per day is such a tiny amount measured in micrograms – that is a matter of parts per million.  However, that tiny amount does so much more than much larger amounts of other nutrients for so many body functions.

The primary important role of selenium is protective in nature.  That is also the reason that makes it so difficult to get people to take it.  Much of what selenium does you can’t feel while it is doing it, but if you don’t have it, then you will feel it later and you won’t like the feeling at all – especially if the feeling of dying is not a turn-on to you.

One area that some do feel is regarding mental health.  Some with depression respond to selenium supplementation by not feeling so depressed – or depressed at all.  Some really do just feel mentally better when taking selenium supplements.  There may be some aspect of “peace of mind” tied to this due to knowledge of the protective nature of selenium.

As to the protective nature of selenium, it is unequivocally the most protective of all nutrients.  The biggest reason for this is that it is 50 times as potent an antioxidant as vitamin E.  There are some other antioxidant nutrients as potent as selenium, but none of them function in as many areas as selenium, nor are they as easily available in the food supply or as inexpensive to obtain as a supplement.  That is why I say that hands down selenium is unequivocally the most protective of all nutrients.

There is more to selenium than protection though – much more.

Crusador:  What are some symptoms that could be related to selenium deficiency?

Well, for starters, we could start right where life starts and where so many like for their life to continue as well.  That would be fertility and sexual health. Selenium is concentrated in, and an important health factor for those organs related to beginning and maintaining life, such as a man’s prostate and a woman’s breasts.

More and more farmers are learning that if they don’t supplement their animal feed with selenium then they have problems with animals getting pregnant and bearing live, healthy offspring. It is very common when I speak on the subject of selenium in rural areas that some farmer will come up to me after to tell me of the importance of selenium to animal reproduction of which they have personal knowledge. To develop this thoroughly would take a whole interview all by itself.

Moving on we could just mention the areas that the U.S. government admits to about the importance of this mineral on their National Institutes of Health (NIH) web site on selenium that prints out to 11 pages.

This includes for the thyroid where selenium may be more important than the mineral iodine that most usually think of when the subject of the thyroid is brought up.  I’ve personally known many who have ceased to need thyroid medications they have taken for many years after establishing a hearty selenium supplementation routine for several months.

Heart disease is also prominently noted by NIH as an area of selenium importance, especially as related to low density lipoproteins (LDL) that are commonly called the bad cholesterol.

Rheumatoid arthritis is another condition noted by NIH as an area of selenium importance.

I would insert here that another major study on selenium recently noted dramatic results regarding selenium and osteoarthritis – specifically as it relates to the knees.  This was a long term, 15 year study with almost a thousand subjects involving major American academia and government institutions that noted “… severity of their arthritis was related to how low their selenium levels were.”

This was researched by the University of North Carolina in conjunction with UCLA, the University of Missouri-Columbia, the University of Maryland and the Centers for Disease Control.  The study was presented at the annual American College of Rheumatology, reported at their web site and submitted to the media by press releases.  Somehow not one of the major, mainstream (polluted stream) media sources covered it.  I learned of it initially from the only media source I found that gave it any coverage at all — Crusador Enterprises weekly eALERTS of 11/20/05 – then dug up further substantiating data through research sites.

AIDS is another condition prominently noted by NIH as an area of selenium importance including additional prominence and importance as it relates to children with AIDS.

The NIH web site on selenium also noted its importance regarding “severe gastrointestinal problems, such as Crohn's disease” as well as those “with surgical removal of part of the stomach” and additionally “other gastrointestinal disorders”.

How’s that just for starters?  Last year Dr. Gerhard Schrauzer noted the connection of selenium deficiency to Alzheimer’s disease.  Dr. Schrauzer has been a foremost expert on selenium for almost half a century.

I haven’t even mentioned the most notable, documented, thoroughly researched selenium area which is the Big C – cancer.  I’ll touch on that later although the dramatic successes of selenium with regard to cancer – both preventatively and as treatment — could take up a whole issue of your newspaper all by itself.

Crusador:  Have any studies been done that validate the effectiveness of selenium?

Greg, you could fill up an entire one of your newspapers just listing the titles of the published studies that validate the effectiveness of selenium.  The earliest information dates back almost a century ago to 1911.

By the way, Greg, this year is the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of selenium as a nutrient essential for life by Dr. Klaus Schwarz at the NIH.  Hopefully your readers will begin to appreciate on this golden anniversary of selenium for nutrition its value for your health worth more than gold!

Almost 30 years ago an article titled ‘Can Selenium Modify Cancer Risk’ in the science journal ‘Nutrition Reviews’ listed more than 100 scientific citations in support of the positive assertions by the doctors who authored that paper clear back then.  There have been countless studies since then.

Crusador:  What role does selenium play in heart disease?

There are several roles for selenium relative to heart disease.  First, it is a selenium dependent enzyme that produces ubiquinone that is more commonly known as CoEnzymeQ10 (CoQ10).  Taking selenium is a far more efficient way to get CoQ10 much more inexpensively than the very expensive CoQ10 – unless you are taking statin drugs.

The mechanism by which statin drugs artificially reduce cholesterol also prevents the selenium dependent enzyme from producing CoQ10.  So if you are taking statin drugs then you better be taking CoQ10.

But why take expensive, toxic, statin drugs and expensive CoQ10 when you could take much less expensive, safe, nourishing 100 per cent whole food GTF Chromium since chromium manages cholesterol naturally, and the much less expensive 100 per cent whole food selenium?  You get the benefits of statins without the risks and at a much reduced cost – not to mention then not needing the very expensive CoQ10.

Another plus is that selenium is involved in what is called lipid transport.  In other words, it is involved in moving around fats – such as cholesterol.  Selenium makes chromium’s cholesterol management even more efficient.

Selenium also prevents free radical damage caused by peroxidation of fatty acids that results in damage to blood vessel walls.

Crusador:  Is it true that a lack of selenium in the body makes a person more susceptible to viral infections and viral infections can become much more serious?

Selenium is a potent immune stimulator – likely the most potent immune stimulator of all.

Early this year that point was made yet again in a study conducted to the south of you at the University of Miami (UofM).  Those with severely compromised immune systems due to AIDS had dramatically better immune system response with selenium supplementation that was noted to increase blood selenium levels.  This is consistent with the information presented by the NIH on their selenium web site.

Crusador:  Tell us about the different forms of selenium on the market and why is one source far superior to all others?

Interesting that you should ask about that now since the UofM study above noted specifically the importance of getting better forms of selenium because of the difference in absorption and bioavailability in the various forms of selenium.

The UofM study utilized selenomethionine which has 3 times the bioavailability of the sodium selenite form that is less expensive and more commonly used.

Yet the 100 per cent Whole Food selenium that I have used and recommended for decades from Innate Response has more than 100 times the bioavailability of selenomethionine.  Yes, the price tag it carries is a little more but the actual cost due to increased efficiency is so very, very much less.

Crusador:  What role does selenium play with cancer?

The earliest roles for selenium with cancer were as a treatment as early as 1911.  Very promising results were achieved with breast cancer treatment in the 1920s.  Somehow modern mediSin ceased using this very inexpensive option after the 1920s.

Selenium research picked up again in the 1960s though primarily regarding cancer prevention.  The results noted in this regard have been nothing short of astounding though these results rarely receive much fanfare and even less attention from mainstream medical and media sources.

One double blind, clinical study (what modern mediSin advocates as the “gold standard” for studies) on selenium supplementation of more than 10 years duration with more than 1,300 subjects reported 63 per cent less prostate cancer, 57 per cent less colon cancer, and 48 per cent less lung cancer.  Those are among the most common of all cancers.  Total cancer incidence was more than 50 per cent less among selenium supplement users than non-supplement users.  The form of selenium used was a 100 per cent Whole Food source.

The results for cancer prevention with 100 per cent Whole Food source selenium far exceeded any ever achieved with any other substance before or since whether drug, radiation, surgery, herb or nutrient.

The response from modern mediSin was decisively underwhelming.  One criticism for not using less expensive — and much less effective – USP selenium such as selenate instead of the 100 per cent Whole Food variety of selenium was published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

A few other “for instances” related to selenium and cancer …

There is a strong correlation to selenium blood levels and cancer incidence.  The higher the blood levels of selenium the lower the cancer incidence.  The lower the blood levels of selenium the higher the cancer incidence.  You can graph it out on a nation by nation basis.  The order of nation’s average blood selenium levels is almost identical to the order of nations’ cancer incidence with Japan the highest selenium blood levels and lowest cancer incidence, and the U.S. almost the lowest selenium blood levels and almost the highest cancer incidence.

U.S. medical and cancer society officials often crow about cancer occurring more due to increased average life spans.  Yet the U.S. is only around 30th worldwide in average life span while most of the nations ahead of the U.S. in life span have lower cancer rates – and higher average selenium blood levels.

Research gives similar indications for those with most almost all forms of cancer.  Those with cancer who have the longest survival time and the least metastases (spreading of cancer) are those with higher blood selenium levels – though still having lower selenium levels than those who do not have cancer.  Those with cancer who have the shortest survival time and the most metastases are those with the lowest blood selenium levels.

The response to this by U.S. medical and cancer researchers is to concentrate on toenail selenium levels rather than blood selenium levels which do not show much correlation to cancer incidence.  This would be very funny if it were not so very tragic.

This brings to mind a news story from just last week on a new cancer study.

There was a BIG build-up by the polluted mainstream media of Associated Press for this story about this drug study and its results before they even announced what the drug was or results were.

The bold headline declared “cancer breakthrough found”.

The opening line stated, “For the first time, doctors … have found a pill that improves survival for people with liver cancer.”

I have to interject here before going any further with this news/propaganda AP story that selenium has been noted for many decades to improve survival time as noted above.  Also as another “by the way,” selenium was specifically established as an essential nutrient for life by doctors at NIH for the liver in liver studies!

Returning to the recent AP puff piece results were reported “impressive and likely will change the way patients are treated.”

Finally the drug is named and results given of just a little more than 2 months extra survival.  That is their major “breakthrough” that is “impressive and likely will change the way patients are treated”?!?!?!?

The AP “once upon a time” story then goes on to quote doctors about these scant results “has never happened”, “a quite impressive gain” and “delaying the progression of the disease significantly and strikingly”.

This single study of a toxic drug was conducted for less than two years with barely 600 subjects for the scant results achieved.  It is then noted that the control group, half not receiving the drug, was given the drug at the end of the trial.

