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Criminal Investigation of BP Vital to Gulf Recovery

by Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes

Following the rise of sufficient indicators that BP knew about the conditions of its Gulf oil assets prior to the April 20 leak & explosion– and may have allowed the incident to occur, Alex Jones has called for criminal investigations of key figures at BP, inside the White House administration and elsewhere.

Why did current CEO of BP Tony Hayward dump approximately one-third of his BP stocks before the oil crisis? Why did Goldman Sachs dump a hefty 44% of its BP stock prior to, particularly given that Peter Sutherland was formerly CEO of both BP and Goldman Sachs at the same time? What are the odds that former Vice-President Dick Cheney’s firm Halliburton would purchase a company which “focuses on oil spill prevention and blowout response,” just weeks before the so-called ‘biggest environmental crisis’ of all time would strike?

These telling transactions at the highest levels of business, politics and finance coincidence very meaningfully with the multiple accounts from inside BP, the oil platforms in the Gulf, and the related lawyers that demonstrate a willful negligence towards the conditions of the oil assets which would later explode and spill.

Thus, Alex Jones is urging activists and concerned citizens everywhere to take a proactive approach to dealing with the looming consequences of the massive oil leak that started 62 long days ago. He suggests calling on Governors and State Legislators in the Gulf Region to assert 10th Amendment rights– refute the Federal Government’s inaction, and institute measures to resolve the situation as best as can be. Victims of the crisis should used the courts to challenge roadblocks and seek retribution for negligent action on the part of both BP and the Obama Administration. The pined-over $20 billion secured ‘personally’ by Obama from BP is no assurance of justice to come, and the oil that has leaked and is still flowing amounts to less than 2-3 percent of the total reserve, so waiting only do harm.

Alex also alerts awakened people everywhere to the renewed efforts from the “Global Warming & Climate Change” Disaster camp. President Obama and certain allies are adamant about raming through Carbon Taxes and other Climate Change measures via stealth measures, and using the crisis of the BP Oil Spill to justify such fascist “green” policies– when the Obama Administration’s bewildered response (much like the Bush Administration’s delayed response at Katrina) exacerbated the scale and depth of the crisis BP may have let happen. It’s another case of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s maxim to “never let a serious crisis go to waste.” Indeed.

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