Detoxing Your Gut Can Help You Avoid Type 2 Diabetes, According To Scientists

by: PF Louis

(NaturalNews) Two separate studies in different areas of the world have come to similar conclusions: An imbalance of the gut’s intestinal flora can be a precursor to Type 2 diabetes. These were mainstream medical studies, one in China and the other in Denmark.

Detox Protocol
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The focus was not on detoxification. They seem to be more concerned with using the gut imbalance of beneficial and pathogenic bacteria as markers to determine early diagnoses of onset diabetes 2, probably for prescribing pharmaceuticals earlier.Our gastrointestinal (GI) tracts contain up to 100,000 billion bacteria weighing a total of 1.5 kilograms or slightly over three pounds. A good bacterial balance is 80 to 85 percent beneficial to 20 or 15 percent pathogenic.

The purpose of beneficial bacteria goes beyond digestion, which in and of itself is critical to good health. Beneficial bacteria also communicate with other factors of our immune systems, such as releasing “killer cells” to targeted areas when needed.

Unfortunately, mainstream medicine doesn’t think the balance of beneficial and pathogenic gut bacteria is a big deal. They prescribe antibiotics that destroy all types of bacteria indiscriminately, much like chemo destroys all types of cells.

Yet they usually don’t recommend probiotics during and after their antibiotic protocols to replenish the destroyed beneficial bacteria. But Natural News readers know better, right?

Detoxing pathogenic gut bacteria

We can rid ourselves of most of the pathogenic bacteria. There are several herbs that are useful for detoxing pathogenic bacteria from our guts. In order to ensure proper detoxification, a foundation of eating right is necessary.That includes using very little sugar and no HFCS or artificial sweeteners; and excluding refined carbohydrates, junk foods, processed foods with additives, GMOs, and heavily pesticide or herbicide sprayed produce. In other words, go organic as much as possible.

To detox, include as much raw, crushed garlic as you can handle. You can take it with honey to make it easier or simply include it in your food. Garlic is a pathogenic bacteria killer that leaves the beneficial bacteria alone.

Many swear by peppermint oil for gastric difficulties. Not everyone knows that it can wipe out pathogenic bacteria without causing collateral damage to the benevolent resident bacteria. But there’s only one way for it to be effective for that.

Peppermint oil soothes the stomach lining. It’s wasted for killing pathogens if it doesn’t get into the small intestines. The only way peppermint oil gets through the stomach intact to kill the bad bugs is if it’s in enteric coated capsules.

Enteric coating is used to make sure whatever is in capsules gets through the stomach intact to release their contents only in the small intestines.

You may prefer high cavacrol content wild or organic oregano oil, which can be taken mixed with water to go after the gut’s bad bugs. Inner bark Pau D’Arco extract is another excellent herbal choice for detoxing gut bacteria.

The latter two herbs are also anti-fungal, which is appropriate for yeast overgrowth conditions.

A killer gut detox few know about is food grade activated charcoal. It has been used for decades in ER situations to quickly remove life threatening ingested toxins. It can also be used to eliminate pathogens by adsorption, not absorption.