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Canine Cyst

Hi Utopia Silver,
I have a dog who has a nasty cyst on his eyelid which has like a "core" in the middle. The vet told me to keep an eye on it but now it's getting bigger and irritating his eye. He has breathing problems because he isn't a young dog so I don't want to put him through surgery if I can at all help it.

What product would you recommend and would you treat it directly into the cyst or not.

Many thanks for your help.

Regards Chris

Hi Chris,
Two things, I would apply silver apply directly in the event it is microbial related, but if it’s a tumor, IP-6 is what I would use also. IP-6 article on our website.

MD Anderson Reference


If it continues to grow, seeing a veterinarian may be in order.

Ben in Utopia

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