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California Senate Passes Bill Preventing Chiropractors From Treating Allergies

by: PF Louis

(NaturalNews) What's with the California State Legislation's perception of health care and health freedom? They recently passed a law allowing young girls to play vaccine-roulette with Gardasil without parental knowledge.

Now they're well on their way to passing a law demanding chiropractors not use non-allopathic methods for treating allergies. These treatments include laser applications, which are supposedly not FDA approved for that use.

The bill, S.B. 352, passed the State Senate by a 34 to 1 vote January 22nd, and it moves on to the State Assembly next. If approved by the Assembly, there's no doubt it will be signed into law by Jerry Brown, as he did for Merck's benefit on the Gardasil bill.

This is not the first struggle with the medical monopoly chiropractics has endured since the turn of the 20th Century. It used to be more direct in the past. But the American Medical Association (AMA) was defeated in various states and federally by chiropractors' lawsuits based on antitrust laws. Now it appears the AMA is using easily bought politicians to pass legislation.

Chiropractic's historical struggles continue
Ironically, it was in California where chiropractors met their first major challenge. Chiropractor Tullias Rutledge was jailed for practicing medicine without a license in 1916. He had attempted to create licensure for chiropractic practitioners. The battle cry "go to jail for chiropractic" was taken seriously, and 450 chiropractors in California were jailed in one year.

The jailed chiropractors continued working on fellow prisoners, using tables. When a jailed woman chiropractor collapsed after a ten day hunger strike, the public outcry forced the AMA to call off their dogs. By 1922, a California referendum overwhelmingly approved state licensure for chiropractic.

For decades, JAMA editor and AMA chief Morris Fishbein harassed chiropractic on a national level with slanderous propaganda. This made it difficult to get chiropractic licensing in several states.

In 1976, five chiropractors filed a federal lawsuit against the AMA for violating antitrust laws. Eventually that case was won in 1987 and the Supreme Court agreed. Since then, AMA efforts to restrict chiropractic have been surreptitious or through legislative channels.

A more recent ban on using the phrase "without using drugs or surgery" came from a bureaucratic council known as the CCE (Council on Chiropractic Education). They also decided on limiting the use of the term subluxation (unaligned vertebrae and joints).

The CCE picks and appoints its own members with no input from the chiropractors and their professional associations. There is strong suspicion that the CCE bureaucrats are shifting to educating a drugs-for-medicine policy while clinging to a bureaucratic power trip.

Almost half of all chiropractors also apply several different alternative medical approaches from nutritional to energetic. Attacks on chiropractic are simply the medical monopoly's attempts to crush all competition.

It takes a powerful, well-connected monopoly to continually wage campaigns for eliminating successful healing and health modalities without complaints from their patients. The tag medical mafia is appropriate for mainstream medicine. Lawmakers have been "influenced" to support this tyranny and stifle health freedom for everyone.

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