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Doctor Denies Young Girl Kidney Transplant Because She Is Mentally Retarded

by: Ethan A. Huff

(NaturalNews) The value placed on human life in American society today is in rapid decline. The mindset in vogue today is one that looks at mentally- or developmentally-impaired individuals as less than human, and not worthy of receiving the same care and dignifying treatment as everyone else. Even many so-called doctors have fallen for this eugenicist propaganda, denying life-saving transplants to individuals considered to have less-than-optimal brain function.

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The heartbreaking story you are about to read recently occurred at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHP), where an arrogant, uncaring doctor and his social worker pawn told the parents of a young girl with mental impairment that she is not eligible for a needed organ transplant at their hospital. Even though both parents expressed willingness to donate one of their own organs for the transplant, the doctor in question still refused, recommending that the girl just be left to die.

Little Amelia suffers from an affliction known as Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome (WHS) that causes developmental delay, a characteristic facial appearance, and sometimes other birth defects. Amelia had been seeing a nephrologist at CHP for three years before the horrific incident denying her right to life took place, and had made much progress in spite of her condition, thanks to the unconditional love and dedication of her long-suffering parents.

But all of this changed on January 10, 2012, when an unnamed Peruvian doctor of about 65 years old told Amelia's parents that he would not be approving a life-saving kidney transplant. The hubristic doctor, presumptuously assuming the role of God, explained his opinion that Amelia's "mentally retarded" and "brain damaged" state rendered her unworthy of the transplant, and proceeded to explain that Amelia would not, under any circumstances, receive the transplant at CHP.
Be sure to read the full sobering account of Amelia's parents' harrowing experience here(

As we all know, the mainstream medical system is wrong about a lot of things, including its assessments of "quality of life" and determinations of who is worthy of living. After all, how many times have stories emerged about terminal patients living far longer than doctor assessments, for instance, or individuals in a "permanent" vegetative state miraculously recovering in spite of physicians declaring that such individuals would never recover?

Allowing an individual with developmental deficiencies to die because you consider his or her life to be less valuable is the epitome of eugenicist ideology. And such thinking is becoming increasingly more common as government agencies in concert with megalith insurance corporations seize control of healthcare and dictate who is worthy of receiving it.

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