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Duracool The Natural & Organic Refrigerant

For the past six months I have watched various people convert their automobile cooling systems from 134a refrigerant to Duracool 12a with what I would call fairly dramatic results. When cool air output is measured before conversion and then after conversion; the results I’ve seen have ranged from an 8-11 degree drop in cool air output. I finally decided to make the switch myself along with four other friends and a family member. I contacted a friend who is a Duracool distributor and the five of us had a ‘refrigerant changing party’ on six vehicles, which included both my car and my pickup.
Of the six, one of them had an 8 degree temperature drop, 2 others had a 10 degree drop, and my car had an 11 degree drop before and after Duracool . One vehicle had a slow leak over the winter and was totally depleted so we couldn’t measure it and we forgot to measure another. It works equally well in any vehicle. The vehicles converted were a Nissan 4×4, a Lincoln LS, a Lexus, a 20 year old Ford pickup, a Nissan Titan, and an older model Toyota.

Since that time we at Utopia Silver have been considering selling the Duracool line of products, and last week we decided to do so. The advantages of these products are simply too many to ignore. The refrigerant used in most vehicles in the USA, 134a, auto-ignites at approx. 1300 degrees; for Duracool it is over 1600 degrees. The colder air output of Duracool and more efficient cooling require less compressor running and therefore saves on gasoline. The molecules of Duracool are over 3½ times larger than 134a, reducing the chance of costly leaks. Additionally, Duracool doesn't deteriorate compressor and cooling system parts as does 134a, extending the life of your unit and making future repairs less frequent. Duracool is more environmentally friendly and non-toxic; unlike 134a which can cause cardiac arrest if breathed.

You may first want to find an automobile A/C man who will either order the Duracool for you or who will allow you to provide your own coolant. The old 134a needs to be evacuated from your system before recharging it with Duracool. If you have a system that has already leaked out due to a small, slow leak, you may want to use the Duracool DuraDry to remove the moisture in the system and then add Duracool System Seal to reseal the leak. Consult an A/C technician to determine whether or not this is feasible. If you decide that the leak is not too bad and is repairable, then you can add the Duracool 12a. If you are interested in these products, please go to the Duracool page to order.

Ben Taylor

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