A much more extensive study of the nutritional, essential trace element mineral selenium in a 100 per cent whole food, grown variety was conducted for more than 10 years with greater than twice as many subjects (more than 1,300) resulting in the most dramatic cancer prevention results ever achieved in any cancer study with any substance whether nutrient, herb or drug.  The control group, half not receiving the nutrient selenium, was not given the nutrient at the end of the trial but merely was told about it.  Furthermore, it was noted that the essential mineral nutrient selenium could not be recommended until more studies (PLURAL) were conducted.  Talk about your double standard.

In another study prior to that with 100 per cent whole food selenium, it showed the vast majority of 140 terminal cancer patients still alive after four years!

It was also reported about the current drug study that “tumors didn’t shrink or disappear”.  The selenium study just noted above reported that all of the 140 terminal cancer patients had tumor regression!

It was noted about this recent drug study way down toward the end of the article that the lead author was consulted for the maker of the drug.  Can you say “conflict of interest”?  That is quite a bit of con thank you very much.

Oh, and that drug maker in this current study is Bayer “Sieg Heil” Pharmaceuticals.  The reason that I call them that is they are from the IG Farben pharmaceutical company that provided the financial backbone that brought and kept Hitler in power, and was involved with the human medical experimentations at concentration camps.  The photos of the 1945 bombings of Berlin show that city was leveled except for the nearly 1 mile square tract of IG Farben headquarters which was untouched in those bombing raids.  They continue to get “hands-off” special treatment to this day as evidenced by this new drug study and propaganda news report.

Selenium is so much more thoroughly researched regarding cancer with so much better results for so very much longer than any cancer drug used today.

Crusador:  Like the chromium issue that we discussed, is there a history of government cover-up and lies surrounding selenium and if so, can you elaborate a little about that?

Oh, yes, absolutely.

The study previously mentioned with terminal cancer patients using selenium – in often very large amounts I would add – was at the Veterans Administration hospital in St. Louis, Missouri and reported at an annual VA meeting, but never published or promoted.

The other study previously mentioned regarding cancer prevention and selenium that ended about ten years ago was dismissed by Dr. Peter Greenwald, M.D., Dr. PH, Director of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Division of Cancer Prevention and Control (then and now) with his remarks, “It's one study with provocative findings that have to be confirmed.”

Dr. Greenwald called for additional studies (as in more than one) with many more people before going forward with any selenium recommendations.

“We do not recommend supplements,” concluded Greenwald.

Seven years later a drug study with results significantly less than half as good in a trial of much shorter duration with far fewer subjects received rave review by Dr. Greenwald.

“This trial proves that prostate cancer, at least in part, is preventable.  It is a huge step forward for cancer research,” Greenwald said of a drug treatment with a 25 per cent reduction of prostate cancer but with some very nasty side effects.  The selenium trial that Greenwald panned had a 63 per cent reduction of prostate cancer with no side effects at all.

Dr. Greenwald remains in his position at NCI and is also currently a research staff member at The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  As the old saying, goes, “With friends like that …”

This is why I often refer to the unholy trinity of big government, big pharma and big media as they act together as one in their own vested interests though decidedly against the very best interests of you and of yours.

Crusador:  I had a concerned subscriber send me a package of information on selenium that says it’s toxic and was actually a pesticide and that it is causing serious problems in the population. Is there any truth to that?

That is an old canard from a very old deception more than 60 years ago.

A study on one pesticide revealed liver tumors formed in lab animals.  One of the ingredients among the myriad chemicals in the pesticide was selenium.  The researchers singled out selenium without any foundation at all so as to divert attention away from the pesticide itself as being a problem.  That was almost 20 years before selenium was identified as an essential nutrient.  That pesticide study is the single source for all the “selenium may cause cancer” propaganda.  The deception is even grander than that as the liver tumors were predominantly not cancerous.

Ironically, it was in liver studies that selenium was determined as essential for life almost 20 years later and specifically essential for liver function.  Also, there is excellent research on selenium and liver cancer specifically.

Crusador:  Can you take too much selenium and how toxic to the body is it if you do?

Well, Greg, first of all, you can get too much oxygen and it will burn your lungs up.  So should people stop breathing?  Selenium in a worst case scenario is not even as dangerous as oxygen can be.

The Centers for Disease Control has on file the worst American case of human selenium toxicity from more than 20 years ago.  It was due to a manufacturing error with a non-food grown supplementary source of selenium that also used the most toxic (cheapest) form of all forms of selenium.

The label said 200 micrograms per tablet but it actually contained more than 27,000 micrograms per tablet.  A woman took that every day for almost three months.  After about two weeks she began to experience hair loss and after two months had lost almost all her hair.  She didn’t feel very good with flu-like symptoms and sour breath.  Later a discharge from under her fingernails started.

This woman on an outlandish amount of the worst form of selenium did not die.  She was not even hospitalized.  She just didn’t feel very good until she ceased taking the incredible quantity of selenium.

Crusador:  Are people actually getting far too much selenium in their diet when you factor in all the fortified foods they’re eating?

Foods are not fortified with selenium except for livestock feed.  Farmers want to keep their livestock fertile and healthy but humans don’t appear to warrant the same consideration.

Crusador:  What is the best dosage of selenium that should be taken?

That is very subjective.  Let me offer you very subjective guidelines that are also very objective.

Dr. Gerhard Schrauzer noted almost 30 years ago if every woman in America took 200 micrograms of supplementary selenium daily that breast cancer rates would rapidly decline in the space of a few short years.  Dr. Schrauzer is professor emeritus from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine and has chaired two world conferences on selenium and cancer.

Not so coincidentally, the previously mentioned selenium cancer prevention trial used 200 micrograms of selenium supplemented daily – and they didn’t use just any selenium supplement, but one that was a 100 per cent whole food grown variety.

There are other selenium studies with excellent results that have used this same amount.

Common American diets provide 200 micrograms or less of selenium daily and usually less – usually much, much less.  Average is around 50 micrograms daily.

If you get the high end 200 micrograms of selenium in your diet – a very big IF – then 200 micrograms of selenium added by supplement would give you 400 micrograms daily.

The NIH web site on selenium says specifically that a 400 microgram daily intake of selenium “is likely to pose no risk of adverse health effects in almost all individuals in the general population”.

As a further reference point it was reported almost 30 years ago that in Japan the average dietary intake of selenium exceeded 500 micrograms daily, and Japan has the lowest worldwide incidence of all the diseases associated with selenium deficiency – as well as one of the longest average life spans.
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is an old saying.  A daily selenium supplement of 200 micrograms would take 40 years to reach just an ounce of prevention.  It is not much.  It is probably not even enough.  It would be a good start and a refreshing change for women and men alike.

Continuing further – objectively – for those who have moved beyond the prevention stage there is the treatment experience of Dr. Robert Donaldson that was mentioned earlier.  He found that 400 micrograms daily was a minimum amount at which blood selenium levels were increased and that it was rare that amount made a difference.  Dr. Donaldson wrote in 1979, “We are now able, with nearly 100 percent regularity, to increase the blood levels by several fold by giving 1,000 to 2,000 micrograms of selenium daily and then dropping back to a maintenance dose."  Donaldson cited one case that required even larger amounts than that.

Two years ago I received an e-mail from a reader who wrote that he had prostate cancer metastasized to the bone who put himself on 1,000 micrograms of selenium daily.

“My PSA went from over 100 to 2.89 so I think I am on the right track,” he concluded in his e-mail.

So how’s that for an introduction to selenium?  There is so very, very much more to tell.

Crusador:  Thank you for your hard work, time, and insights on this nutrient.

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SILICA: Computers Can’t Run Without It & Neither Can You

Crusador Interviews Christopher Barr

Crusador:  Chris, This is the third consecutive interview we’ve conducted together. Our readers have been thrilled and blessed with the health information you’ve shared on chromium and selenium. In this interview, I’d like you to go in depth on another mineral you hold in high esteem and of monumental importance when it comes to our health – silica. Why you are so passionate about silica?

Well, Greg, for starters, it is because I have such passion for helping people, passion about history, and passion for truth, and this mineral silica – or to be more technically accurate – ‘silicon’ – is such a big part of all three of those, but is so very little known.

It is quite easy to be passionate about the mineral silica — in the right form, which is that which is grown, and when taken in the right amount — as I see almost routinely what others call miracles.  The passion is rather catching among those who have had long term problems that nothing helped, and those problems are then significantly helped or even disappear with this common yet so uncommonly known miracle mineral.

You know, Greg, it is so encouraging the way this has worked out with the previous two interviews and now this third one as it fits so perfectly with the other two.

One name noted in the previous interviews was that of Dr. Klaus Schwarz – but just barely, almost as a passing mention.  Dr. Schwarz deserves so much more remembrance than a mention.

It was Schwarz who established the nutritional essentiality for life – first of the mineral selenium that we discussed in the last issue, and then of the mineral chromium that we covered in the issue prior to that one.  Well, Greg, Dr. Schwarz is credited with establishing the nutritional essentiality for life with six different elements.  That is more than any other man, and yet the name of Klaus Schwarz is barely known.

The mineral silicon is the last of those six elements established as essential for life by Dr. Klaus Schwarz, and all of them while he was in the employ of the federal government – first at the National Institutes of Health, then through the Veterans Administration Hospitals.  He was in the midst of further major research on silicon when he died in the late 1970s.  The government just disbanded his laboratories rather than follow up with his work.

The first two nutritional items established as essential by Schwarz (chromium & selenium) and the last, silicon, together make up a triumphant triumvirate of beneficial nutrients.  These three not well known elements together make up a more common deficiency, and when finally learned about positively, effect more benefit to the body than any other three elements.

In the first interview, I noted that whole wheat is a rich source of chromium but that 91 per cent is removed during the refining of whole wheat into bleached, white flour.  Well, whole wheat is also a rich source of selenium but 92 per cent is removed during refining into bleached, white flour.  Whole wheat is a rich source of silicon as well but 95 per cent is removed during refining into bleached, white flour.  Silicon has an important, harmonious role with selenium and chromium, and its deficiency has severe consequences from before you are born until the day that you die.

According to a U.S. government report last year, 20 per cent of Standard American Dietary (S.A.D.) choices are for white flour so that the substantial removal of these vital nutritional elements is quite a serious matter.

Silicon is important for what literally holds us together, and for the blood circulatory system, as well as for transmission of nerve signals throughout the whole body.

Collagen is connective tissue that literally holds the body together.  Though many nutrients through the years have been discussed as involved or helpful with regard to collagen health, it is in fact the mineral silicon that is the key to collagen, and subsequently both strength and elasticity of the tissues.  Declining collagen health leads to degradation of skin, hair and nails externally, which is an indicator of internal status of bone, blood vessel, and nervous system health.  All of this has been well established by multiple researchers all around the world for more than half a century though it is – sadly – very, very far from common knowledge.

