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Hello Utopia Silver,
I have a colloidal silver generator. I am trying to make a quart batch of silver.  I checked my 9v batteries.  They check good.  I have fresh distilled water.  Set a timer for 80 minutes and expected to get 10 ppm solution, measured with the ppm tester.  Only tested 2 ppm.  The electrodes I am using only made about 2 quarts of silver. What am I doing wrong? When replacing electrodes, would I replace both negative and positive, or just the positive? …and what is the best way to know if either of the electrodes need replacing?

John K.


Hi John,
How many volts do your batteries show using a volt meter? You may want to try making a ½ quart or less and see what happens.

There aren’t too many things that can go wrong.

1) Batteries- low voltage

2) Water- You must be good distilled water (What is your ppm reading on your water?)

3) Connections- Be sure clips are tight and soldering isn’t broken and electrodes are clean

4) PPM Meter- Are you sure your meter is working ok? (Check distilled water-it should be no more than 1 ppm. Check a glass of tap water- it generally will be anywhere from 70-200 ppm depending on your water source.) It’s possible that it may need to be calibrated and there is calibration solution for that.

Also, does your product have color? If so, then you have some particle silver which will not register on the ppm meter. If your electrodes are eroding then you are making silver.

You need only replace the positive electrode. The positive erodes as product is made; the negative erodes very little.

You will know it needs replacing because it will start getting very thin. The thinner it gets, the longer it takes to make product. It will eventually disintegrate and break off, …but save your silver, it is still worth something.

You are appreciated in Utopia.

Ben Taylor
Utopia Silver Supplements
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