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Canine Yeast

Email #1:
Hi Utopia,
I have been reading that colloidal silver can be really helpful in reducing the growth of yeast that causes tear staining in dogs.  I have been thinking about trying this for my Maltese.  Do you happen to know how you use it?  As eye drops or to clean the area around the eyes?

Thanks! Amy

Hi Amy,
Silver can be very effective in getting rid of yeast overgrowth.
As for using silver generally with animals, I use it both orally and topically on my pets (cat and dog). Just don’t use it every day for extended periods, as there are beneficial bacteria, both on skin and in the colon. I also put a little in my pet’s food once a week or so.
Let us know if we can be of service.

Ben in Utopia

Email #2:
Thanks so much!  How often would you suggest using it?  Will it work better to feed it or to use it as eye drops?  Or both? I am a bit paranoid about overdosing.  

Thanks again!

Hi again Amy,

Silver is generally very effective in a short period of time, so it is seldom necessary to use it long-term except for such things as viral liver infections, which may require heavy longer-term use. Eye problems should not take more than a few days or a week to alleviate. Once the problems have abated, discontinue use and watch the eyes for reoccurrence. If you see symptoms coming back then use a few drops.

I don't know that you can overdose on low PPM colloidal silver, but there is reason for some concern. Silver kills bacteria and there are beneficial bacteria on the skin and in the colon. That is the primary reason why you want to be cautious about any long-term therapeutic use. If it is necessary to use therapeutic amounts for a longer period, you should always use a good Probiotic an hour or two after the silver to aid in replenishing the colon flora. This will keep the food digesting Flora from being completely depleted.

Ben in Utopia

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