To be honest, even though Dr. Klaus Schwarz is credited with establishing silicon as an essential nutrient there are others who contributed more on the subject before Schwarz received credit.

In America, Dr. Edith Carlisle, of the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in their school of Public Health tirelessly researched silicon nutrition both long before and long after Dr. Schwarz’s researches, especially related to so-called ‘calcification’ or more accurately, to strengthening of bone.

Throughout Europe, many researched silicon nutrition though none devoted as much to this mineral as Professor Louis Kervran of France.

Professor Kervran noted bone strengthening properties of silicon.  Broken bones mended in half the normal time with high doses of 100 per cent whole food vegetal silicon.  He theorized that using both calcium and silicon together nutritionally would work even better.  However, he was surprised to find that silicon and calcium together did not mend bones as well as high levels of silicon and low levels of calcium.

Other European researchers prior to this noted that silicon was essential for proper fetal skeletal development.  Because of this there is a strong demand placed on a pregnant mother for the baby developing.  So many of the so-called common problems of pregnancy are actually silicon deficiency issues, such as aching teeth and bones, varicose veins, and also hemorrhoids – which are in fact a varicosity.  Most Americans today are low in silicon due to a high intake of white flour and a low intake of dark leafy greens (the other high source of silicon that used to be much more commonly consumed), and pregnancy causes a silicon deficiency to be made worse.

Speaking of varicosities, silicon is the key to both strength and elasticity of the tissues, including of blood vessels which makes silicon especially important regarding cardiovascular health.

Once again, it was European researchers some decades ago that discovered in cadaver studies that those who died with healthy cardiovascular systems had an abundance of silicon in the blood vessels while those dying from heart problems have very low levels of silicon in the blood vessels.

There is also an electrical aspect to heart health with some heart problems being sort of a short-circuiting problem.  That is yet another important part of the mineral silicon and heart health.  Silicon is a semi-conductor.  Most everyone has heard of ‘Silicon Valley’ in central California that is the heart of the burgeoning computer industry.  It was called that originally because of all the silicon chip manufacturing in that region.  The better the silicon chip the more information the computer can handle and the faster it can handle it.  It is similar in the human body.

I’m telling you Greg, there are so many facets to the mineral nutrient silicon regarding health that we can only just begin to do justice to the subject even in a lengthy interview.

For instance, your body communicates through the nervous system similar to a computer network.  Your body’s ‘CPU’ if you will, is your brain and silicon is a big part of faulty brain messaging such as in Alzheimer’s.  There has been much documentation on this though it gets little attention.

You know how aluminum has been mentioned often in the health food industry as “the” cause of Alzheimer’s?  Did you know that aluminum is found significantly in the earth’s crust in the form of SILICON-aluminate?  Silicon manages aluminum.  It is the absence of the semi-conductor mineral nutrient silicon necessary for facilitating electrical messages in the brain more so than the presence of aluminum that is the problem in nervous system disorders.  For instance, high dose silicon can also make a noticeable difference for one with Multiple Sclerosis.

Going back to collagen for a minute, we can also tie in silicon deficiency to cancer.  You see, Greg, doctors have done a disservice (a long and ever growing list if ever there was one) by making it sound like cancer spreads by eating up other cells.  That is not exactly accurate.  I don’t know if they explain it that way for some misguided attempt at simplicity or if it has to do with their being such simpletons when it comes to nutrition and cancer – or pretty much nutrition and anything.

Cancer doesn’t spread by magic.  It is still bound by the laws of physics.  Two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time.  I learned by way of Dr. Matthias Rath that cancer cells produce an enzyme that breaks down collagen in order to make room for growth.  He uses a convoluted and complex protocol to strengthen collagen with a variety of nutrients in order to make the body more resistant to cancer growth.  I thought that the simplicity of increased silicon should work just fine and discovered that is indeed the case.  In the end MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin, proline, ascorbic acid (so called vitamin C) all end up primarily as covers for silicon deficiency.

These issues are not just book learning for me but things that I have actually seen time after time, over and over again through four decades working with silicon or silica.

Are you starting to see why I’m so passionate about silica?  If you’re like most people you’ll start getting passionate about silica, too!

Crusador:  Arthritis, bone and joint problems are at epidemic levels and cause millions of Americans to suffer.  Why does silica have such an impact on bone and joint health and what kind of results have you personally seen with people you’ve consulted?

Silicon is actually the most important nutrient in order for one to have healthy bones and joints.  Throwing calcium at the problem in increasing amounts actually makes the problem worse and can’t work for some lengthy, complex reasons that I won’t take time away from silicon to get into.

Electrical stimulation is used to hasten bone healing especially with professional athletes and those who are well-to-do.  Well, silicon is a semi-conductor, so it naturally increases the body’s own “electrical stimulation” by way of nervous system healing messages.

As far as the kind of results I have personally seen with people using silica, well Greg, that would fill more than a year’s worth of your newspapers.

The Alta Health Products company has always marketed the product with emphasis on it as “an internal beauty agent” for hair, skin and nails in order to not rile up authorities with health claims.  Initially I would appeal to women’s vanity in order to get them to use the product although I was more interested in their long term bone and cardiovascular health.  This worked very well as women would see the difference in a short time with their nails, and shortly thereafter they would see the difference in their skin and hair.  I’ve had women who could never grow their hair much beyond their shoulders able to grow their hair down their back with regular silica supplementation.

After a while I got my first crack at broken bones.  Actually it was much more than a crack.

Almost 30 years ago I was working at a health food store and the manager and I saw a man in the parking lot with a walker who was having a great deal of trouble walking even for a man with a walker.  His wife had to assist him in walking even with his use of a walker.  It appeared he was in great pain.  Then we noticed he was headed in our direction.

The man asked for me by name and said he had been referred because of his problem.  He had had a tobogganing accident the previous winter that chipped a piece out of his hip in a V-shape almost 1” across at the top that was 2” deep.  This was now Thanksgiving time so it had been more than 10 months.  There had been no healing and he was in great pain.  The man was well-to-do and had been flying back and forth from the Colorado ski lodge area orthopedic specialists as well as consulting with the orthopedic specialists at UCLA.  The specialists had finally decided that with the absence of any healing for such a long period of time that a hip replacement was necessary.  This was scheduled for three weeks later.

I shared with the man about what research indicated about high dose silica in the right form though letting him know that at that time I had only book knowledge on the subject.  Well, he had nothing to lose at this point so he began taking 12 Alta Health Product Silica daily with 3 tablets being taken at morning, noon, evening and bedtime.

One week later this same man approached the store with only a cane.  Though still in some pain the improvement was nothing short of astounding after only one week.  He said the UCLA doctors were amazed and had called for the Colorado specialists to come to UCLA for a special symposium to examine what was suddenly happening with this case.

Another week later the same man approached the store and this time unassisted by any devices though still with a slight limp but without any pain.  He said new x-rays taken for the hastily called specialist symposium showed the matrix of the bone filled in and hardening.  He said the hip replacement surgery had been cancelled with a determination of “spontaneous healing” of the fracture.

I was very excited and told him I would gather all the documentation including that of Dr. Carlisle at UCLA (though she was in the Public Health department).  The man stopped me expressing his great thanks but that he would not do so.  He said that they would just laugh at him.  This was very frustrating for me though through the decades I have gotten used to this.

Since that time I have seen countless bones speedily healed, and innumerable hip and knee replacement surgeries cancelled.

A legendary sculptress named Claire Falkenstein was referred to me by a mutual acquaintance.  Falkenstein had invented an abstract style of sculpture that incorporated metal and glass together.  Her works had been commissioned at legendary buildings and universities around the world – especially for the rich and famous.

Mrs. Falkenstein was well into her 70s at that time and arthritis had grown so strong in her hands that she had just become unable to sculpt any more.  She was very distraught over no longer being able to continue in her life’s work when I met with her.  She let me know at that time that a hip replacement surgery had just been scheduled for her.

Well, she went on the 12 daily regimen and within a few weeks she was so excited as she was sculpting again.  This legendary sculptress had regained the use of her hands.  Also, the hip replacement surgery was cancelled.

I received from her a beautiful folio of her work that was signed with thanks for restoring her life’s work to her again.  I lost contact with her after some years.  I recently learned that she did finally have that hip replacement surgery but that it was more than 10 years later as she neared 90 years of age.  Even then, I wondered whether perhaps she had ceased using her silica.

Only a few years ago a man in our congregation who is a genuine cowboy rancher called me early one evening to tell me a large iron gate had fallen on him while he was alone and broke a bone in his leg.  He had been trapped for several hours that afternoon before being discovered.  He said that during that time he was unattended the swelling had become so great that doctors were unable to tend to it much and had only wrapped it telling him to come back in one week for casting.  He then asked me, “What’s that herb stuff you have for bones?”

Well, I hustled straightway that evening to his place with Alta Health Products Silica that he started that very evening with 3 right away and then another 3 at bedtime.  He also asked about something natural for pain.  He said the doctors tried to give him some pain medication but he told me that he told them, “I ain’t takin’ none of your pharmaceuticals.”  Now that is tough but he is one tough guy.  There is no herb to take away that kind of pain unless you are smoking marijuana.  I did fix up a quart of tea of a nervine herb that helps take the edge off of pain – maybe I’ll talk about that one some time.  I brought it to him fresh every morning to drink throughout the day.  The pain was less and less of a problem each day through the week.

One week later I went with him to the doctor.  An x-ray was taken and when the doctor came in he sat down and was literally scratching his head.  The doctor said he was not going to put a cast on.  My friend pretty excitedly reacted to that one, “What do you mean you’re not going to put a cast on?”

The doctor very plainly stated that a cast wasn’t needed because the bone was healed.  At that point I jumped in with a question.

“This man rides a horse for a living.  When can he get back on a horse?”  You see, Greg, I thought he must have meant that the bone was healed so much that a cast was no longer required.  I’m used to seeing broken bones healed much more rapidly than usual but not in one week.

“As soon as he can get his foot in a stirrup he can get back on a horse,” the doctor replied.

That was a stunner even for me.

As I pondered this one some things became clearer.  First, this man got right on the Alta Health Products Silica at the therapeutic level immediately.  Usually it is a week or more before someone talks with me about a broken bone.  A few times I’ve had people get started after a few days.  Never before had I had someone to start the same day let alone within just hours of the bone being broken.

Second, this man refused any pain medications.  You know, Greg, pain medications are not magic.  They don’t make pain “go away”.  They work by interfering with the nervous system messages of pain that let you know there is a serious problem needing to be tended.  Well, that nervous system message system also directs healing messages, too.  Interfering with the nervous system pain messages also interferes with the nervous system healing messages.  By not shutting down the nervous system with drugs, and relying only on a nervine herb that helps the nerves plus the bone healing mineral silicon – from yet another herb by the way – this bone healed in a miraculous “record” time.  Also, there is the semi-conductor aspect of silicon further aiding the nervous system messaging system as well.

