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Hi Ben,

I want to share a testimony about Advanced Colloidal Silver and express my gratitude. I started taking silver orally per instructions in late January, 2008. Within two weeks my entire family came down with a horrible strain of flu. I never got it, and the only difference was that I was on silver and they weren't.
Also, in early March I was stricken with a mild case of stress-induced rosacea, a problem I have never had in my life. The rosacea looked like a really bad, blotchy sunburn across my cheeks, nose, and forehead covered over with tiny blemishes. The area burned, stung, and itched, and was tender and warm to the touch. I remembered reading a testimony about rosacea and silver on the USS website, and decided to try a topical application of CS twice a day to see what would happen.

Ben, the inflammation was completely gone in a week. My skin is healing itself. I am totally amazed. Thank you so much.

Donna in Texas

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