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Be Wise and Get Ready For Difficult Times

by Ben Taylor

It is not my intent to be an alarmist unnecessarily, but it is time to get ourselves prepared for some possibly very difficult times ahead. The financial mess fomented by the criminal actions of international banks and the foolish spending practices of ‘governments’ (especially the United States) has created the probability for a worldwide economic collapse such as the world has not seen since the Great Depression of the 1920s- maybe the worst ever.

It may be too late to buy any metals of value as a hedge against the collapse of paper currency, but it is not too late to buy a stockpile of food. Every family should have as much dry beans and rice as can be stored. Both are available now in 25 and 50 pound bags, but if there is a run on the available food supplies, it will be rationed by the government. I for one do not want my survival and the survival of my family to depend on the very people who caused this catastrophe. By now everyone should know that the government cannot be depended on for very much.

Our focus should be primarily on those foods that are not immediately perishable, such as the above mentioned rice and beans and also a supply of canned goods. Pasta can be easily stored and has a good shelf life also and is available in large bags. We should all have as much water as we can store. The best preservative would be Ionic Colloidal Silver ; it is more stable in chlorinated water than particle silver and will purify water more safely than chlorine.

It is also wise to have a stock of colloidal silver to boost the immune system, especially in the event of viral epidemics. Nothing works better against food poisoning and it is also the best thing available for infections from cuts.

Most who have spent time camping in the wild know that one of the things often unappreciated until needed is toilet paper. Paper products of all kinds could be in short supply, so don’t let yourself get caught having to use corn cobs or catalogs. 

Last but not of least importance is weapons and ammunition. Everyone should have a handgun for quick self defense because if things get really bad and food supplies get short, the criminal element will not be contained. We all have seen what happens in large cities with the problems of looting at almost any excuse. There simply will not be enough ‘law enforcement’ to protect everyone; that task will be up to the individual. During the great depression of the 20s, about 80% of the population was rural and somewhat self-sustaining, but now that number has flip-flopped, creating a situation of much greater potential danger. The past 50 years has seen a breakdown of the moral fabric of America to the point where I believe that most major cities have a 100,000 or more people who will turn to crime at the drop of a hat. If food is in short supply, cities won’t be good place to have your families.

Just as essential is the ability to hunt if one is able to get to a rural area. A small bore rifle (.22 caliber) is best for small game and a larger game rifle (such as a .223, .270, 30-30, etc.) should also be available. One of the most efficient tools is a shotgun (12 gauge or 16 gauge) for small game and bird hunting. Shotguns are also good for self defense at close range. It is likely that ammo will be in short supply if you procrastinate.

I would recommend after stocking up on these items, leave them untouched until you absolutely need them. Continue to purchase what you require daily as you need it and save your ‘food and ammo stash’ until you have no choice but to use them.

Prophesy is not my forte’, but even a foolish man should be able to see the possibility of what this economic mess could bring, so make an effort to be ready as best you can. We will stay open as long as colloidal silver can be produced and shipped, but there are no guarantees that anyone can make about what is to come. Good luck and may God’s providence be with us.

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