Crusador:  What we learned from you about chromium and selenium is that the actual source of the mineral makes all the difference in the world as far as absorption in the body and overall results. In the case of those two minerals you taught us that in a “food grown” state they work far better than any other source on the market. Are there various sources of silica on the market as well and can you explain the differences?

Oh, indeed, Greg, “food grown” 100 per cent whole food “vegetal” silica makes all the difference in the world with silica as well, and, YES, there are various sources of silica on the market – sadly and tragically mucking things up.

Professor Kervran found that biological silicon in a grown form was dramatically superior to non-biological forms.  Kervran then found that horsetail grass in the springtime had the greatest concentration of silicon, but that it was most active in a tea form.

It is more than interesting to me that old European herbalists knew that horsetail grass could be a great remedy as a tea but not so much in the whole herb form in which it could even be a stomach irritant.  They didn’t know why but it has been discovered in recent years that there are a couple of aspects of whole horsetail grass that can be irritants – especially in larger quantities such as the amount necessary to get higher doses of silicon.  However, making a tea dissolves the irritant aspects of the whole herb.

Crusador:   What can you tell us about Professor Louis Kervran and his patented extraction process?

Professor Kervran developed a specialized aqueous process to preserve the biological potency of the silicon and also concentrate it in a 5 to 1 extract.  For simplicity sake it is similar to making tea that is then dehydrated and the remaining powder is then tableted.  It breaks down with its concentrated silicon content very readily.  This was brought through very clearly to me when I had a man who had wonderful responsiveness to the silica tablets even though his stomach had been removed and he had sensitivities due to that as you might imagine.

A pioneering researcher who was one of the behind-the-scenes researchers for the famed nutrition author Paavo Airola was Dr. Richard Barmakian.  Dr. Barmakian went to France and studied under Professor Kervran.  Barmakian received the blessing of Kervran and the rights to the silica process with which he began Alta Health Products almost 40 years ago with Alta Silica as their lead item as it still is to this day.

Dr. Barmakian introduced silicon supplementation in the marketplace.  The initial splash made by this marvelous water-processed silica made quite an impact though unscrupulous imitators soon thereafter poisoned the well and such mucking up of the waters has continued to slow the benefits that could be obtained from the very solid research on silicon that has been accumulated through more than half a century.

Crusador:  What did Dr. Richard Barmakian tell you before his untimely death that led to convincing you about his source of silica being of so much help to so many people with various health issues?

I spoke often with Dr. Barmakian from the 1970s and into the 1990s, and was able to get close to him which was not an easy feat.  Barmakian had been burned out on the too common unscrupulous characters in the nutrition business.  Eventually he did open up and shared protocols with me for claims that he was not legally permitted to make as the manufacturer of the product.  One of the most important and astounding of these was for the maximum therapeutic amount of silica for more difficult conditions by taking 12 tablets daily spread out over the day with 3 tablets morning, noon, evening and bedtime.  This was referred to as the maximum therapeutic amount not because more was harmful but rather because more than that was though to be more than the body could use.  The results I have seen with this through four decades are nothing short of amazing.

Often I will offer a challenge to those with serious problems that indicate silicon deficiency.  I challenge the individual to take the maximum therapeutic amount of silica for three weeks and see what happens.  Very commonly the response I get back from those who take my silica challenge is something like, ‘WOW!’  Sometimes they reduce the level at that time and sometimes they just continue at that level for a while longer as their serious problems continue to get better or even completely well.

Oh, and just for the record, in the last year or so I have had some with particularly serious silicon deficiencies and more serious health problems who on their own have taken 16 tablets daily with 4 tablets morning, noon, evening and bedtime as an extra boost for a limited time that reported to me even greater levels of improvement than with the 12 daily I had been taught was the most the body could use at one time.

Crusador:  Are there any sources of silica that consumers should be aware of?

It was not too long after the introduction of silica supplementation to the world by Dr. Richard Barmakian with his Alta Health Products before a copycat ‘Silica’ labeled product entered the marketplace at only half the price.  Sadly, it was not even half the product.  It was in fact just plain horsetail grass.  Underneath the prominent ‘Silica’ on that label were the italicized Latin words ‘equisetem arvense’ inside parenthesis in tiny little print.  That is the botanical name for horsetail grass so they let you know up front that this was just horsetail grass IF you were schooled in herbs and Latin.  You could have purchased plain horsetail grass labeled as such and not labeled ‘Silica’ for less money.

That ‘Silica’/horsetail grass product poisoned the well because so many bought the bargain variety and of course did not receive the results that they had heard about so the silica momentum started by Dr. Barmakian’s fastidious research and integrity has been slow – but steady – with only those stumbling onto Alta Health Silica or studiously finding their way to it knowing the astounding benefits of whole food, grown, vegetal silica.

Remember, the Alta Health Products Silica is a 5 to 1 extract so that at twice the price the actual cost is still less than half as much as other products that only have an appearance of lower cost.  Oh, and that original copycat is still on the marketplace today.  Many other silica products have entered the marketplace since primarily non-biologicals such as liquefied crystals and gel suspensions.

Do you remember the old, classic comic strip, ‘Pogo’?  It was most famous for the phrase, “We have met the enemy and he is us!”  That has all too often been the too true but sad state of nutrition care products for decades and continuing today.

One company writes against biological silicon having any effectiveness.  That reminds me of the woman I once heard say, “That’s like trying to tell me I don’t know nothing about having babies and yet I have 5 babies calling me momma.”  That company even cites as one proof point a study of Dr. Edith Carlisle as a reference that was conducted by Dr. Carlisle with Alta Health Products Silica!

Crusador:  In addition to everything you’ve shared about silica, you make a major connection with silica, chromium and selenium taken together in combination. That an important reason why we have gone in order with our interviews with you. You stated to me that these three minerals in combination are the most important for anyone to take, especially with people dealing with some serious health challenges.  Explain more about this connection?

Well, Greg, this interview is already pretty long.  Are you planning a double issue this time?  Maybe a recent news story about a new study from Harvard on whole grains published in last month’s American Journal of Clinical Nutrition can help to wrap this up succinctly.

One sentence from the news story can be used to tie together just a portion of the significant importance of chromium, selenium and silicon together.

“The fiber and other nutrients in whole grains may help lower cholesterol, blood sugar and insulin levels, as well as improve blood vessel functioning and reduce inflammation in the circulatory system.”
Now let's break that one sentence down …
1) “The fiber and other nutrients in whole grains may help …”
My one syllable response to this beginning is ‘DUH!!!!!!!’
2) “… lower cholesterol, blood sugar and insulin levels …”
This is the role of chromium in its 100% whole food, grown form of which 91 per cent of its abundance is stripped from whole grains to make white, bleached flour … another moment of DUH!!!!!!!
3) “… as well as improve blood vessel functioning …”
This is the role of silicon/silica in its 100% whole food, grown form of which 95 per cent of its abundance is stripped from whole grains to make white, bleached flour … yet another moment of DUH!!!!!!!
4) "… and reduce inflammation in the circulatory system …"
This is the role of selenium in its 100% whole food, grown form of which 92 per cent of its abundance is stripped from whole grains to make white, bleached flour … yet one more moment of DUH!!!!!!!

All this revelation culled from just one sentence.  By the way, Greg, what’s up with nutritionists like those of ‘The American Journal of Clinical Nutritionists’ not knowing and understanding these long ago established basics?

Crusador:  How do you recommend silica to be taken and should more be used for people struggling with health issues versus those that just want to take it for maintenance purposes?

My general recommendation for Alta Health Products Silica is one tablet taken four times daily – morning, noon, evening and bedtime, or at the very least one with each meal.  For serious health problems that indicate serious silicon deficiency, I issue my silica challenge outlined earlier for taking 12 tablets daily spread out over the day with 3 tablets morning, noon, evening and bedtime for three weeks and then follow suit from there in accordance with results. If anyone reading this interview is truly serious about keeping their health on track or restoring lost health, a daily intake of chromium, selenium and silica are essential.

Crusador:  As always, Chris, your information is first class. Thank you for all your time and effort in educating the masses about these issues.

Thank you, Greg, for giving me a forum to get these insights published.

Featured Articles

Low Cholesterol Increases Cancer & Death Risk

By Byron J. Richards, CCN

In a major shot fired across the bow of the statin marketing machine, the levels of LDL cholesterol that are the artificial targets of “health” promoted by the American Heart Association (AHA) are now found to be associated with a significant increased risk of cancer and death.

The AHA recommends an LDL level of 100 for prevention and 70 for high risk patients. In the new study an LDL level of 107 was associated with a 33% increased risk of cancer and death, an LDL level of 87 was associated with a 50% increased risk. As the LDL goes lower the risk keeps getting worse. These arbitrary AHA levels for LDL cholesterol were established by “experts” with direct financial ties to the statin industry, who knew full well that reaching their artificially low target levels for LDL would require double and triple doses of statin drugs, thus dramatically increasing sales (which has indeed happened).

The Vytorin fraud has pointed out quite clearly that lowering LDL cholesterol to very low levels does not reduce cardiovascular disease. Another Vytorin study also shows doing so increases cancer risk by 64%. The new study paints the clear picture that lowering LDL too low actually increases the rate of death from any cause. This new study also points out the statistical shenanigans that the statin industry uses to hide the actual risks of these drugs in the studies that have been published.

The data was so alarming that the researchers called for a statistical reanalysis of the data from all existing cholesterol studies, using better statistical models that actually reflect true risk. The results of this new research led the authors to conclude “A low LDL cholesterol level is not necessarily associated with optimal clinical outcomes but is a predictor of cancer and death.”

We have known for many years that individuals who maintain an LDL cholesterol level of 130 as they enter their 40s and 50s have much less heart disease as they grow older. This is because they are healthy and have maintained fitness in their cholesterol function and metabolism. There is no credible data to show that lowering LDL numbers with statins actually produces a similar level of health, especially to artificially low numbers. There is a huge difference between having good cholesterol numbers because you are healthy and drugging your body’s synthesis of cholesterol with statins.

In the current study the ideal LDL cholesterol level was 126. The researchers were able to identify a bell shaped curve, in terms of a departure in either direction from this ideal number. LDL over 146 or less than 107 was associated with 33% increased risk of cancer. LDL over 164 of less than 87 was associated with a 50% increased risk. The risk keeps getting worse the higher or lower the number progresses away from the ideal of 126. LDL in the range of 108 – 145 had no statistically significant cancer risk, although being in the center of this range is clearly best.

