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Charges Dropped Against Detroit Mom Maryanne Godboldo

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) All charges have been dropped against Detroit mom Maryanne Godboldo, the woman who was SWAT team raided when Child Protective Services attempted to kidnap her daughter because Maryanne refused to "treat" her with psychiatric medications. An armed standoff ensued, and Maryanne ultimately walked out of her house and was charged with multiple felony counts.


Listen to my interview with Maryanne about the incident at:…

I also called Maryanne Godboldo, who is African American, a Civil Rights hero for standing up to government thugs who tried to kidnap her daughter. Here my audio commentary on the situation at:…

In court proceedings yesterday, all charges were dropped against Maryanne. After the decision was rendered, she said, "I was very pleased with what happened today and I'm pleased Judge Giles ruled in the way that he did because justice prevailed."

The state of Michigan, however, still has custody of her daughter, so this battle is not yet won. In fact, I say that the battle is not won until the CPS workers and police officers who conducted the raid are, themselves, brought up on felony charges of attempting kidnapping.

Godboldo's court proceedings reveal the details of how the thuggish, criminally-operated state broke the law in its effort to kidnap her daughter.

Low-IQ cops follow orders after looking at scrap of paper
What this case reveals is that low-IQ cops, who will apparently follow any orders without any sense of whether their orders are legal, were presented with a scrap of paper by a CPS caseworker who claimed it was some kind of order authorizing the state to use force to take away Godboldo's daughter.

Except CPS was lying, as usual. In reality, "The police met the CPS worker on the street, she hands them a piece of paper that is not officially filed with the county, it has a rubber stamp, and it's not completely filled out," said Godboldo's attorney. The order simply wasn't valid, in other words. It was just a scrap of paper with no lawful validity behind it. "When you come into someone's house and you’re taking their child, you have to be lawful," she explained.

Ah, but that's the whole point, isn't it? Today's government tyrants operate OUTSIDE the law. Whether they're raiding the Gibson Guitar factory to confiscate "illegal wood" (…), running FDA armed raids on raw dairy food distribution centers (…) or terrorizing innocent moms who grow tomatoes in their home gardens (…), it's always done outside the law, respecting no constitutional rights of the citizens.

What used to be a nation of freedom and law has very quickly devolved into one of government tyrants running around threatening innocents with guns. In every case, civil rights are violated by these tyrants, yet they are never held accountable for their actions. At best, the innocent victims of their threats of violence are let off the hook — but usually only after NaturalNews and the alternative media raise a stink about the injustices being committed. The thuggish tyrants who mastermind these illegal raids are never charged with crimes and never face justice for their own outlandish violations of not just civil rights but human rights.

We demand the arrest of the law-breaking cops who conducted the illegal raid on Godboldo
I believe it is time the People of America began demanding the arrest and imprisonment of government agents, CPS workers and law enforcement personnel who commit these unlawful acts. We need to see FDA heads rolling and cops put in prison for taking part in these illegal raids. Just as the East German soldiers who manned the Berlin Wall and shot escapees were guilty of war crimes, today's cops who are merely "following orders" need to be reminded that they, too, must abide by the law of the land. And if they violate those laws by participating in illegal raids that have no basis in law, they must be brought to justice by the People, to face their own charges of criminal misconduct.

After all, if we are a nation of law and justice, then those laws must apply to all men and women, not just selected ones. If the People are required to follow the law, then law enforcement personnel, government regulators and even the President himself must also follow the law. That's what makes America a Republic (a society based on law, NOT majority rule).

When those who enforce the law become lawless, then what used to be honest government breaks down into tyranny, and chaos ensues. This is where we now find ourselves in America, where laws are routinely violated by the entire executive branch of government, from the President himself (illegal wars) down to the secret FDA spies and infiltration agents who operate more like the KGB than honest Americans (…).

Here at NaturalNews, we fight for justice and the rule of law. We encourage all citizens to abide by the law, and we demand that all those who work in government operate within the bounds of those same laws. And when laws are bad, we serve an activist role in working to get those laws revised (such as current marijuana prohibition laws, which are a complete failure and in desperate need of revision).

NaturalNews played a pivotal role in bringing public pressure to this case involving Maryanne Godboldo. I thank all NaturalNews readers for their phone calls of support, their protests and their sharing of these stories so that people learn the truth about what's really happening to our nation.

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