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Chromium: You Don’t Get Enough Of It!

by Christopher C. Barr

Making things simple
oubled incidences of both diabetes and diabetic hospitalizations of children in recent years has been in the news this past week.  It has been noted that public health officials believe eating habits are the main culprit with obesity also receiving primary blame.
No particular aspect of "eating habits" were noted though a very specific aspect was definitively identified more than 30 years ago.

Gross chromium deficiency was concluded to be the specific problem at that time approaching half a century ago through extensive research by Dr. Henry Alfred Schroeder by way of Columbia, Yale and Dartmouth universities. The U.S. government helped fund his research.

The new research uses terms like "insulin sensitivity", "metabolic syndrome" and "insulin resistance". It is all very complicated and mysterious.

No mystery to me

Dr. Schroeder revealed all of this decades ago and identified the key agent as the mineral chromium incorporated within whole grains and whole sugar cane.

Schroeder noted that more than 90 per cent of chromium is removed from whole grains to make white flour and white bread. In the case of white sugar 98 per cent of chromium is removed to make white sugar.

Schroeder also noted that chromium was of very little or no value if it was not incorporated within food.

In plain speaking that means you have to get chromium from food, or from chromium supplements that are grown rather than mined. That narrows the options way down.

Guess who discovered that chromium is essential to human nutrition?

Plot twists

Dr. Klaus Schwarz and his assistant Dr. Walter Mertz are credited with establishing that chromium is essential to human nutrition as U.S. government researchers.

Guess what it was in their research that determined that chromium was essential to human nutrition?

Drs. Schwarz and Mertz proved chromium to be necessary for the regulation of blood sugar, and therefore chromium was determined to be essential to human nutrition. That was almost 50 years ago.

Guess where Dr. Walter Mertz ended up?

The plot thickens

Dr. Walter Mertz became Director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research. He filled that position for decades right up until recent years.

Dr. Richard Anderson served there for decades under Dr. Mertz. Dr. Anderson has conducted extensive chromium research while there.

Now folks from there "suggest" from "new research" that whole grain consumption "may" reduce the risk of diabetes?

Are they blind?

Are they stupid?

Does it sound like there is a plot to cover up this health enriching, life saving information?

Looks to me like one of the biggest plots in the history of the world.

A small plot of land awaits you sooner than later if you don't get this through your head sooner than later. Once you get it into your head then you'll put chromium there by way of your mouth, so that it can get into your blood and protect you from diabetes, heart disease and so very much more than that.

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