There have been a number of studies in the past that link low cholesterol and cancer risk. However, these studies could not prove that the cancer was not already there prior to the start of the study – which has been the main argument used (besides statistical manipulation) by the statin industry to deny the association. In the new study this issue was taken into account by eliminating participants with less than 2.5 years follow up after the start of the study, thus demonstrating that the results were not due to pre-existing cancer.

Needless to say, this study was not part of the marketing machine propaganda that is rampant in universities and “scientific” journals that have been used to promote the statin scam around the world, while actively blackmailing and blacklisting any authors, institutions, or journals that dare to step on Big Pharma’s statin toes. This study was published on August 26, 2008 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. It was carried out in Hong Kong with Chinese patients who had type II diabetes – the exact patient who is forced onto aggressive cholesterol lowering with statin drugs in America.

It is quite clear that scientific knowledge and advanced statistical analysis are no longer under the control of Big Pharma and its legions of scientists, universities, and medical journals that are on the take, misrepresenting data, and actively suppressing negative findings. The truth is coming out because Big Pharma is targeting the citizens of the world as a new market for statin sales. And they are also targeting our children, wanting infants seven months of age to have LDL levels of 50 and keep them at that level their whole life (with drugs, since such levels are totally abnormal).

The insanity must stop. Americans have been conned. Big Pharma and the American Heart Association should be held responsible for past crimes and future intended crimes against the health of our citizens under the false pretense of improved cardiovascular health.

Featured Articles

Herbs: Vital to a Healthy Balance

by Klaus Ferlow

Growing up in Northern Germany “country style”, I quickly developed a love for the bounties of MOTHER NATURE especially berries, herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

The value of herbs to our lives and to our health cannot be overstated, since our ancestors first walked the earth, herbs have formed the basis of medicine chests, cosmetics bowls, culinary spice jars, perfume vials and dye pots. Most herbs in their natural state are safe, and do not leave a residue in the body that could produce negative side effects. Drugs tend to treat or mask the symptoms or condition, while herbals emphasize a preventative approach to healthcare helping to balance and support the bodily functions. The compounds in herbs work synergistically in the body to promote healing. All plants have therapeutic properties as they contain a variety of biologically active substances. Plants undergo photosynthesis, transforming carbon dioxide into energy rich substances. The resulting carbon chains are further transformed into a variety of compounds such as lipids, alkaloids, essential oils and tannins. Through other biochemical processes, minerals and nitrates are absorbed by the roots and transformed into vitamins, trace minerals and antibiotics.

Herbs can affect biological systems in our bodies at the cellular level. Ultimately these high levels of biologically active substances can produce pharmacological and therapeutic affects. The nutritional value of herbs is high and organically grown herbs (no herbicide and pesticide spraying and chemical fertilizer) offer maximum benefits.

Herbs are extensively used in cosmetics, (there is a growing demand for TOXIN free medicinal herbal and personal care products worldwide) herbal creams & ointments, lotions, shampoos, toothpastes, soaps, oils, tinctures, sprays and in cooking. The multitude of uses for herbs as foods, medicines and in products emphasizes how vital botanical plants are to our health and well being. Unfortunately, as the Pharmaceutical industry developed the ability to synthesize medicine from the inert substances such as petroleum and minerals, and developing sophisticated marketing strategies, the therapeutic use of natural herbs diminished and was almost lost, especially in North America.

Recently however, there has been a resurgence of interest in herbs and healing. As people begin to lose faith in prescription drugs and antibiotics, they are rediscovering that herbs and herbal remedies and products are an effective and comparatively inexpensive form of healthcare. Herbal medicine represents a particular approach to healing which differs from allopathic medicine. Rather than relieving a single symptom with single active ingredient, herbs offer a holistic approach by striving to deal with the entire system and treating the cause.

Herbal medicine can only be truly holistic if it acknowledges the social and cultural context in which the illnesses occurred, and then the desired healing takes place. (Body, Mind & Spirit). According to Chris Kilham, the medicine hunter, over five billion people today are still using herbal remedies for healing! The renewed interest in holistic medicine, as well as a great number of traditional therapies, has encouraged changes within the existing medical profession. Given the severe financial crisis of our medical system (many professional predict a collapse within 5 – 10 years) it is incumbent upon us all to seek out and utilize appropriate health alternatives.

Let me quote you from the “Pocket Herbal Reference Guide”, by Debbra St.Clair, MH (Master Herbalist):

“The art of pharmacy turned to the production of drugs which could bring the quickest relief of symptoms, ignoring the reason that the symptoms appeared. As we look back perhaps it is time to reconsider the path. The use of substances has spawned a myriad of unexpected problems, such as suppression of the very signals that our bodies produce to alert us to a need of change. Pain itself is a call to action – a call to remedy and in balance in our lifestyle. The proficient use of herbal therapy is directly connected to our ability to sense that first signal and to adjust our lifestyle accordingly. It is when these signals are continually ignored that disease has a chance to seat itself more deeply within our bodies. The appropriate use of herbs is one of many health alternatives to our medical system.”

And remember:

For every disease we know, Mother Earth  provides a herb to grow.

Those who do not spend time every day on health, will sacrifice one day a lot of time for illness, since HEALTH IS WEALTH!

Words of Wisdom

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in care of the human frame, in diet, the cause and PREVENTION of disease.”

Thomas Edison (1847 – 1931)

Living By Grace

God’s Path To A Healthy Future

By Greg Ciola

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil. It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones.”  (Proverbs 3:5-8 KJV)

After many years of intense Bible study I have come to the conclusion that God cares deeply about our health and how we take care of our bodies. He created us for a divine purpose and He knows what we need to do in order to live long and healthy lives.

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”  (Jeremiah 29:11 KJV)

There’s a reason why America leads the world in heart disease, cancer, and a litany of other debilitating diseases. It’s time that we started examining these health issues from a biblical perspective instead of seeking worldly advice for answers. There are easily explainable reasons why so many health problems are on the rise, and there are easy answers to solving many of them.

According to a year 2000 World Health Organization (WHO) report, America ranks 72nd in health, yet we pay the number one price for it. Over 60% of our society is on prescription medication for a diagnosed health disorder. Obesity has become a global epidemic. In another WHO report released in 2006 they reported that over one billion people in the world are now obese. That’s 1/6th of the planet. Type II diabetes cases are exploding, especially in our youth, and there is a direct correlation between diet and Type II diabetes.

The simple truth is many of the health problems people are suffering from are a direct result of poor dietary habits. Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing you need to have in your life. However, the word of God stresses the importance of taking care of our physical bodies as well because we are physical and spiritual beings.

I heard a pastor recently make the comment that for some people the most spiritual thing they can do is to go out and take a walk. If you’re overweight or afflicted with a debilitating health problem you need to be honest with yourself and acknowledge that you are more than likely in this condition because of the poor choices you have made. Take a close look at your daily dietary habits and lifestyle. What are you eating and drinking every day and how much of it are you consuming? How often do you exercise?  How many hours do you sleep a night? What kind of stress and worry are you under?

In the book of Genesis it says:

“And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”   (Genesis 1:29 KJV)

It doesn’t say that God gave us soda, French fries, fried foods, chips, ice cream, cakes, desserts, genetically modified foods, artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or refined, processed foods in a box, can or package that are stripped of vital nutritional elements. Our diets need to be primarily based around life giving foods that build up our health.
Health Truth #1
Start Appreciating Your Health & Taking Personal Responsibility For What You Put Into Your Body

“Do you not know that your body is the temple (the very sanctuary) of the Holy Spirit Who lives within you, Whom you have received [as a Gift] from God? You are not your own, You were bought with a price [purchased with a preciousness and paid for, made His own]. So then, honor God and bring glory to Him in your body.”  (I Corinthians 6:19-20 Amplified)

We all have the ability to control what we put into our mouth. Isn’t it time we took authority over this area of our lives so we glorify the Lord and not the devil?  God is not the one to blame for sickness and disease. He’s not in the business of making people sick. He’s in the business of making people well.  All sickness and disease originated from the devil. Jesus said in the New Testament that God is not the God of the dead, but of the living (Matthew 22:32). The same can be said about our health. God is not the God of sickness and disease. He’s the God of health.

It’s time to start taking personal responsibility for the choices you make whether they were done in ignorance or not. The sad truth is people are neglecting their health by the millions and paying a serious price for it. I believe that many health problems could be easily avoided or reversed if consumers had deeper insights into what to put into their bodies to keep them healthy, fit, and energized.

We live in a fast paced society where we want everything now. Fast food restaurants constitute a large part of people’s daily dietary routine because it’s convenient; not healthy. Grocery stores have an endless choice of junk food that only leads to confusion unless you know what to look for. The two most popular aisles are the beverage and snack aisles. Virtually every product you can find in them contains unhealthy, toxic ingredients that over time can cause serious health problems, and even kill you. It’s interesting that the Bible says God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).  Start making it a point to gain knowledge in the area of health so you can live out all of the days the Lord has intended for you.

According to the word of God Christians are held to a higher standard than other people. We are more accountable about what we allow into our body and how we take care of it. We are ambassadors of God’s Kingdom. The world needs to see us in a different light. God’s word says:

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”   (III John 2 KJV)

When we are blessed and prosper in our health, our finances, and our spiritual life; we are a positive testimony to believers and unbelievers alike. We are God’s workmanship. Having a bunch of sick, broke, negative, and spiritually weak Christians does not help expand the kingdom of God. It is not the Father’s will for us to be riddled with health problems and chemically dependent on pharmaceutical drugs to treat the problems that could be corrected in many cases by diet, exercise, and prayer.

Just because you love the Lord and have faith doesn’t mean you won’t have a heart attack or come down with cancer if you never take proper care of your body. There is no price that can be put on good health. Every day that you wake up with excellent health and mobility is a blessed day to be thankful for.

Health Truth #2
It’s One Of God’s Blessings To Help You Live With Abundant Health

One of the most important things you can do to better your health or maintain excellent health is to exercise.  Exercise can make a dramatic difference in your overall health and physical appearance, and I believe it will also help you have a closer and more fulfilled relationship with the Lord, because it will help you feel great and full of energy.

Science has proven that exercise can help with numerous things such as: controlling and maintaining normal body weight, reducing stress and the risk of heart attack, reducing cancer and stroke, increasing energy and stamina, boosting the immune system, decreasing triglycerides, improving digestion, lowering blood sugar and blood pressure, releasing beneficial hormones, relieving depression, improving mood and sense of well-being, improving quality of sleep.

