Chronic Ear Ache


I am absolutely thrilled to comment about the benefits of colloidal silver and gold. These minerals are definitely a God send. My mother has been into alternative healing for many years. My brothers and I joked around and called her Dr. Quack.  As I near 50, with no health insurance, I am now forced to look into alternative therapies or pay 300 bucks for a doctor visit and another 100 for meds.  I had an ear ache that worried me to death for months.  It wasn't a pounding, debilitating pain; it was just annoying and would come and go. I went to the health store and tried candling, but it didn't work.  I broke down and asked Dr. Quack and… Read More →

Colloidal Gold


Utopia Silver,I am very familiar with the silver products and how important it is to keep them from getting contaminated. My question is , I am thinking of ordering the 5 gallons of colloidal gold and was wandering if the gold is sensitive as well? and what would be the easiest and safest approach to filling my gallon and 8 oz bottles from the 5 gallons. Your gold product is amazing it has changed my life and I definitely want to get my entire circle of family and friends taking it. I live in South Carolina and also wanted to know if shipping to here would be ok right now, since freezing weather seems to be an issue. Best regards,Howard… Read More →

Mountain Cedar Oil

Ben, I purchased some cedar oil from you and used 2 dropper fulls of the oil into my dog’s bath soap. I need to say that it smells awesome……..left the dogs with a beautiful glossy coat, and killed every flea on them.  They haven’t scratched for days. Also, I notice that the instructions on the bottle say it can be used orally, 2 drops.  What are the benefits of cedar oil taken orally? BTW……………I love the smell.  Reminds me of the hill country. Gary in Texas HI Gary, Juniper and Cedar Oil are claimed to be beneficial for the following: Arthritis and Rheumatism Relieving allergies Reducing inflammation and toxins Relief of Menstration and PMS systoms Enhancing circulation Relieving Gout Potent… Read More →

13 Month Old

Dear Utopia Silver friends,My name is Craig and i have been taking your colloidal silver with excellent results for over 5 years. I have not had bronchitis since i started. Also i was spared the Dengue fever when i was in the Philippines. Now my wife and i have a 13 month old baby boy who is very active and strong. He somehow got a cold, with runny nose, little cough, sneeze, and the typical symptoms of cold/flu. How much colloidal silver can i give him?  Like two to three drops from a dropper in juice or water? Or directly in his mouth? I am very careful not to give too much, so this is why i am asking. Thanks… Read More →

Silver Wire

Dear friends,…I have used your products before and am grateful you are out there! Last month I bought some silver wire with the expectation of doing some soldering. However, it has proven harder than it was a few years ago. That's why I now want to buy the electrodes with the silver wire already attached. Then I just plug that into my batteries and am good to go. I made one mistake buying the silver; I don't want to make another. I'm just checking up before I do. Thank you for taking the time to read my message. Lora in Pennsylvania Hi Lora,Thanks for the nice comment. The silver you have sounds like sterling silver, which is used to make… Read More →

Colloidal Silver


I've used Collodial Silver for about a year, when I rescued my dog from death row basicly, he developed an eye infection… SO, I put eye drops of collodial silver in them for about a week. Darned if it didn't cure the problem. I had a hard time convincing the Vet, he looked at me like I was crazy! William

Nebulizer and Colloidal Silver

Hi, Ben!  …I'm receiving good results from the silver and nebulizer! I had been up in the wee hours the morning that M. met with you and I had discovered during my online research that the neb/silver was "the ticket"!  Great testimonies and I was already a fan of CS.  IVs of CS and B12 had cured my shingles a few years ago.  Thanks for including the other items—using faithfully!  Mary in SA, Texas


Hey Ben, I just wanted to let you know a couple of things about the Iodine I ordered. One, I put the iodine on my skin at 11 PM, and by 6 AM it was all but gone. Two, I have been taking about 10 drops a day religiously, and though I don't know how to perfectly articulate why I feel better, I do.  I feel like I have more energy, or that I am stronger.  I've also noticed I crave coffee far less, and alcohol too. Does this have something to do with its effect on the thyroid gland? Anyway, thank you so much for sending them. I may order some more to give to others. Keep in touch,… Read More →

Vitamin D & Autism

Silver Bulletin Readers, For you parents with autistic children, we wanted to share this email to the Vitamin D Council from the mother of an autistic boy being treated with high doses of vitamin D (actually physiological doses). Hi Dr. Cannell/Vitamin D Council, I had lab work performed on Colin – October 9, 2008 – his 25(OH)D level was 62 ng/ml (range 30-100) and his calcium was normal (9.8).  This was with him on 3000 IUs per day for the last three months.  You had said for him to take 4000 but I just wanted to see what would happen if we continued to do 3000 IUs.     Colin started school this year, we had previously home schooled him.  He got… Read More →

Himalayan Salt Lamp

I have known about salt lamps for a long time. If nothing else they were so nice to look at, and evoked feelings of well being and a sense of calm. I wasn't sure about the claims of the salt lamps however, but I also decided they would not be harmful. So I recently ordered one, intending to place it in our living room. When it arrived,my 12 year old son saw it,snatched it up, and took it to his room. It did not take long to realize it really does make a difference! The air was fresher and it eliminated any odor problems. (Face it,kids hide dirty clothes here and there,and have other habits that can lead to odor… Read More →