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Colloidal Silver Orally

Dear utopia Silver,
My daughter, a PhD neuron-psychologist says that colloidal silver taken orally never leaves the body and is very dangerous.  What is your answer to this concern?  

Thanks!  Lynn

Hi Lynn,
First of all, congratulations to your daughter for all her hard work and perseverance in obtaining a PhD. My daughter has just obtained her Masters, so I know the dedication and diligence (and money) required. I would only hope that she will not park her mind at the door of higher education, but will open her mind to the healing possibilities outside of her mainstream education.  Mainstream medicine and most medical schools have for a very long time been compromised by drug industry money. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest patrons of medical schools and medical research. Their money also flows to doctors in the form of kick-backs/commissions for prescribing dangerous drugs and combinations of drugs. Money always has strings attached to it and the American public has paid a terrible healthcare price for the undue influence of drug companies. Except in the case of emergency situations, one of the most dangerous things one can do is to visit a hospital or a doctor who is a mainstream practitioner. Read Death by Medicine for a little more detailed insight.

Mainstream medicine and the drug companies make such a big deal of clinical studies and then turn around and prescribe many combinations of drugs that never go through clinical studies using those drug combinations. I know people who are taking 15-24 different drugs, many of which are simply to counter the effects of other drugs. Disease and illness has never been, nor are they now, a deficiency of drugs. They are almost always the end result of bad diet/nutrition and mineral and vitamin deficiencies or environmental toxins.

As for silver, I would ask for a citation of the deaths resulting from this mineral. Probably all that can be found are the very small number of idiots who consume very large quantities of silver nitrate (usually) and develop Argyria. Compare this to the number of people who die from OTC painkillers each year.  Frankly, it may be one of the few minerals for which there may be no life threatening levels. Although not necessarily common, most minerals have a toxic level, ie. Iron, chromium, zinc, etc., but try and live without them and see what happens. As for silver never leaving your body, silver is depleted naturally via sweat, urine, feces, just as are all minerals.

I would encourage your daughter to get a doctorate in Naturopathy to go along with her PhD; the insight she would gain would place her head and shoulders above her peers.

Thanks for your letter Lynn. You are appreciated in Utopia.

Ben in Utopia


Hi Ben,

Thank you so much for your response to my question, Ben.  You are preaching to the choir in regard to myself, but I so appreciate your answers and will save your email along with that excellent article Death by Medicine to my files, and will pass both on to other friends and family and also to my daughter.   I am so glad to have your explanations about silver safety and dangers of typical medicines.   I received an article some time back where a group of doctors were saying the same things, explaining how it is best not to go to a doctor unless you are dying anyway, as there could be a real possibility you will from the frequency of medical errors.  Wish I could remember the source of that article.  It feels like it was in a newsletter, like Consumer Health Report by Consumer Reports, but I can't say for sure.   


Thanks again for your helpful answers, Ben.  Many blessings and happy day, Lynn

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