When you hear the word exercise it probably has many different meanings to our readers. For some, they think you need to hammer the gym 7 days a week for a long period of time each day in order to stay fit and healthy. Others think you need to push your body to the extreme and lift super heavy weights with every rep and every set. Some runners think they need to run a marathon several times a week or they’ll get out of shape. There are some real radicals out there in the exercise field and I think you should be careful about taking advice from them. The truth is the human body is not meant to be beat on and pushed to the max all the time like so many people do when it comes to exercise. If you don’t want serious life-long injuries that stifle your mobility and in some people eventually require joint replacements, then you need to avoid falling into the trap of doing some of the exercising I just described.

I say this from first hand experience. I used to be a competitive power lifter for many years when I was younger and then switched over to body building with extremely heavy weights. When I was in my early twenties I could get away with it. Now, at 37, it has caught up with me. I have weaknesses in both of my shoulders from repeated work out injuries that I trained through. I have some weaknesses in my spine from years of heavy squats and dead lifting. I have weaknesses in my knees from doing heavy squats and leg presses going real deep. Every single person that I ever trained with or knew from the gym that trained like this has dealt with similar issues.

If you’ve ever looked through the bodybuilding magazines that are sold on the market (which I absolutely don’t recommend), most of the bodybuilders in there are unhealthy. They may have chiseled physiques with huge muscles, but they probably got that way from using steroids. If you spoke with any professional bodybuilder they will give you a laundry list of injuries they have. By the time most of them are 40, if they make it that far without dropping dead from the steroids, they are crippled with injuries.

The advice I like to give when it comes to exercising is very balanced. Your body only needs 3-4 days a week of exercise and 30-45 minutes a time is adequate if you know what you’re doing. A little more time is okay but like I said, don’t overdue it. The most important thing you need to think about when you exercise is joint preservation. It’s imperative that you stretch and warm up before working out. It’s important to stretch after you work out. Using lighter weight with higher repetitions and doing movements that will rarely, if ever cause an injury or strain on the joints is the proper way to train. If you’re a runner, you need to warm up and stretch. You need to rest the body every few days and not run too far. Anything over 3-5 miles at a time more than a few times a week is too much stress on your knees, hips, and ankles. Don’t train through injuries; it’s a recipe for disaster. You can push your body periodically when everything feels good, but don’t overdue it. If you’re older and you haven’t done much exercise in your life, just walking 3 or 4 days a week for 30 minutes at a time will help you out tremendously. Try stretching more when you wake up.

Did you know that the lymphatic system of your body does not work on its own? It needs to be stimulated through exercise or sweating. It’s also extremely important to increase your respiration through exercise so you bring more oxygen into your body. The circulatory benefits of exercise are amazing when it’s done right.

What I embrace is a way of living that keeps the body in balance. I believe in proper eating, proper water & salt intake, moderate exercise, getting fresh air, getting sunshine in non-peak hours without sun block, getting adequate rest, and eliminating worry and stress from your life. All of this promotes health and longevity. This style of living will help you have a closer relationship with the Lord because you appreciate your body and you are trying to live in a state of health where your body will remain mobile, fit, healthy, and able to function all the days of your life. Moses is a great biblical character to look to. The Bible says that he lived until 120 years old and he was in excellent physical condition upon death.

Doesn’t The Bible Say We Shouldn’t Exercise?

“For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.”               (I Timothy 4:8 KJV)

You have to understand that this passage was written almost 2,000 years ago in much different times than ours. I don’t think too many people today believe that exercise profits little when science, medicine, and sheer common sense have proven how beneficial it can be to the human body. Far too many have seen their lives transformed, their health restored, and excess weight taken off by physical exercise. You have to take into consideration the way people lived back when this passage was written. They walked everywhere they went. They weren’t sedentary. They probably walked more in one day than most of us walk in a month. They also did a lot more physical labor because they weren’t living with all the modern conveniences that we take for granted.

Furthermore, they didn’t have access to the kinds of foods and beverages like we have an abundance of to overindulge in. There were no fast food restaurants, microwave ovens or TV dinners. Most of their food was eaten fresh from the farm. The animals weren’t injected with all sorts of artificial growth enhancers and drugs so they would become larger than normal to fatten a corporation’s profits. There weren’t any pesticides and chemicals being used like most farmers are using today on crops that are proven toxins in the body when consumed. They didn’t have soda and thousands of other sugar-laden drinks to pour down non-stop containing caffeine and other masqueraded chemicals that will addict you and make you crave more. They drank mostly water and fresh juice.

Some people can take exercise and health to the extreme and neglect their spiritual life or even their family life. If you’re in the gym for 2 hours a day almost every day and you spend little to no time in prayer or study time with the Lord, all you’re doing is gratifying the flesh and it will not profit you in the end.  I think that’s what the Bible was trying to emphasize. Make sure your priorities are in the right order and that you live life in balance.

Health Truth #3
Eliminate Pork and Shellfish From Your Diet

This topic is a sensitive one that many Christians may not agree with, don’t want to hear, or in some cases, take offense with. I’m not trying to be legalistic when it comes to avoiding pork and shellfish. I’m trying to be realistic and share some deeper insights into why these foods can harm your health.  The fact is if you want to live disease free while you’re occupying your body, then this issue is one you need to pay close attention to.

Pork products and shellfish can be extremely detrimental to your health and will almost guarantee you an early trip to the grave if you eat them all the time. They rank near the top of the list as some of the unhealthiest foods you can put into your body right along with trans fats, refined sugar, and artificial sweeteners. Consumption of all pork and shellfish was forbidden in the Old Testament because they were considered unclean. There’s a very simple reason why God wanted the Israelites to avoid these foods and it wasn’t because He wanted to make arbitrary rules.

From pigs we get pork, pork chops, ribs, ham, bacon, pepperoni, sausage, Chitterlings (chitlins), and other by-products. Let’s examine a few of the reasons why God considered a pig an unclean animal and why He said they shouldn’t be eaten.

Pigs are scavengers. They are notorious for eating anything, including their own waste and garbage. A pig will eat sick and infected animals, including its own piglets that die from disease. Pigs also have one the quickest, yet poorest digestive systems of any animal. On average a pig can completely digest its food in four hours. Since it processes everything so fast, many times the toxins aren’t removed and they are stored in the pig’s fat. Many pigs are traumatized physically before being slaughtered. Under these conditions, which are generally the case in large factory operations, pigs will release toxins and hormones into their muscles that affect the quality of their meat.

Pigs are also notorious for being infected with parasites and tapeworms. Anyone that knows anything about cooking pork knows that it is important to cook it long enough to make sure all the parasites and tapeworms have been killed off. If not, you could become infected. Somehow eating pork containing dead parasites doesn’t sound much better either. All parasites lay eggs to create more parasites. Just because a parasite dies during cooking doesn’t mean that you can’t become contaminated by the eggs. Some health experts believe that over 90 percent of our population today has parasites in their body. Certainly our society’s desire for pork products has had to play a part in this. People that eat a lot of pork products tend to be overweight and unhealthy. Body odor can be a problem too.

One doctor I know personally says that pig fat is the best medium there is for cancer growth. He runs a laboratory where all sorts of microbiological research and tests are conducted. They focus heavily on diagnosing and treating cancer naturally. In their lab they can isolate cancer viruses from a patient’s blood and view them under a microscope to determine the strain and then develop herbs to help rid the body of that specific virus. They also have the ability to replicate the cancer virus in a Petri dish.  What he told me is that the best medium he works with for growing cancer viruses is pig fat. If they can do that in a lab, what’s all the pig fat doing to your body internally if you’re eating high amounts of pork products? It would be interesting to see a study where that question was asked of cancer patients. My guess is we would find that many cancer patients are pork eaters.

Did you know that all of the clean animals God said we could eat live only on vegetation? They also digest their food much slower and more effectively so they aren’t storing all these toxins and wastes in their body. Would you rather eat an animal that eats filth and waste and is potentially contaminated with parasites or would you rather eat an animal that processes its food properly and eliminates the toxins from its body?

Now let’s examine why you should avoid shellfish.  Shellfish consists of lobster, shrimp, oysters, clams, crabs, scallops, and mussels. All shellfish can be a serious health risk. Like pigs, they are scavengers that live at the bottom of the ocean and eat the waste of other animals and the pollutants that man dumps into the ocean. Although only 0.1 % of all shellfish consumed is eaten raw, that tiny percentage is responsible for a large proportion of reported food-caused illnesses. Poisoning from shellfish can come from bacterial or viral contamination. Generally adequate cooking eliminates this danger, but is it worth the risks in the long run. Poisoning can also arise from heat-stable toxins derived from the food that the shellfish have been eating. Shellfish also are notorious for being high in mercury, heavy metals, and industrial contaminants in the environment. I’m sure I don’t have to explain in detail how damaging these toxins can be to your health.

God didn’t give the Israelites dietary laws because he’s a mean, restrictive God that didn’t want them to enjoy their food. He gave them these laws because He knows best how the body functions and that by following His dietary laws they would live their best without succumbing to disease and pre-mature death so they can serve Him. God knows far more than we can understand or comprehend. While things definitely changed after Jesus came to the earth, we should examine the Old Testament further to see why God may have wanted things done a certain way.

I’m not trying to make anyone reading this story feel condemned. I’m hoping that after you hear the facts, research this further, and pray about your health that you will try and avoid these foods. I’m not saying that if you don’t eat perfectly that you won’t make it to God’s Kingdom either. We are forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed for us so we could live forever with God. Faith and belief in Jesus Christ is first and foremost the most important thing you need, but we should do better at watching what we put into our body because it will please the Lord, extend our days, and keep us healthier.

Health Truth #4
Avoid Pharmaceutical Drugs As Much As Possible

It’s very sad that a majority of our society looks up to the pharmaceutical industry as though they are gods with divine intellect, especially Christians who should be on better spiritual guard. The derivation of the word “pharmaceutical” comes from the Greek word “pharmakeia,” which means sorcery and witchcraft. You need to start seeing with spiritual eyes to fully understand the implications of what’s going on in the area of medicine. The pharmaceutical industry is the devil’s playground. Drug companies are practicing their magic arts with a witches’ brew of concoctions on an unsuspecting public.

Granted there are instances when pharmaceutical drugs are absolutely necessary to relieve pain, stave off infection or save a life. To state otherwise would be absurd. The problem is how often are drugs being given that aren’t necessary at all? How many drugs have been created that serve no useful purpose other than padding the pockets of an international corporation that is using these funds to endanger lives and actively work in a conspiracy against the Lord and His anointed?

