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Dr. Ken’s Immune System Booster Protocol

Our God-designed immune system when working to perfection can overcome any infection whether “natural” or genetically engineered by governments or their for-hire “mad scientists.” The planned swine flu pandemic was recently officially declared by the UN’s World Health Organization. There is little doubt that there will be a worldwide swine-flu pandemic this fall! The real issue is: In the government-created “swine-flu pandemic” will there be more injuries/deaths from the government recommended/mandated three flu shots than from the actual H1N1 swine-flu virus?
In 1976 the US backed swine-flu vaccine killed 25-52 people and permanently paralyzed hundreds with Ascending Paralysis (Guillain-Barre Syndrome), while there was only one documented death from the swine-flu virus. Now 33 years later, we are being told we need three shots (1 for the regular/seasonal flu virus and 2 for the swine flu virus) this season to stop the flu (Washington Post, Wed., May 6, 2009) despite the fact that medical researchers have repeatedly proved that flu vaccines don’t even protect against the flu (In healthy children The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.2-2008; In healthy adults The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 1-2006; In the elderly The Cochrane Database of Systematic Review 3-2006).

So even though there are essentially no benefits, there will be many serious adverse reactions to these vaccines. Looking only at two of the most heinous swine-flu vaccine additives will make the point though there are many other potential ingredients such as egg protein, gelatin, Polysorbate 80, formaldehyde, sucrose, resin, Gentamycin (antibiotic), and Thimersol (Mercury, still in multi-dose vials).

The new H1N1 swine-flu vaccine will reportedly contain MF59, an oil-based adjuvant primarily composed of squalene, FDA approved only for experimental vaccines but now licensed by a bureaucrat HHS Secretary Sebelius, for all Americans including healthy 6 month old children. This ingredient is the primary suspect as the cause of permanent disability in 250,000 plus veterans in Gulf Wars I and II who developed autoimmune diseases after receiving the Anthrax vaccine(Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That’s Killing Our Soldiers and Why GI’s Are Only the First Victims of This Vaccine. Gary Matsumoto. HB (2004).

The other harmful ingredient that reportedly will be in the vaccine will be a cell-line of aborted human fetal cells (PER C6 grown from retinal cells and sold to vaccine makers). For information on this see the independent web site to find which vaccines have human cell lines. The only other way we can get human proteins in our blood is by eating human flesh. This is still cannibalism highly probable to cause even more antibody production against human retinal cells (autoimmune disease).

Now, what can we do to improve the function of the different parts of our immune system to have the greatest chance of defeating the flu viruses?

The liver is the most important detoxification organ/system in the body. Chapters and entire books have been written about this topic in great detail. Lab tests can measure Phase I and Phase II (7 different pathways) detoxification functions and even quantify it. You cannot have an optimal functioning immune system with a sick, toxic or unhealthy liver. Yet the liver has many other essential metabolic functions besides detoxification. It is therefore paramount to flush the liver annually or more often depending on your individual situation. Some well-known natural healers even state that a person cannot get a fatal infection or cancer if they have optimal liver function. I began using the [CureZone] liver flush in 1992 and have done it most years since. It requires simple inexpensive ingredients but must be followed exactly. NO FAT can be eaten on the day of the flush. [S-B Note: There are also some very gentle packaged 14 day liver cleanses that are effective, especially as continuing maintenance cleanses after using the 2 day CureZone therapeutic flush. Use the CureZone 2 day protocol at least twice a year and the 14 day cleanse every 3 months. If there is time, a liver cleanse is good practice before using the five supplement immune booster protocol listed below.]

This Is What I Use To Strengthen and Balance My Immune System because of their known ability to boost or balance immune function.

1. Therapeutic Liver Flush– It is best to do this 2 day therapeutic flush before starting the Immune System Boosting Protocol in the event that the liver may already be overloaded with toxins. Colloidal Silver will cause a bacterial and viral die off that will be filtered through the liver, so it is best to start with a ‘clean’ filter.

2. Colloidal Silver– The correct quality and quantity of this product has been shown to stop over 600 different types of bacteria and viruses as well. It also stimulates healing of tissue possibly by increasing fibroblast production. For more information on colloidal silver, see Home Page and FAQ Page. Also see Pravda article Pravda Says Colloidal Silver Beats the Swine Flu about colloidal silver being effective against flu viruses. In this article, the Russian writer stated Utopia Silver was the brand they used. [Read “A Layman’s Guide to Using Colloidal Silver”.]

3. Probiotics– If using therapeutic servings of Colloidal Silver, one should supplement with Pro-biotics an hour or so afterwards to replenish the colon flora/bacteria.

4. Vitamin D– Thankfully, the Vitamin D phobia that has existed for years is now over and even doctors are recommending much higher doses of this powerful immune booster. From a maximum of 400 I.U. to a minimum of 2,000I.U.daily is now commonly recommended. Some doctor’s are even prescribing 50,000 I.U. capsules 1 to 2 times weekly (100,000 I.U. weekly) for their patients to help avoid the flu. Getting 30 minutes of sunshine daily without a shirt or with a bathing suit or with shorts and tee shirt, will give you 2,000 I.U. of Vitamin D3 assuming you have enough good cholesterol in your skin from eating enough good omega 3 fats in your diet and not taking “Statin” drugs which may deplete the cholesterol. One other thing you can do besides the above is to take a good quality cod liver oil which has Vitamin D3, Omega 3 fats and Vitamin A, which also helps to fight infections (Grandmother was right).

5. IP6/Inositol- Inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) is a sweet tasting white powder, a member of the Vitamin B6 family which has been shown in numerous medical studies by Dr. A. M. Shamsuddin, MD to boost the activity of Natural Killer Cells (NKCs), the body’s first attack squadron for microbes(bacteria, viruses) and Cancer cells by 200-400%. Sometimes this attack alone can knock out an early infection or cancer. It can be routinely shown on medical lab tests that almost everyone with a serious infection or cancer has NKC activity less than 20% of normal.

6. Oral Systemic Enzymes– These supplements, especially the proteases which “digest” long-chain proteins most importantly fibrin, primary constituent of plugged up small vessels and scar tissue(also called fibrosis or sclerosis). These help indirectly but powerfully by opening up blood vessels to better deliver the above immune boosting nutrients to sick tissues. See article on enzymes in The Silver Bullet-in e-News Magazine, Digestive Enzymes are Important for Health and Longevity [Do not take enzymes at the same time as any drug or medication since it will intensify the absorption and hence the effect; wait at least 30-60 minutes.]

7. Selenium– Good quality/whole food selenium at 600-900 micrograms (mcgs) daily has been shown to have powerful antiviral activity. Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD teaches a class periodically in which he documents this effect to integrative doctors, field workers and missionaries. This action by Selenium is partly based on vastly increasing the body’s production of the selenium co-factored enzyme glutathione peroxidase. At high doses it was found to be effective even against Hemorrhagic Fevers. [Selenium is also essential to the proper absorption of iodine.]

8. 14 Day Liver Cleanse– A gentle liver cleanse that can be used every 6-12 weeks if needed especially when using therapeutic amounts of colloidal silver.

Notice: If you have a life or health threatening illness we suggest that you consult a healthcare professional who can become familiar with your health situation, preferably a qualified naturopathic doctor or one who has been trained in integrative medicine. We also encourage you to diligently research any information on our websites or in our newsletters to decide if you are in agreement with the opinions offered. All decisions made in the use of supplements is the sole responsibility of each individual.

All information offered herein is strictly opinion and is presented as an exercise of the God-given unalienable Right of free speech, as well as the right to help others, set forth in part by The Herbalist’s Charter.

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