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Cancer is NOT a Disease

by Carmi Hazen

After more than two decades of studying this nightmarish blight against humanity called cancer, I have drawn two logical conclusions about its true nature and mankind's apparent inability to see the simple truth that: CANCER IS NOT A DISEASE!

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Having gathered and gleaned hundreds of medical texts published prior to WW-II, I came to the realization that over 150 years ago and up to just prior to the outbreak of that war, doctors had been routinely curing most diseases including cancer, which they considered to be relatively easy to conquer. They practiced what was then known as Empirical Medicine which was based upon ancient laws derived from the observation of the powerful healing reactions of Nature and Her bountiful cornucopia of minerals and plant vegetation which were concocted into formulations handed down and perfected from scores of ancestral lineages, each acquiring new tidbits to add to an ever-increasing, infinitely massive knowledge base of medicinal cures that actually worked. Much of this knowledge has been lost due to the tragic burning of the Library of Alexandria, Egypt, by rioters, believed to have occurred around 391 AD.
Those who specialized in the treatment of cancer around the turn of the last century, fully understood its etiology as being a simple reaction by the body to a deranged cellular metabolism caused by the bio-accumulation of retained, and thus putrefied intestinal wastes. They referred to this condition as auto-intoxication, whereby the body reabsorbed the toxins from the excretory waste matter. The body fluids would become contaminated by these noxious chemicals resulting in an altered internal terrain.
“The microbe is nothing – the terrain is everything.” Claude Bernard (1813-1878)
See: “Claude Bernard”

The condition of cancer resulted from a chronic, semi-obvious constipation, or from damage sustained in the tissues by injury or irritation (mechanical/chemical), combined with hypothyroidism due to inadequate cellular nutrition brought on by the excessive consumption of toxic foods such as meat, refined sugars, hydrogenated cooking oils, bleached white flour, Aluminum and Sodium Fluoride deliberately placed into the public water supply (also it is in some personal hygiene products along with numerous drugs.) In other-words, cancer is a simple metabolic disorder which can be both prevented and corrected by a proper diet, improved personal hygiene and the avoidance of exogenous (from outside the body) chemical toxins; Fluoride being the most notable.
Fluoride doesn't prevent cavities, it causes them, as well as several forms of cancer along with a measurable diminished level of intellectual prowess. Fluoride also depletes iodine which is required by the Thyroid gland to make Thyroxine, a hormone that regulates body temperature, thus inducing hypothyroidism, a condition that results in incomplete digestion and a subsequent rotting of waste matter in the digestive tract, further contributing to the rampant exacerbation of disease by promoting the proliferation of unhealthy intestinal parasites. Chlorine, used as a water disinfectant, produces the same response in the Thyroid gland as does fluoride and, of course, both are liberally used in much of the world's water supplies. These substances are known as halogens and they wreak havoc upon the entire body. One form of a dangerous halogen can be found in many sports drinks and a wide variety of processed foods, and is even used as a fire retardant. It is known as bromine. The most popular soft-drink found in school vending machines is brominated Mountain Dew. Which, like most citrus flavored varieties of sodas, contains a significant amount of this electron odd order salt which damages the brain much like fluoride does. The diet forms of soft drinks also contain aspartame which is proven to cause cancer and can lead to blindness and even death.
See: Dental Fluorosis
In Germany, and in many other parts of the world, the public water supplies are sanitized with ozone gas, a super-atomic natural cleanser produced from oxygen by energetic excitation which fractures the electron bond of oxygen producing an unstable O3. We are told, of course, that ozone is a pollutant. Another grandiose lie. Ozone gas, when properly introduced into a sick body will sanitize it and thus it eliminates most viruses and bacteria without any harm to healthy cells as it returns to its normal quiescent state, that of being oxygen. I use an ozonated steam sauna to drive all illness from my body. I also use it prophylacticly and I haven’t had a cold or flu for many years now.
As a so-called civilized society, we consume more protein than we were designed to handle and the consumption of animal protein places an excessive demand for pancreatic enzymes that are diverted from their intended purpose of tumor reduction, to break down the flesh of creatures never intended for frequent consumption. Our digestive tracts become clogged with undigested proteins which sets up a fertile soil for parasites to flourish and whose excretions seep deep into the body which becomes a nitrogenous cesspool of poisons in which our cells are bathed. In areas where the lymphatic flow becomes attenuated, disease, especially cancer, develops. By far the best way to kill something is to force it to exist in its own excrement. A sure sign that all is not right with you, making you a candidate for cancer along with a multitude of other endogenous (created from within the body) diseases, is that your feces has an unpleasant odor. Doctors tell us not to periodically flush out our colons because they know that in doing so, it would provide for bountiful health and would subsequently put the vast majority of them out of business. They will say that such activity imbalances the intestinal flora yet in the same breath, they fail to mention that their antibiotic drugs accomplish the same thing, as they hand you a prescription for an often worthless and costly chemical nostrum. The truth is that the digestive tract automatically establishes its proper microbial balance when supplied with the proper foods in their original form from Nature. It is desirable to take probiotics when engaging in this necessary form of personal hygiene (colon cleansing) due to the poor nutrient quality of our commercially grown foods. Organic and raw is the only way to go. A word to the wise…
Tumors develop as a natural defense to prevent the spread of infection, and when their job is complete, they dissolve on their own (via an ample supply of digestive enzymes) without the need for any surgical interference. The mechanism of tumor formation is a natural part of the healing process which is the life-long repetitive action of catabolism and anabolism as the body builds new structures and replaces worn out parts, discarding the refuse through elimination channels that are un-blocked. It is the stoppage or any impediment that reduces the lymphatic flow rate in this process, that is responsible for all disease, not just cancer. Disease arrives first, the germs come later, if at all.
“There is but one disease – inadequate drainage.” Sir Wm. Arbuthnot Lane MD (1856-1943) Surgeon to the King
The knowledge that cancer is a metabolic disorder, and not a true disease, is quite unwelcome news to the medical/pharmaceutical empire that thrives upon deceit and deception orchestrated by organized crime which has produced a form of faulty medical care that originated in Germany and has been foist upon the world as a result of the universal Allied capitulation at the Nuremberg Trials, which failed to dismantle the pharmaceutical cartel then known as I.G. Farben and its satellite companies which are now, with the assistance of the force of governmental law, systematically killing off the world's population without the requirement for further battles. Victims simply walk into hospitals on their own accord to await methodical extermination while being relieved of their wealth. The deception being nearly perfect as even the most well-intentioned participating medical staff members, for the most part, remain unaware of their true mission. Radiologists, oncologists, immunologists, virologists, bacteriologists, dermatologists, (the disease specialists) etc., are culpable as they are well aware that their treatments often don't work; worst of all, a few of them actually understand why.
Toxic chemicals and various biological nostrums have been formulated in the ex-Nazi laboratories as a result of sadistic experimentation forced upon unwilling concentration camp prisoners to develop the drugs and vaccines that are now given to unsuspecting innocent people who are completely unaware that their doctor is an unwitting foot soldier in a secret army whose mission is to decrease the world's population through directly induced disease via unwavering ranks of obedient brainwashed medical school trained serial killers, armed with hypodermic needles, ionizing death rays and deadly magic potions, many of which are made so as to be addictive. Statins are one example.
See: “Complaint World Court Rath”