Most Christians will state emphatically that they will never be deceived, but how many have been deceived into taking prescription drugs that they don’t need while never looking at their diet or natural alternatives to help them get well or stay well? If you’re taking high cholesterol medicine or drugs for Type II diabetes you’ve been given some bad advice and you need to make a serious effort to educate yourself about the long-term damage that can be done to you because of it. If your child or grandchild is on Ritalin or some other psychotropic drug because a doctor diagnosed them with ADD or ADHD, the physical and spiritual well-being of that child is in serious danger. All of these drugs to treat this made up condition are hard-core narcotics that will do far more damage to the child in the long run. If you’ve been conned into a flu shot, you just injected a brew of neurological disrupters, DNA manipulators, toxic agents, and biblically unclean ingredients that will set you up for future opportunistic infections.

Take a look at the following scripture and see if you believe it has a much deeper meaning:

“…for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.”  (Revelation 18:23-24 KJV)

This scripture is referring to mystery Babylon, the great whore that sits as queen over the whole earth in the end of days. The word “sorceries” used here comes from the Greek word “pharmakeia,” which is where the word pharmaceutical comes from. Go back and read the following verse again with the word “pharmaceuticals” in place of “sorceries” and you tell me what you think is going on and why these substances all need to be questioned. If I am correct, God is holding pharmaceutical drugs responsible for the deaths of His prophets and saints. We must be vigilant about these issues, especially considering the times we’re living in.

Proper diet and exercise will go a long way in keeping you healthy or restoring lost health. If you do everything you know to do after reading this article and you’re still sick, then you should consider the advice of James in the New Testament. Here’s what he says we should do about our health problems and I think our society would be far better as a whole for taking his advice:

“Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.”  (James 5:14-15 KJV)

Health Truth #5
Get Enough Sleep!
It’s Vital For Your Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Well-Being

Recent surveys conducted by various universities and independent organizations reveal that sleep deprivation is a serious problem in this country. Millions of people are sleeping less than six hours a night. In addition to lack of sleep, many others don’t sleep sound but instead, restlessly toss and turn.

According to a survey by the National Sleep Foundation:  “…60 percent of adults report having sleep problems a few nights a week or more. In addition, more than 40 percent of adults experience daytime sleepiness severe enough to interfere with their daily activities at least a few days each month…”  

In studies conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, they showed that those who slept for six hours or less a night were later diagnosed with increase of certain chemicals in blood associated with heart disease and diabetes.

Every individual needs a certain amount of sleep to rejuvenate and repair their body every night. On the average, an adult requires 8-9 hours. Children require even more. Chronic sleep loss has been linked to weight gain, high blood pressure, lower immunity, emotional disturbances, depression, hallucinations, memory loss, inability to concentrate, irregular heartbeat, body pain, and an overall lack of vibrancy and peace.

The scriptures say that a good night of sleep is a blessing from the Lord and something that we all need regularly to remain healthy and at peace.

“In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for You, Lord, alone make me dwell in safety and confident trust.”  (Psalm 4:8 Amplified)

“It is vain for you to rise up early, to take rest late, to eat the bread of [anxious] toil–for He gives [blessings] to His beloved in sleep.”  (Psalm 127:2 Amplified)

Why have so many in our fast paced society lost their ability to sleep? One explanation is our need to make money to pay bills and scrape by. We have become a society that is always on the go, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We rush here and scramble there to try and accomplish everything that needs to be done in a day without ever feeling like we’re caught up. How do we make up the slack? We cut back on sleep and increase our consumption of coffee and stimulants. This is a guaranteed recipe for burn-out and an early trip to the grave if you don’t get it under control.

This isn’t the American dream. Back in the 1950’s women didn’t have to work for a family to get by financially. A man could work 8 hours Monday through Friday and have enough money to buy a nice home, own a car, take vacations, have money to send his children to college, and enough left over to save and invest. They also had plenty of time for their children and families.

If you’re over-working yourself at the office without ever taking a break for yourself or family, if you’re depriving your family of quality time, if you’re burning yourself out by lack of sleep and stress, perhaps you need to examine your life a little closer. Your physical and emotional well-being will definitely suffer if it hasn’t already. Ask yourself if what you’re doing is worth it in the long run. You may be able to get by for a while living this way, but it will eventually catch up with you.

With regard to your spiritual life, there is no possible way to have a deep intimate relationship with the Lord if you’re sleep deprived and always on the go. Rest is so important to the Lord that he even made it one of the commandments to take one day a week and completely shut it down. God knows how important it is for us to rejuvenate our bodies.

If you want to live a fulfilled life with abundant health, you must take charge of your life in every area, including the sleep department. Make sure you’re getting adequate amounts every night. If you honor the Lord in all areas of your life and put Him first, He will honor you and take care of you in all the areas of your life that you need help in.

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”  (Matthew 11:28 KJV)

Health Truth #6
Stop Worrying and Stressing Out!
It Can Ruin Your Health & Rob You of Your Peace

A big reason why you may not be sleeping or have peace in your life can be too much worry and stress. The Bible says:

“Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.”  (Psalm 34:14 Amplified)

If you’re pursuing peace you should be making a conscious effort every day to live with a joyful, positive, enthusiastic attitude and a forgiving spirit. If you pursue peace you will listen to that voice of intuition within you and avoid making wrong decisions and choices when it doesn’t feel right. When you pursue peace it is very difficult for worry and stress to get the upper hand with you because your faith and trust is in the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.

Worry is a destructive force that can keep you from fulfilling God’s destiny for your life. All of us encounter negative situations at times that can cause us to worry or stress out. Sometimes it’s for a season and sometimes it can be a daily struggle for years or a lifetime. Just because the situation may be negative and the odds seem against you doesn’t mean we have to respond in a negative, worried, stressed out way.

Nobody has been given a promise by the Lord in this world to be free of problematic circumstances and situations. Throughout life we will all face them at one time or another. It’s how we handle them that can make all the difference in the world.  You can either worry and stress out or find strength and resolve with the Lord and have a confident trust in him that all things will eventually work out for your ultimate good. If you’re going to live a fulfilled life with robust health according to the promises of God, then getting stress and worry under control is a priority. God’s not going to let you down if you trust Him.

“We are assured and know that [God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose.”  (Romans 8:28 Amplified)

From a health standpoint, medical research has shown that stress can play a pivotal role in many cardiovascular disorders and can contribute to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lowered immune system function, hormone imbalances/disorders, prolonged healing, sleep disorders, changes in appetite, frequent headaches, gastrointestinal problems, muscle tension, anxiety, and depression.

The bottom line is this; you need to get it under control. If you don’t, it may eventually manifest in the form of a serious health crisis. It will definitely rob you of a fulfilled relationship with the Lord and keep you in a negative, unsatisfied frame of mind. Negative people that are worried and stressed out all the time have trouble keeping close friends because no one likes to be around people that are like this for any length of time.

There are a variety of ministers that have an awesome ability to help you get your life disciplined and lined up with God’s word so you can overcome stress, anxiety, and worry. Two very prominent preachers that come to mind are Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen. If you need some healthy improvement in your life in this area, both of these ministers will give you a fresh new outlook on life based on the word of God. Here are a few positive scriptures on worry and stress that will help get you thinking more clearly about dealing with these issues and putting your trust in the Lord.

“In the day of my trouble I will call on You, for You will answer me.”  (Psalm 86:7 Amplified)

“All the days of the desponding and afflicted are made evil [by anxious thoughts and forebodings], but he who has a glad heart has a continual feast [regardless of circumstances].”  (Proverbs 15:15 Amplified)

“Therefore do not worry and be anxious, saying, What are we going to have to eat? or, What are we going to have to drink? or, What are we going to have to wear? For the Gentiles (heathen) wish for and crave and diligently seek all these things, and your heavenly Father knows well that you need them all. But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides.  So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own. Sufficient for each day is its own trouble.”  (Matthew 6:31-34 Amplified)

One of the most empowering scriptures you can read for strength and hope is Psalm 34. It’s too long to quote here in its entirety. If you are struggling with worry, stress, and anxiety you should read this Psalm daily.

Health Truth #7
Laugh As Often As You Can And Live With Joy & Peace!
It Can Make A Dramatic Difference In Your Physical & Spiritual Health

Satan is after your joy and peace. The last thing he wants is a bunch of joyous; spirit filled Christians full of excitement, optimism, and enthusiasm for life. We are God’s ambassadors with the power through the blood of Jesus Christ to build the kingdom of God on earth. If the devil can steal your joy and get you into a pessimistic, negative frame of mind where you don’t laugh, have a cheerful attitude, and enjoy your everyday life even in bad situations and circumstances, then you’ve allowed an opening for him to attack you. Left unchecked and uncorrected, you will live a life of misery and defeat.

Being able to laugh and have an abundance of joy in your life is an extremely important area we all need to focus on daily, especially those of us representing the good news of Jesus Christ to the world. For some it’s easy to be joyous and happy daily regardless of circumstances. For others it may be a difficult struggle.  The beauty is the more you are aware of it and the more you work on changing yourself and declaring the word of God over your life through faith, you can reprogram your heart and mind and bring it into submission to God’s perfect will for you.

It’s interesting that Proverbs says: “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”   (Proverbs 17:22 KJV)

In a recent teaching series by Joyce Meyer that I was blessed to hear, she pointed out some interesting facts on laughter and joy that are well worth reprinting.  Here’s what she said:

“Did you know that the average man or woman laughs four to eight times a day? The average child laughs about 150 times a day. Laughter is the best medicine because it causes the release of body chemicals called endorphins. These substances help to relieve pain and create a sense of well-being within us. Laughter can raise your energy levels and pull you out of the pit of depression. Laughter releases tension, anxiety, fear, anger, shame and guilt, and can completely change a person’s attitude. Laughter also stimulates all your major organs. Laughter strengthens your immune system, which is your primary defense against all disease. Laughter increases anti-bodies. It is believed to have a protective capacity against viruses, bacteria, and other micro-organisms. You inhale more oxygen when you laugh. Laughter stimulates your heart and blood circulation and is equivalent to any other standard aerobic exercise.  Laughter is a wonderful gift from God.”

That’s pretty amazing isn’t it? Some things you need to do to break free of a negative, pitiful attitude are to turn off the TV, stop reading the newspaper every day, and stop listening to a lot of worthless talk radio. You have no idea how much negativity, pessimism, and anxiety you allow into your mind and spirit every day through these mediums. The media thrives on sensationalism, hype, and fear. The bad things taking place in our world are reported and given headline attention far more often than the good things because there is a satanic agenda to get our minds corrupted and off base.

Since the fall of man we have lived in a world of good and evil. The devil wants to get all of us over into his paranoid world of pessimistic negativity because once he can contaminate your mind and spirit with evil thoughts, doubt, uneasiness, and negativity; he can interfere with your plans and the destiny God has for your life. Fear and negativity breeds more fear and negativity. That’s a fact. Have you ever tried to be positive and full of joy around a bunch of pessimistic, depressed, negative people? It’s hard isn’t it?

I’m not trying to be out of balance by making these suggestions. While we do need to be aware of certain things going on in the world, my advice is that you try a full media detox for a few weeks and see how much better you feel. Start praying and reading the Bible every day. Start filling your spirit with joyful music that glorifies the Lord. Do some good things for other people. Let go of past disappointments. There’s nothing you can do to change the past. Forgive people that have wronged you. Stop holding grudges and getting so offended all the time. Get around more positive people filled with zest and excitement for life. Smile at everyone you meet. Laugh as often as you can. It’s very important that you replace the bad things in your life with an abundance of good, happy, positive things. Another recommendation is to make a list of edifying scriptures that you read and profess out loud every day that declare a positive destiny and purpose for your life. You’ll be amazed at the changes you will see and what others around you will see in your personality and attitude.  

Break Free of The Negative Thinking That God Is Responsible For Your Health Problems

It’s very sad to see so many people with health problems, especially Christians that believe it’s because God wants them sick or made them sick. The word of God doesn’t say that we are predestined for sickness, but it also doesn’t say that we can eat whatever we want and abuse our bodies and God will perform a miracle to get you well. If God were to answer many of the prayer requests to restore people’s health, many would probably be right back where they are in six months or less because they lack the knowledge about what got them sick in the first place.

Please don’t misconstrue this to think I’m saying that unless you do everything perfect God won’t perform a miracle in your life. God has grace and mercy on us. He knows your heart and there have been plenty of cases where He has healed someone even when they did things wrong. Some people may be angry at God because they are sick or they may feel singled out and they don’t understand why something happened to them instead of someone else. You need to get over the blame game, pessimism, negative thinking, and sour attitude, and start looking at this from a positive point of view.

The book of Exodus says the following:

“…If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the LORD that healeth thee.”  (Exodus 15:26 KJV)

Certainly as far as eating is concerned, following dietary boundaries established by the Lord can make a significant impact on whether or not you live in a state of health or disease.  As far as helping someone breaking free of the negative notion that God wants them sick, they need to understand that their thoughts, attitude, words, and actions play a major role in the outcome. It’s the devil that wants you thinking negatively with a sour attitude. It’s the devil that is stealing your peace and joy. He will do all he can to get you into a doom and gloom state where you will think wrong thoughts and speak negative words over your life because what you constantly dwell on and talk about will determine your reality if you’re not careful. I could do an entire study about the power of your thoughts and words and the importance of disciplining yourself to bring them under the authority of Jesus Christ. You need to be very careful about the seeds you allow to be planted through your thoughts and words. The Bible says that:

“The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).”  (John 10:10 Amplified)

Jesus wants us to have life in this world, and abundant life in the world to come. He is not glorified by your sickness or health problems. God is actively in pursuit of laborers to work for His Kingdom. He needs all the workers He can get. The last thing He needs is you home or in the hospital sick with a pessimistic attitude where you can’t do a thing other than complain about your problems.  We are to be good stewards of what God has entrusted to us, including our body.

“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?”  (I Corinthians 3:16 KJV)

If our bodies are a temple then we need to start respecting them as a temple. What are you allowing into your temple that could be defiling it?  It’s time to start examining what you eat, drink, think, speak, listen to, and do. All of it has a link to your overall health and well-being.

Churches and Pastors Need To Put More Emphasis On Health, Nutrition & Disease Prevention

I believe that churches need to make health issues a much bigger priority. This is not to underplay the important spiritual role they have in properly leading people to Christ and Shepherding their flock. A good analogy of their duty would be to compare it to the duty of a watchman in the Bible. A watchman’s duty was to stand on the wall of the city as a guard to warn the inhabitants of impending danger from enemy attacks. Whenever they saw an enemy approach, they were supposed to sound the alarm so the inhabitants of the city could either flee in time or prepare quickly for battle.

I believe in the area of health that church leaders have some responsibility in being watchmen. Many of them are great at giving heart warming sermons, alerting people to spiritual deception, and converting unbelievers, but what are they doing about alerting their congregants to the toxic brew of chemicals found in the foods and beverages they are ingesting or the dangerous prescription drugs on the market that many in their congregation may be taking? If you knew that ingesting a specific ingredient or concoction of ingredients from food or medicine could make someone sick or possibly kill them, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to try and warn them?  I pray that pastors and preachers will put more time into learning about health issues and designate some time to educating their congregation. If they can’t do it or they lack the knowledge, they should seek out experts who have an anointing in this area that can help them.

Type II diabetes is a good example of doing more to shepherd God’s flock. Researchers are alarmed at the rise in Type II diabetes, especially with young children. The bottom line is this; if you don’t get your insulin under control and back to normal you will eventually die from this “man-made” disease. Why do I say “man-made?” Because almost all cases of Type II diabetes are diet related. If you have Type II diabetes you’re consuming far too much sugar and you’re severely mineral deficient, especially in vital trace minerals like chromium that come from whole foods. Our society is literally addicted to sugar and refined, processed foods that the body can’t recognize and ends up converting to sugar. The average American consumes close to 150 pounds of sugar a year according to well known author Nancy Appleton who wrote the book “Lick The Sugar Habit.” That’s almost a ½ a pound of sugar a day that your blood has to process.

If you have been diagnosed with Type II diabetes what do you think your doctor will tell you to do? He or she will tell you that you need to take a prescription drug for the rest of your life, possibly even insulin injections, and that you can’t cure it. He or she may try and point out a few things like watching your sugar intake, but most doctors lack adequate knowledge about diet and nutrition because they are given very little training in med school in this area.

The word pastor actually means shepherd. If you are a shepherd of God’s flock you have a duty to look after your sheep. A shepherd wouldn’t allow his herd of sheep to graze a field if he knew substances were in the food that could sicken or kill his herd. He also wouldn’t feed his flock inferior foods devoid of nutrition and let them drink contaminated water. He also wouldn’t put toxic drugs into his herd to suppress their symptoms of illness while continuing to let them eat and drink the same things that got them sick to begin with. The state of that shepherd’s flock would not be good and it wouldn’t be long before all his animals died off.

Why should a pastor treat his congregation any differently? Christians have the power to change a lot of circumstances and situations in this world if they united on issues. If churches started to take a lead role in the area of health the big food corporations and drug companies would be forced to change. In the end, it all boils down to economics. If people stop buying these foods, beverages, and drugs the companies would be forced to offer better alternatives.


It is better to put your trust in the Lord than in man. If you are sincere in your desire to get well and start living God’s way, pray about what you’ve read here and seek direction from the Lord. He will lead you perfectly in the way that you should go. He has never let anyone down who has honestly sought Him with clean hands and a pure heart and He never will.

I could add quite a bit more to all of these topics and address different ones as well but space does not permit me that opportunity.  In future issues of CRUSADOR we will be covering many other topics along these lines in an effort to help you live a life of great health with spiritual prosperity. Hopefully through the information I’ve shared with you I’ve at least given you some motivation and words of wisdom to help you make some positive changes in key areas of your life.  Here are a few more encouraging scriptures to leave you on a positive note.

“O LORD my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me.”  (Psalm 30:2 KJV)

“Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;”  (Psalm 103:2-3 KJV)

“He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.”  (Psalm 107:20 KJV)

“Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise.”  (Jeremiah 17:14 KJV)

“But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.”  (Isaiah 53:5 KJV)

Health & Freedom

Vaccinations at the Point of a Gun

by Jack Phillips

According to Health Science Institute’s recent disclosure, the New York State Assembly is considering a bill which will, if enacted, require all children in the state to receive every vaccine that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends. Twenty vaccines – some requiring multiple doses are presently recommended.

This is very good for our 100 year health care monopoly which already accounts for 17% of GNP. If the bill passes, the producers of vaccines will have an assured market in the state of New York.  Furthermore insurance companies, which are already turning the art of medicine into a business, will be able to increase health insurance premiums to take care of this new requirement.

But is this bill good for our children? What assurance do we have that these multiple injections of foreign proteins, preservatives and adjuvants are safe and effective? Considering that a NEW American disease, autism, suddenly appeared and became an epidemic after the CDC’s previous promotion of childhood vaccines, all taxpayers and especially parents should be very much concerned. It is notable that the manufacturers of vaccines are not liable for any damage that their products might cause. Our lawmakers have seen to that. If vaccines cause damage, taxpayers will pay the bills.

There are about 4000 cases pending in our courts involving damage to children allegedly caused by previously required vaccines. The first one has been decided in favor of the plaintiff. Taxpayers are obligated to pay the award – not the company whose product caused the damage. Despite these facts, incumbent lawmakers are busy insuring the profits of an industry that has already caused lots of sickness, heartbreak and inordinate expense to American parents.

Maybe the $100,000,000 per year the pharmaceutical industry spends on lobbying and campaign contributions have reduced interest in the welfare of our children. In any case the CDC should be required to prove that every vaccine which they recommend is safe and effective and also that every combination of vaccines will cause no damage.

Guardacil is one of these CDC approved vaccines. It is supposed to eliminate cervical cancer, but does not, according to Diane Harper, one of the principal investigators in Guardacil trials. It protects against 4 types of sexually transmitted human papilloma virus (HPV) according to Merck. However, HPV is easily detected and treated during annual gynecological examinations of women.  HPV does not always cause cancer, but the 16 million doses of Guardacil that Merck has distributed so far has resulted in almost 10,000 adverse event reports. About 6% roughly 600 have been severe including seizures and convulsions. Also seven young women died suddenly, of unknown causes, shortly after taking the vaccine. Evidently it isn’t so effective and it isn’t exactly safe.

There are alternatives to vaccines. During the Polio Epidemic in the 1940s, Frederick Klenner, M.S., M.D., a medical scientist as well as a physician, was curing polio and practically every childhood disease with injections or infusions of sodium ascorbate (inexpensive vitamin C). Klenner knew that this vitamin is one of the few naturally anti-viral substances. None of his 60 polio patients became paralyzed and they were usually cured within 72 hours. I consider it a crime that Americans do not regularly have access to the medical technology that Klenner developed. If this technology were available there would be little need for vaccines in my opinion and that of many other informed people.

Vitamin C infusions are not part of the standards of care – probably because they are too easy. A physician told me that she had used them to cure shingles, but at the risk of losing her license and possible jail time. The medical monopoly is good at suppressing advances in medical science that are effective and inexpensive.

This is an election year! Legislators want your votes! This is a good time for taxpayers, especially those who are parents, to tell them your opinions about this bill. An alternative would be to replace incumbents with candidates more interested in the welfare of our children.