It is well-known that both the Salk and Sabin Polio vaccines contained the SV40 monkey virus which is now known to induce cancer. The childhood vaccines contain a witch's brew of toxic poisons and heavy metals whose concentrations are deemed unsafe under EPA rules yet are considered perfectly acceptable when injected into the frail body of an innocent child. It is obvious that we now suffer from a plethora of diseases unheard of just 60 years ago. Where do these new diseases come from? How come if our (USA) medical system is thought to be the best in the world, it ranks 37th in all of the industrialized countries? 1 in 100 children develop Autism (perhaps more) and it often occurs within hours to a few days of having been vaccinated. Others die in their cribs and we are told that they aren't properly oriented according to the line up of the planets. Give me a break! Un-vaccinated children in various religious sects throughout the world remain free of almost all disease and don't develop Autism or expire while sleeping!
See: Video – “SV40 Hilleman”               Note: This video is the epitome of evil!
See: “Archie Kalokerinos MD “Every Second Child””
Polio remains with us. The vaccines didn't eradicate the cyclical disease which was well on the wane before the vaccines were introduced. Those who succumb to it today are mostly those who were vaccinated for it. The condition is now called Aseptic Encephalitis/Meningitis to hide the truth and create the illusion that vaccines actually work. They don't. Germs are the result of disease, not the cause. More lies…
The feared childhood diseases are no longer life-threatening and are easily treated when they occur. Diphtheria and Pertussis both can be prevented and cured with magnesium so no deadly vaccines are required to “protect their health.” The shots induce death!
Stop the mayhem! Stop putting your faith in allopathic doctors, they will kill you! Many of them know this. They tell you not to clean out your GI tract and not to take vitamins, avoid sunlight, etc., These are the mantras they are taught in medical boot camp.
None of them are qualified to dispense such advise as they received little to no training in nutrition as evidenced by their current chant; “we get all the vitamins and minerals we need from our food,” which is, of course, another lie. It was publicly established as far back as the 1930s that modern farming techniques depleted the soil of most of its nutrients and foods grown under such conditions and fertilized with only NPK, couldn't sustain the health of the general population. Future epidemics were foreseen. Such evidence was placed before Congress in 1936 and officially entered into the Record.
See: Senate Document 264
Allopathic medical doctors are indentured servants, entrapped within a system that richly rewards those who turn their backs on the Hippocratic Oath; many leave the profession in disgust or convert to Naturopathy; others, motivated by greed, remain faithful servants to the medical high priests while they faun at the feet of Mammon.
The next time you get a prescription, ask your doctor: “how it is possible to be poisoned back to health?” Always remember – A patient cured is a customer lost!
You and you alone are responsible for your own health. Learn how to maintain your own biological machine. Follow Natural laws and you will have no need for the masked men in white coats. Find a Naturopath to assist in your quest to restore the original design function of your gift on loan from God. Only Nature cures.
“My people perish from a lack of knowledge.” God – Hosea 4:6
See: Video – “Murder by Injection”

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